Heavy Period Hacks to Make You Love Your Period

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heavy period hacks
I don’t know about you but I have never met a lady who says she loves to have her period. 
I don’t too, and that’s one of the major reasons I love breastfeeding. 
It keeps my period away! 
As if dealing with shedding blood for three or more days is not enough, some ladies have to deal with period pain and even worse, a heavy period. 
Those days could be really draining.
I asked a group of ladies how they deal with heavy period, and they were able to share their heavy period hacks with me. If you usually have heavy periods, these heavy period hacks could help you.
Read their heavy period hacks below:
”I wear two pads at the same time. I stick one to the pant and puncture or tear the back of the other one then stick the two together. Then wear tights or bum shorts to hold the pads firmly.” – Blossom
I double my pad and put Mr Brown pad or roll tissue paper on them. I make sure that I change every 3 hrs max.” –Victoria
”I just wear diapers for the first and second day, then take Felvin” – Lois
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”It’s been better since I discovered a mini size diaper.” – Esther
”I don’t eat on my first day…I try as much as possible to stay indoor on the first day.” – Demilade
”I use diapers if I have an outing, and at times, at home too. I hate getting stained.”- Rachel
”I wear both tampon and pad at the same time. Tampons trap the blood and makes it come down in trickles on the pad, thereby controlling the flow and risk of getting stained.” – Joy
”During period, avoid fizzy drinks.” – Lynn
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”Mini diapers work well for me. Very economical and dry too.” – Prisca
”After my 3rd child, I no longer understood if a dam was opened  or it broke. It was terrible until one lemon a day, 1/2 a lemon squeezed in to a cup of hot plain water first thing in the morning and the other half last thing at night, for 14 days! Then I made smoothies with kale and cucumbers. This smoothie I took just 3 times, that did the trick.” – Timipre
”Mine has been light until I inserted IUCD, ever since then, it has been flowing like water. I always avoid going out in first 2 days. I change diaper every 30 minutes. I complained to the doctor, I was told it’s as a result of the contraceptive.” – Omowunmi
”I started having heavy periods since I gave birth. I just change often.”- Temitope
”There are medications that can help you know.” – Deb
”Eat moderately. Walk gently. Don’t wear waist tight clothes. Try out different pads to know the ones that absorb the best. Some medications could worsen it too.” – Ade
”Low carb diet!” – Florence
”I double my pads and change every four to six hours. That’s from day 1 to day 3 though.” – Nne
”My first two days can be overwhelming such that when you stand very close to me, you would hear when it drops. I have learnt to take each day the way it comes – kenny
”This is one hack I have been telling people to avoid stains. After sticking the pad on my pant, I roll tissue and place on it. It is the tissue I remove and flush every 2-3 hours. I then replace with another roll(brown tissue is the best) – Temitope
”I just restrict movement. Mine will be light for two days then come with vengeance from 3rd day. Present condition. – Tife
I hope you found these heavy period hacks useful. Try them and see if they’ll work for you.

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