Creative and Romantic Ways to Make the First Move on your Spouse

Creative and Romantic Ways to Make the First Move on your Spouse

A fun s*x life is one of the pillars of a strong marriage.

Even though married couples can establish intimacy in different ways apart from s*x, s*x is still one of the most important ways to establish spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy in marriage.

The fact that some couples no longer enjoy s*x doesn’t change this fact.

Getting creative with making the first move is one of the ways to have a fabulous s*x life.

However, most of us can relate to either being raised to be conservative and are shy to come out boldly to claim what is rightfully ours or we don’t want to look desperate.

For women, it is even more difficult because of societal values that shame a woman who is in tune with her sexuality.

Besides that, many marriages are becoming monotonous, they get on the bed, get on with it and go to sleep.

It is understandable, to be honest when couples fall into a habit when it comes to intercourse because life gets in the way, especially when children get in the way and intimacy becomes a duty or chore to be done with.

It is not realistic to always expect creative and romantic ways to approach s*x but creativity should not also be totally done away with in your marriage, it is not healthy.

So how can you switch it up and get your partner all hot and ready for you through your approach?

Below are creative and romantic ways to make the first move on your spouse:

  1. Have a Secret Code

Both of you can find a very hilarious way to communicate your needs that nobody understands beside you.

Imagine how fun it’d be if you are among friends and you mention your “code” word to your spouse; your friends are looking on cluelessly but both of you are laughing at your inside joke.

You not only tell your spouse you want to get it on, there also awaits you a steamy bedroom session because the secrecy adds some spice to it.

For example, a couple’s secret code might be SUSHI.

You could say to your spouse, ”I feel like some sushi,” and others will have no idea what you mean exactly.

Reply could be, ”Oh, me too! Then we’ll grab some sushi on our way home.”

2. Flirt with your partner

You have to channel your inner flirt or learn to.
You could communicate with your eyes, your words and even your body.

Now, the trick is not to tell your partner what you want outright but to provide hints.

For instance, if your partner says, “are you hungry?”, instead of saying “yes” to food, you can say, “definitely, but not for food” while giving them a wink or a “come to me” look.

3. Dress Seductively

You could also seduce your spouse by walking around the house in your sexiest outfit. This applies to both men and women.

For me, seeing my husband in a pair of boxers turns me on. I sometimes also wear clothes that leave little to the imagination, and walk past him without even looking at him but I know what I’m doing. Lol.

4. Seduce them through touching

Touching is another great way to seduce your spouse without coming out outright; it will be more effective if you know your partner’s soft spots that are not necessarily private parts but turn them on, nonetheless.

It could be under their feet, their ears, their neck, their upper arm; whatever it is, it is up to you to discover it.

5. Naughty Messages

You could do this if both of you don’t spend the day together, if you are in a long-distance marriage or even when you are together at home.

You can create anticipation for a great time with your spouse by sending them messages on what you desire to do to and with them.

Increasing anticipation will make them reach for you immediately they get to you and you will have to do nothing extra.

6. Give Suggestive Compliments

Compliments can go a long way in helping you to make the first move on your spouse.

Now, since what you want is a steamy business between the sheets, make sure your compliments subtly communicate that.

For instance, instead of saying, “you look beautiful,” you should instead say, “you look incredibly sexy, I feel like doing many unspeakable things to you” or “you look good enough to eat.”

Compliments like that will definitely make your partner not just feel sexy but show that your intentions are far from honourable.

7. Treat your spouse nicely

Do not underestimate what a nice deed can do to make your partner hot for you.

You could do this by getting them a gift, doing something they love with them or relieve them of a certain chore that is stressing them out.

Many marriages deteriorate because the partners do not go out of their way to be nice to their spouse and as a result of this, there is no desire to get intimate with them.

Even though s*x is a physical act, our willingness sometimes connects to how we are feeling. So you might consider being nice to them and see them groping you.

8. Go for it

A quickie could just be as sweet as a drawn-out intercourse.

Sometimes, just reach for them and have your way with them (with their consent, of course).

We cannot always time these things and if you are in the mood, sometimes, you should definitely not hold back; just go for it.

There are really no specific rules to these things but one rule is to ensure you don’t fall into a monotonous s*x life; s*x is meant to be enjoyed in marriage, don’t settle for less.

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