I wish I could have another wedding this year!

            Surprised? I know, right? I just had one last month. Lol. But this is me being sincere. I know people say that marriage is more important than wedding, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t or cannot have a satisfying wedding ceremony. Weddings are sweet, but marriage should be, hopefully, sweeter. 

            So if you’re preparing for your wedding (especially as a Nigerian), you’re lucky. I’d be sharing FIVE helpful tips that you should consider in preparing for your wedding. Come with me….


I kinda learnt this one from hubby as he kept saying to me while we were planning, ‘’We are planning with what we have. We are not borrowing from anyone.’’

So ensure you have a budget and plan within your budget. Your budget will determine the number of guests you’d invite and the kind of services you’d procure.

 Now, this is where it’s difficult being a Nigerian. Everyone who knows you thinks they must be invited to your wedding. What about the typical African parents who can’t wait to show off their kids to everyone on your big day?

You might not have absolute control over the number of invited guests, but you can at least try from your own end, especially if you are not the one funding your wedding. But if you guys (the couple) are, then you can tell both families of your budget, so that they would operate within your plans.

Very importantly, never depend on anyone or monetary gifts to foot your bills. Times are hard. Recession is real. You don’t wanna embarrass yourself. Plan with what you have. I can’t emphasis that enough.


An ancient Chinese proverb says, ‘’The faintest pen is better than the sharpest memory.’’

This cannot be truer in preparing for your wedding. Get a book and a pen, make a list of the items you’d need, the services you’d be procuring, the prices, and the names of the service providers you’d be using. You can add to the list as they come to your mind.

Check off each task as they are fulfilled. You can never go wrong with making a list.

Your wedding attire is one of the most crucial items to make available few weeks before the day, especially if you are using Nigerian tailors. You know the thing about Nigerian tailors. Majority of them are gifted disappointers. I once saw a picture with the caption, ‘’Nigerian tailors are always busy, but your clothes are never ready.’’ Very funny, but sadly true.

The woman who designed our traditional wedding attire did a good job, except that she didn’t use the exact shade of coral we chose. She finished up before the deadline (quite commendable). But the seamstress who sewed my reception dress almost gave me a heart attack. She did a very good job, as you can see in the picture, but she finished in four weeks what she promised to finish in two weeks, giving flimsy excuses which she wasn’t even apologetic about. What if I hadn’t given her the fabric earlier? Sighs.

Let me borrow you this wisdom – don’t ever make the mistake of telling your seamstress the exact date you need your clothes, in this case, your wedding date. Only a heaven-bound seamstress wouldn’t start sewing your cloth few days to the date, and that’s a sure recipe for disappointment. Believe me.


We made a mistake of paying MOST of the service providers we used full payment before the day, in fact, paying some as far as a month to the wedding. We thought this would be a motivation for a perfect job, but unfortunately, it turned out to be wrong for most people.

I personally do not like owing people or having some balance to settle, so I prefer to make a full payment, which turned out to be my undoing.

I’d advise you make a part payment and keep the balance in a secure account to be paid after the service has been provided. It seems most people do a great job when you are still owing them because they know you might not pay them if they don’t do a great job. I learnt the hard way.


My makeup artist did a very good job, as seen in the picture. The gele was dope. However, because I wasn’t used to makeup, I felt quite uncomfortable for looking different from the way I look on a typical day.

I needed some reassurance and I kept asking everyone, ‘’How do I look?’’

Everyone attested to the makeup artist’s good job and that relaxed me a little and lasted till the end of the traditional wedding ceremony. I washed my face and did my own thing for the reception. When my MUA offered to help, I told her not to worry. The poor lady must have felt bad. Wicked me. Lol.

So if you are boring like me and do not like trying out new things, you might just stick to what you are used to, instead of making a MUA uncomfortable. 

There you have it! I hope you found the tips helpful. Feel free to share this post. You might be helping a friend. If you are married, please drop some tips you think a couple to be might find helpful. Thank you! 


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