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Best Man of the Year- Check him out


When I stumbled on this video on @Bellanaijaweddings on Instagram, I couldn’t help but watch it over and over again.

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Like, what manner of best man is this one? Stepper of laif. He stole the show. I only hope the groom was able to dance better. Or else…. LOL.

Even the MC said, “It’s not your wedding!”


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But it was obvious he was happy for his friend. And his dance steps were so organized; not the ones some people dance and fall and scatter everywhere. Sweet, mature, and amazing dance steps.

I also pity the lady that was paired with him. If she had known he would display such dancing skills, maybe she would have loved to be paired with someone else.

I’m sure he’d be the crush of many ladies at the party. LOL.

Can your best man ever….?

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