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How Much Sex is Normal – Is There Too Much Sex?

Sex, one of life’s most pleasurable activities, is one of God’s gift to humans. As a practising Christian, I believe sex should be enjoyed and explored within the confines of marriage.

Yes, you read that right. Hey, keep reading. LOL

Amazing Benefits of Sex

There are many amazing benefits of sex apart from the pleasure it gives and procreation purpose.

1. Sex increases physical and emotional intimacy between couples.

Sex is meant to help couples bond very well and to foster emotional connection between them. What is marriage without a healthy sex life? I know there’s more to marriage than frequent romps in between the sheets but sex is one of the pillars of marriage. Lack of sex does no marriage no good.

“Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good.

Therefore, sex increases physical and emotional intimacy between couples, thus increasing happiness in marriage.

2. Improved Immunity

Research has found that regular sex helps to improve immunity. According to Dr Debby Herbenick, morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection.”

3. Sex relieves tension, stress and anxiety.

Orgasm achieved during sex helps to relieve tension, induce calmness and relaxation.

So instead of staying away from sex because you’re tired and stressed, having sex with your spouse can make you have a better sleep at night.

4. Sex makes you glow.

Have you seen a woman who is sexually satisfied? The beauty, the glow, the smiles… Hahaha

Regular sex makes you glow because climaxing releases chemicals that boosts levels of oestrogen, which improves the tone and texture of your skin hair.

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How Much Sex is Normal?

What’s the normal duration and frequency of sex? Is there anything as too much sex? Can an excess of good thing be bad? How much sex is too much?

I sought the opinions of people on my favourite social media platform(Facebook) and I got the following opinions. Some are hilarious, so prepare to laugh.

How Much is Too Much?

“Daily sex. I know that sounds weird, like sex is for sale right? But let’s not kid ourselves, sex directly or indirectly comes at a price. It’s an exchange.” – Nneka

“Do people have sex every day? As in daily,.. I must have come from another planet then.” – Boluwaduro

“I don’t think sex is too much as long as both parties are cool with it.” – Tomilayo

“As the spirit leads” is enough sex.” – Onyekachi

“Sometimes daily and sometimes you just switch off.” – Adesola

“Too much sex is too much… depends on individual, what is too much for you might be normal for me. If I am in my right mind, I can’t say any amount or level is too much. Every day if your body can handle it, 3 times a day is also okay. My hubby will say once a day is not too much but 3 times a day or every other day is too much.” – Morenike

“I don’t think there should be a limit to how much sex one can enjoy(in marriage). But when a party no longer enjoys it, or rape is involved(yes, rape in marriage), then there’s need for caution.” – Doyin

“I feel everyday sex is too much. I don’t mind once a week. As a matter of fact that is what I’m getting now and it’s ok with me. My nyash never strong o jare after almost two years wey I born.”- Adebola

“We singles think we can pay for all the years we went without sex when we get married.” – Booky

“Actually I figured sex is overated, there’s life to live after sex. It’s good in the context of marriage nonetheless you can’t make it an all time affair. You have to understand how to discipline your body to everything in life if you’re to really grow (mentally, spiritually and physically)..I kid you not, sex is good but there’s much more to life than sex.” – Oludare

“There’s nothing like too much sex. For someone like me with a high sex drive, I can have sex every day for 1 month. In marriage, there’s nothing like too much sex. It’s as the body leads whether daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly so far satisfaction is reached every time; both parties would always ask for more. Remember, sex lasts only some minutes, or an hour so a regular dose is advised .It’s just like water, no water is ever too much.”- Constance

“So far it is within the confines of marriage and based on mutual agreement, I don’t think sex can be too much. Although, there is room for individual differences.”- Funmilola

“It depends on the libido of the partners involved. If the two of them have very high libido, none will complain about too much wakerewa. The problem comes when one of them has high libido compared to the other partner, then the other partner with low libido begin to complain. Ehn, is it food? But we still had it last night ke, se o fe pa mi ni? What if I travel for a month, would you go out and cheat on me?” Bla Bla Bla. So it depends on them and their bodies sexual makeup.”- Rich

