30 Fun Places to Get It On With Your Spouse

30 Fun Places to Get It On With Your Spouse

One of the top ten reasons most couples no longer enjoy being intimate is boredom and inability to try new things.

Getting it on in the same location every time could get boring. To spice things up, one needs to be adventurous, spontaneous, and be open-minded.
And one way to ensure this is to get it on with your spouse in different locations.

You feelin me?

So, here’s a list of 30 fun places to get it on with your spouse:

Warning: Make sure there’s enough privacy lest you be arrested for indecent exposure. Ensure safety as well.

1. In the bedroom (of course)

2. On the bedroom floor

3. In the sitting room

4. On the staircase

5. In the garage

6. In the closet

7. Under the shower (be careful to avoid any injuries)

8. In the Jacuzzi

9. In a bathtub

10. In your library

11. In a private swimming pool

12. On the kitchen floor

13. In a hotel room

14. In a tent

15. On a (private) beach in the dark (remember to have a mat or cloth on the floor to prevent sand from getting into those areas.

16. On the dining table

17. The laundry room

18. On the rooftop in the dark

19. On the couch/sofa

20. Your backyard in the dark

21. In your car (not while you’re driving, please)

22. Balcony

23. Under a waterfall (there’s something about the splashing of waters)

24. Beside a fireplace in cold weather (oh, the warmth)

25. In the office especially when coworkers are not around (make sure the doors are locked, keep your voices down, and that there are no cameras)

26. On the train in a first-class section (there’s enough privacy for you and your spouse to get it on)

27. On a ship when on a cruise (I’m so looking forward to this!)

28. On the kitchen counter

29. Outside in the rain in hot weather in the dark

30. On the car hood

Go on and spice up your marriage!

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  1. Backyard? Shay somebody will not fall from the rooftop in the dark ni? Bhet this office thingy would you not be allowing your village people get you like this?
    Thank you for sharing ma, I think I would love the waterfall. Don’t ask me for feedback oo.

  2. Nice. You forgot to write 31. In an airplane preferably first class section but it’s possible in an economy or business class toilet..don’t forget to lock the toilet knob😂

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