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   “I’m sorry, Tinuke. Stop crying. I promise that it won’t happen again. Let’s pray to God for forgiveness,” Gregory pulled her closer.

  “Leave me, Greg. This is the fifth time in a month. You promised me it wouldn’t happen again the last time I visited,” tears streamed down her face.

   She struggled out of the bed to clothe herself.
   “We’ve only known each other for just two months and we’ve slept with each other for five times. What would happen when our relationship is a year old? I thought you were as spiritual as you appeared in church. I didn’t know  you were…”
  “Hold it there! It takes two to tango. Didn’t you enjoy yourself too? I know God understands that we are young; He will always forgive us.”
  Tinuke shook her head and ran out of the room like lightning.
   Two days later, she called Gregory when he didn’t call her.
   “Don’t you think we should plan for our introduction ceremony so that we would stop defiling the bed?” she said.
  “How can you say such a thing? How long have we known each other? Just two months. It’s too early for that,” he replied with obvious irritation.
  “If it’s not too early for us to be sleeping with each other, I don’t think it’s too early for us to plan for our introduction ceremony so that we can be together forever.”
   “Hey! Tinuke, I’ll call you back later. I’ve got something very important to attend to.” He ended the call.
   Tinuke stared at her phone in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
  Five days later, she went to Gregory’s house. He hadn’t call her since the last time they spoke. And subsequent attempts to reach him on phone had been futile. He opened the door at the fourth knock. He seemed shocked on sighting her.
  “Won’t you let me in?” she said when Gregory stood at the door, staring at her.
   When she got inside, she observed a change in his house. There were different portraits of a young lady on the wall. When she saw a couple’s portrait, her heart skipped a beat. Gregory embraced the lady passionately in the picture.
   “What’s the meaning of all these, Greg? I hope I’m in the right flat.” She asked, looking around.
   “I can explain, Tinuke. You have to forgive me, I know you’re mad at me. Actually, I was planning for my wedding but Anita and I had a disagreement, so we had it postponed. When I met you, I couldn’t resist you. You were everything I desired in a lady. I…”
   “Shut up, Greg! Just hold it there! I don’t believe you one bit! You used me to satisfy your lust. We slept together for five times within a month! What do you take me for? Oh God, I’m a fool!” Tears welled up in her eyes.
  “You just have to believe me, Tinu dear. You have nothing to lose if you do. After all, we both enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m sorry, my fiancée and I have made up. Our wedding still holds,” he said without emotion.
  “Oh really? So that’s it?” Her voice shook. She sighted a pair of scissors on the table, grabbed it, and stabbed him on his groin.
   He wailed as blood spattered on the floor and against the wall.
   “This will be a lesson for guys like you who think they can treat a lady anyhow. You never loved me, yet you approached me, and used me to satisfy your lust. You think you’re smart, right? You think I’m naive because we met in church? Crazy fool!” She dashed out of the house, leaving him writhing in pain.
   Gregory’s wailing attracted his neighbours who took him to the hospital, where his testes were discovered to be damaged. He fainted on his way to the hospital as a result of the excruciating pain he felt and excessive blood loss.
   He had an emergency surgery performed on him(Orchidectomy-surgical removal of the testes) in order to save his life. He was transfused with six pints of blood; two each before, during, and after the surgery.
  Tinuke was arrested by the police two days later. Her parents pleaded immensely with Gregory’s parents for her release. They however heeded their plea after they had signed an agreement. Hence, Tinuke was released on bail the following day.
   Meanwhile, Anita called it quits with Gregory on his hospital bed.
   “What’s the point in getting married to an infertile man? I can’t pay for your foolishness.” She threw her engagement ring at him, and went to his house to pack her belongings there.
   Gregory wept daily as he recuperated in the hospital. He still couldn’t believe his plight. Tinuke felt guilty for her action. Though she was secretly happy that she got back at him, however, it was too extreme. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
     You think the story has ended? No. It has just begun! Stay in touch for the second part. Make sure you leave your comment after reading. You can also share so that others can learn.


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