Cute Things to Say During and After Physical Intimacy

Cute Things to Say During and After Physical Intimacy

Sometimes, you enjoy a great time between the sheets with your spouse in silence and quiet moans.

However, this could get boring if this is the case every blessed time.

So, talking while getting it on with your spouse could add a great spark to your bedroom session.

Expressing yourself during the act is a form of sexual communication that can take s*x in your marriage to a greater level.

Wouldn’t it be great for your spouse to know exactly how you’re feeling instead of leaving them to wonder?

Some people even consider it weird when their partners are quiet during s*x. They wonder if they’re having a great time or getting bored. And this alone can cause distractions and feelings of underperformance.

While some people find it easy to express themselves when they’re having a great time with their spouses, some don’t know what exactly to say.

If you fall into the second category or you want to add more words to your vocabulary during a romantic session with your spouse, you’re in the right place.

Below are 30 cute things to say to your spouse during s*x:

30 cute things to say to your spouse during s*x

1. I love you. I love you so much

2. This is so sweet

3. This feels so good

4. You’re awesome

5. I love this

6. You’re sweet, baby

7. I’ve missed you, baby

8. I’m all yours

9. You’re all mine

10. I’m yours forever, baby

11. Can’t believe you’re all mine

12. You’re the best

13. You’re so amazing

14. You’re so beautiful

15. You’re the best

16. Don’t you stop

17. I miss you so much

18. Wow!

19. Touch me …(insert where)

20. I love it when you do that (insert action)

21. This always feels great with you

22. I’m having a great time

23. I love your (insert body part)

24. Your (insert part) is so sweet

25. You’re killing it

26. Hmmm… just the way I like it

27. You’re sexy

28. You’re killing me.

29. This is so beautiful

30. Take it. Take all of me


10 Cute Things to Say After S*x

Don’t wait for your spouse to ask if you had a great time.

Below are 10 cute things to say after s*x:

1. That was good

2. I loved it

3. That was sweet

4. I had a great time

5. That was beautiful

6. That was fun

7. I love you

8. That was something

9. You’re amazing

10. I love doing this with you

You can add more if you’ve got any ideas.
If you didn’t have a great time or you feel there are certain issues to be addressed concerning your s*x life, then tell it to your spouse lovingly.

Expressing your dissatisfaction and sexual concerns is part of sexual communication.

Don’t pretend. Don’t suffer and smile. Be honest with your spouse so you can seek lasting solutions to whatever problems you have.

Have a blissful marriage!

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