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How to be an Attractive Woman that Real Men Cannot Resist

There are women, and there are women who melt hearts.

Not only of men but of everyone who has a heart.

So yes, there are women, and there are irresistible women.

What makes some women irresistible to real men and others not?

And who is a real man?

A real man is one who knows what he wants and goes for it.

Some men don’t know what they want. Today it’s something, tomorrow is something else.

In short, they are confused and unstable.

Pardon me if you’re a man reading this.🙏

I’m only challenging you to be a real man.😁

So, what is it about irresistible women that turn real men on?


#1 Smiling

selective focus photography of smiling woman wearing red and black bandana

No one can resist a beautiful smile on the lips of a pretty woman.

Smiling makes you look more beautiful and approachable. It makes people feel at ease with you.

No one wants to stay around someone whose face is all creased up in a frown.

I know you probably have lots on your mind and the last thing you wanna do is smile.

But try.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.


I’m not a fan of judging someone based on first impression because a single experience with someone is not enough to know who a person really is.

There must be a consistency in behaviour for better judgement of character.

I learnt that in school. Yeah, I studied Psychology.

Great Psychos!

Sorry, not psychos. Lol.

Anyway, not many people understand this. So, first impression lasts longer still, sadly.☹

Smile, girl.

I’m not saying you should go around with an open teeth, but I encourage you to smile when necessary.

A lady’s smile makes her irresistible, both in corporate and social settings.

Smiling is one of the weapons of irresistible women.


#2 Good sense of humour

Anyone who has the ability to make another laugh is irresistible!

Laughter symbolizes happiness, and also makes us feel good.

Who doesn’t love to feel good?

Even as a woman, I’m drawn to women who have a good sense of humour.

No man can resist a woman who has a good sense of humour. No man can resist a woman who makes him laugh easily or makes his face dissolve into a smile.

If you’re dry and boring, make sure you read my post on how to be funny even if you are not naturally funny.

I shared some practical tips to help you develop a good sense of humour.

Because I used to be so serious and dry as well.

But things have changed.

Hallelujah! 🙌

*Testimony time!* 😁


#3 Authenticity

We live in a world where everyone wants to impress others even if it means acting like what and who they are not.

A woman who doesn’t pretend to be who she isn’t is irresistible.

An irresistible woman is true to herself, what she likes, what she dislikes.

She isn’t trying to impress anyone.

She doesn’t claim to be who she isn’t or has what she doesn’t just to impress anyone, not even a man.

A woman is irresistible when she understands that her worth doesn’t come from material things but from who she really is and what she has inside of her.


#4 Intelligence

Oh this! This. Is. Undebatable.

Beauty may attract a man but intelligence makes him to stay.

I know this sounds cliche already, but it’s true.

Intelligence makes a woman super attractive and irresistible to anyone, not just a man.

It’s natural to like a woman who can have intelligent conversations with others, a woman who is informed.

In fact, don’t forget to read the habits of a highly smart woman.


#5 Passion

Passionate people are irresistible. A passionate woman is highly irresistible.

Women who have a burning desire for a certain cause, who know what they’re living for, who understand the importance of their contribution in life, women who want something to be done better, who have something that makes them excited to start the day.

What’s your passion? What are you passionate about?

Passion makes a woman attractive and irresistible.


#6 Compassion

In today’s selfish world, it’s hard to find someone who genuinely cares about others.

A woman who has the interest of others at heart is completely irresistible.


#7 Completeness

Women who don’t need men to thrive are completely irresistible.

They could want a man but they don’t need a man.

Wanting a man and needing a man are two different things.

An irresistible woman is open to love and loves sweetly but she doesn’t stop living her life because she doesn’t have a man to call hers, yet.

Have you seen some women who go around like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and you could read the caption ‘I NEED A MAN’ on their faces?

That alone sends a repulsive vibe to even prospective suitors.

It also makes you look desperate enough to settle for anything and any kind of treatment.

But when you know your worth and understand that not having a man (yet) doesn’t make you incomplete, you attract the right kind of men.

Have you noticed that you tend to get something when you act like you don’t want the thing even when you really do?

I’ve experienced this many times, in simple and serious situations.

It’s the same with love.

When you are not desperate for something, that thing tends to find you.

A man finds irresistible a woman who is not scared to call him out on his BS when necessary.

She’s loving but she doesn’t let herself be treated like trash in the name of love.


#8 Happiness

A happy woman is irresistible.

You know why?

Because happiness is contagious. Moods are contagious, so a happy mood is contagious.

No one wants to stay around someone who is always moody.

I personally love to be with happy people because they elevate my mood.

Happiness makes you attractive to others.

You can also read things you need to stop doing to be happy in life.

I know there’s a long list of what makes a person attractive and irresistible, but let’s just keep it at these eight for now.😁

Let’s work on these ones first.

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