20 Things Smart Women Don’t Do in Love Relationship

20 Things Smart Women Don’t Do in Love Relationship

I’ll cut to the chase.

First, who is a smart woman? 

Dash off to read the 7 habits of a highly smart woman, so that you’ll know what this is all about.

Welcome back.

So, what are those things smart women do not do in a love relationship? 

#1 They don’t beg for love or beg to be loved.

#2 They don’t fight other women over a man.

#3 They don’t go into a relationship looking for worth.

#4 They don’t dim their light for a man to shine.

#5 They don’t make being in a relationship their sole purpose of living.

#6 They don’t pretend to be who they are not just to make a man happy.

#7 They don’t give up their passion in order to be with a man.

#8 They don’t ignore their family and friends because they are in love.

#9 They don’t lose their authenticity in a relationship.

#10 They don’t ignore red flags.

#11 They don’t compromise their values to keep a man or a relationship.

#12 They don’t leave their sexual responsibility in the hands of a man.

#13 They don’t let themselves to be treated like trash just to keep a man.

#14 They don’t love foolishly.

#15 They don’t let a relationship or lack of it define them.

#16 They don’t make a man a financial plan.

#17 They don’t let a man disrespect their family and people dear to them,

#18 They don’t get unreasonably opinionated.

#19 They don’t play the second fiddle.

#20 They don’t get trapped in an undefined relationship.

If you have been doing any of the listed things, don’t feel bad. A smart woman is also one who is willing to make a change when she realizes her mistakes.

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