Story Series

GOOD RIDDANCE…. The concluding part.


Gregory was discharged after two weeks in the hospital. He was still burning with anger against Tinuke.

  “I must press charges!” he lamented.
  When his parents told him that Tinuke had been released on bail, he went livid with rage.
   “What? Don’t you know the gravity of what she did to me? She made me infertile. I can’t have children of my own! Who will get married to me? I’m useless!” He wept bitterly.  His mother was moved to tears too.

   “Don’t worry, my son. You will have your own wife. We’ve settled that,” his father said.
   He seemed lost.
  “Yes, my son. We ensured that her parents sign an agreement that their daughter would marry you before she could be released,” said his mother.
   Gregory shared a malicious stare between his parents.
   “Me? Marry that witch? Over my dead body! I’d rather be a monk!” He snapped his fingers over his head.
   “Who then will marry you? You have no choice than to marry her. You two will have to pay for your foolishness. It’s your fault. Why did you approach her when you knew you had nothing for her? You were preparing for your marriage, yet you were sleeping with her. You wanted to eat your cake and have it right?”his father reprimanded him.
    “Baba Greg, don’t blame him alone. The lady is also at fault. Why did she give herself to him when she wasn’t married to him?” His mother defended him.
   “Talk to your son, woman. This is the result of over-indulging him,” he replied angrily.
    Two weeks later, Gregory went for his check up at the hospital. At the Accident and Emergency department, he saw a lady that was rushed in. She was said to have fainted while having her mouthwash in the morning.
    He took a closer look and was shocked to see Tinuke, who was opening her eyes partially. He also saw her parents looking tensed. He recognized them because they had come to visit him when he was on admission. He went over to greet them. Though he was mad at Tinuke, he was surprised that he still felt a tinge of care for her. He stayed around as the doctors and nurses attended to her. After series of tests were conducted, Tinuke was confirmed to be pregnant!
    “Is it pregnancy that would make a person to faint?” Her mother asked.
   “Yes, some women usually have fainting spells,” the doctor said.
   Gregory was filled with a jumble of emotions. He didn’t know whether to leap for joy or mourn his predicament. He couldn’t imagine marrying the lady that rendered him infertile. He still desired a revenge.
   On the other hand, Tinuke was carrying his baby. That means he would be a father after all, albeit, of one child.
   Gregory and his parents visited Tinuke’s home two days later.
   “I can’t keep this pregnancy! I’ll abort it!” she said.
  The others shouted.
  “Will you keep shut? What’s wrong with you children of today? I thought you said you were Christians? What kind of church goers are churches producing these days? It wasn’t this bad during our time,” said Tinuke’s father.
   “Please, don’t abort the baby. We’ve agreed that both of you get married. Let’s start planning towards the wedding,” Gregory’s father added.
   “Who will marry him? Definitely not me!” Tinuke replied angrily.
   Gregory would have replied her angrily too but he had meditated intensely over the night. He accepted his fault. Indeed, he was to blame for using her without the intention of marrying her. That served him right. He wasn’t a bad guy actually. He only heeded the counsel of his colleague, Tolu, who told him to catch some fun before going into marriage, the journey of no return.
    “Will you get inside, Tinuke?” Her father shouted.
   She dashed out of the house but not without giving Gregory a stern look. The others continued their discussion. Tinuke parents promised that they wouldn’t let her abort the baby.
   The following day, Gregory called at Tinuke’s place to see her. After much persuasion, she gave him an audience. They sat under the big mango tree in the compound to talk. He apologized for his deceit.
   “Though you’ve caused an irreversible damage in my life, and the last thing I want to do is forgive you. However, I realized that it would only breed more trouble. It’s even more complicated, now that you’re carrying my baby. Tinuke, I want us to consider what our parents are suggesting. I believe it’s not your wish to have a child outside wedlock. Abortion isn’t an option, we are still Christians; the fact that we fell isn’t an end of us. I want us to pray to God for forgiveness and pray for strength to forgive and to love each other,” Gregory said.
    Tinuke  was so touched by his words as tears streamed down her face. The two later reported their plight to their pastor who prayed for them and counselled them. God gave them fresh love for each other. They agreed to become husband and wife. It takes two to tango. Both of them paid for their actions. Good Riddance indeed!
         The End.

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