Mommy Quotes to Inspire Your Motherhood Experience

So it’s Mother’s Day in many parts of the world today, and I’m super excited.
Because I’m a first-time mom!???
Am I tired and stressed? Yes!
Do I wish to get away for at least ONE DAY? Oh yes!
Do I love my daughter? More than you can imagine.
Do I wish you to be away from her? No no no.
Honestly,  motherhood bombards you with different feelings all at once.
Anyway, happy mother’s day to me and every mom out there.
You’re doing a great job. Let no one tell you otherwise.
Below are mommy quotes that give expression to our feelings:
“A mother can never be rewarded enough.”

”A mother’s job surely has a beginning, but it never has an end.”
Mommy quotes
”You’ll never know how fiercely you can love until you become a mother.”
Mommy quotes
”Behind every cute baby is a sleep-deprived mom.”
mommy quotes
”A mother is one who loves even before seeing the human she loves.”
mommy quotes
”Motherhood looks so easy in pictures. If only you knew…”
mommy quotes
”You don’t need to have the whole world to be a mother. You just need to have a heart that can love unconditionally.”
mommy quotes
”There are millions of mothers in the world, but your child has only one mother, and that is you.”
mommy quotes
”If you’re a mom, you can overcome any challenge life throws at you, because raising another human being is the most challenging thing ever.”
mommy quotes
”You don’t believe in true love? Then you don’t understand motherhood.”

”Be an example of the qualities you want to see in your child.”

“Girls are born. Women are made. Mothers are both.”

“A mother is one who believes in her child even when no one does.”

“Motherhood isn’t competition with other mothers. There’s no award for the best mom in the world. You can only be the best mom to your child.”

“Behind every cute baby is a sleep-deprived mom.”

“A mother’s love and sacrifice can never be quantified.”

“Having someone to call you ‘mom’ is one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

“No sacrifice is ever too much to make for your child.”

“A mother is a woman with a large heart.”








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