LOVE IN THE GAOL…. Episode 5.

Sharon cleaned her moistened face, feeling relieved after she cried. Crying is a medium of emotional relief, not a sign of weakness or helplessness. Neither is it a women’s thing. Any culture that forbids men from crying is surely one that hastens them to an early grave.  She thought of the next step to take. She resisted the thought of calling Ann. Taking decisions on her own without the prodding of anyone is the mark of an adult. She sat on the bed to review her plans. Moving out of the house is as sure as the back of her palm. A life was on her neck to save.
      She locked the door before packing her things. The following day was a Sunday which would afford her the perfect opportunity to carry out her plan.  She put a call through to Ann to tell her of her decision.
      During church service the next day, Sharon nervously sought for the perfect time to leave. It was as if her father smelled her plans because his eyes were steadfast on her. Sharon couldn’t be happier that she would be free from bondage and live the life of an adult.
      It was time for sermon. The time seemed so perfect as her mother had to interpret for her father. She walked out stealthily of the church.
      “Sharon, where are you going?” Richard asked her as she stepped out of the church. Had he been keeping an eye on her? The last she remembered, he was sitting in the choir section.
       “I need to see a friend,” she replied.
       “During sermon?”
      Sharon was tempted to lash out at him.
        “Yes,” she started to move.
        “Wait, Sharon. I want us to talk…..I..”
        “Richard, please not today. I have to go now.”
        “I’ll call you then,” he called out behind her.
        Sharon boarded a taxi which also helped her with her things to Ann’s place. She was eating lunch when her dad called.
        “Dad, I’ve moved out,” she said with  stifling emotions.
       Pastor Jake terminated the call out of shock. Her parents didn’t call her since then. Within a week, she was able to secure an apartment for Henry. She awaited his return in four days.
      Sharon accompanied Ann to her restaurant everyday. She envied her, being her own boss and doing what she loved. She also hoped to be her own boss as a fashion designer too. That would be another source of tussle between her and her parents.
       Henry was released from jail at the due time. Sharon was of great help to him in meeting his needs. He told Sharon of his skill in fashion designing. To hone his talent, he took up training anytime he was on break. He had even completed his training and was to obtain his certificate before the tragedy befell him. He regretted not graduating as a creative artist. However, he had the knowledge and could still utilize it greatly.
       Sharon also confessed her desire to go into fashion designing full time. That had been her desire since childhood, but her parents would not hear of it. This impeded her from practising nor going for training.
       Henry retrieved his certificate where he had his training, hence, he was able to train Sharon. He was also bought the necessary equipment he needed to start up his own clothing line in his house, all with the help of Sharon.
       Sharon couldn’t help but admire Henry’s new life. He challenged her with his growing love for God, his dexterity in using the sewing equipment, and his amazing creative ability. She also resisted the fact that she found him handsome.
      Just exactly one month later, Sharon’s mother called her. What she heard made her mind spin.
        What was it?


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