“Mood, health, libido, all sorts are the determinants. Sometimes after twice a day action, people might still really need more. Sometimes twice a week can be just enough.”- Tolu

“I think the answer to this question is relative and differs from person to person. In answering this question, one of the things to consider is the libido of the persons involved and how sexually active or inactive they are. The other factor I think comes to play here could be age.”- Samson

“Daily sex is too much (for me anyways). Maybe 3 times a week depending on the patners involved. Partners that are both high in libido can go every morning or every night except dem no get work. There’s a lot to think about, plan for and execute than sex.”- Adenike

“Sex is not food… It has not begin to put food on the table yet, maybe when it begins to, people can do as many times a day, so, they can have much money to spend. When bills begin to stare at one in the face, someone will know reality.”-Oluwatomi

“No sex is too much for couples. Couple have sex daily.” Aby

“Sex doesn’t have timetable.”- Joy

“Daily sex is NOT too much in my opinion. Early morning sex keeps you at alert throughout the day.”- Yetunde

“Sex depends on the parties involved. For some, it might be a daily thing while some have time table for it but I think sex can’t be measured. Some times you might do it daily while sometimes you might not want it at all. To me, sex is not a plan thing,we do it as the body demands it, so,no sex is too much.” – Modupe

“No much sex is too much as long as the consenting partners can go on.” – Adeniyi

“What is too much for some couple is appetizer for some others.”- Grace

“Excess of everything they say is bad. In the case of sex, it’s excess when your partner isn’t enjoying it anymore.”- Joshua

“Fire on as much as it’s doing your body (married).
I learnt it’s always much in the first few years of marriage (except awon omo wobè, wey don dey chop forbidden fruit before marriage), then it drops as other pressing and important things gets attention of the couple.”- Abiodun

“The test of “too much” is subjective. It’s the need of your partner that makes him/her decide whether what you want is too little or too much.”- Mary

“It’s too much when you have more kids than you can train.”- Olivia

“No amount of sex is much. Provided it’s what you and your partner wants. Some want it every day some don’t. I love it every day as long as orgasms is sure.”- Mo

“Daily sex is too much.”- Adesua

“If I get orgasm, daily sex isn’t too much. But if it is the other way round, I think daily sex is too much then.” – Serah

“Daily sex is too much. Go to the gym if you want to lose weight.”- Temitope

“It depends on the sexual compatibility of the couple.”- Fisayo

“Until madam says she no do again and/or body starts paining me.”- Tayo

“Sex three times a day is definitely too much.”- Leticia

“Daily sex is too much. As a career woman, I can’t do this everyday.”- Omoze

“Anything that my body can’t handle.”- Sekemi

“It depends on the make up of the two individuals involved and the agreement they have reached together.”- Oluwaseun

“Sex can never be too much between husband and wife as much as it is mutual. If they want to be gbenshing everyday, it’s their choice.”- Tunde

“The answer to this question depends on the people involved. If they’re OK with it every day, six times daily for them it’s not too much.”- Mercy

“Daily sex is too much.” – Onah

“Sex is bae as long as it is legal. Anywhere e catch una make una do am. E no dey too much abeg. 3 times daily should be ok, with series of rounds. Pray not to marry a spouse that sex starves you.” – Habeebah

“No amount of sex is too much if…
1. Couples have the mutual understanding and energy.
2 it does not have any physical effects on their organs.
3. It doesn’t affect their essential activities such as work/business.
4. It does cause lack of self control by extension to other people.” Bunmi.

Can we share the grace?

The last point (made by my namesake) sums it all up.

There you have it. There’s nothing like too much sex Is you and your partner are up to it, if other areas of your life do not suffer, and if you can control yourself when your partner isn’t readily available.

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