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My Marriage Proposal Story

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Love is beautiful. Love is sweet. What could be more amazing than falling in love with someone you probably don’t even know from Adam and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them?

We all love love and love stories, so proposal scenes get most of us feeling mushy. Hihihi.

I know you’re here to read about how I said ‘yes’ to my fiancé’s (now husband) ‘will you marry me?’ Hahaha. Relaiz (in Jenifa’s voice), you’ll get to read it and later judge if it was romantic or not.

First, let me say that I’m not really into trends. Plus, I’m a private person (forget the fact that I’m ‘facebookally’ loquacious. Or should I say I’m not the party type. In short, I don’t like being the centre of attraction, except if I’m being honoured for my craft. So public proposal isn’t my thing.

Even though I love love and love stories, I still can’t for the life of me wrap my head around some ladies’ extreme reactions when they are being proposed to. Like, the unbelievable look and the going crazy with excitement. Some even run away or faint! Haba! What kind of thing is that?

I think if you’ve been in a serious relationship, you should know where it’s headed. What’s the surprise all about?

But well, I understand that we are different and can’t react the same way to things. Some people are more emotional than others. Plus, the novelty or the creativity employed in the proposal could incite a very emotional reaction. However, I believe all things should be done in moderation. Excess of everything is bad.

And some ladies have been grabbing the bull by the horns lately. Hehehe. They’ve been defying the norms and popping the question.  After all, if Mohammed doesn’t go up to meet the mountain, the mountain will carry itself to meet Mohammed. That’s a talk for another day. Let’s go the main gist – my proposal story.

Yes! How do I even start? Because I didn’t get the usual ‘will you marry me?’ with a ring, cake, and people around. So unfair, shey?

He told me his intention from the start and as we got talking and knowing each other, his questions metamorphosed into: ‘When will you like to settle down?’ ‘When can I call your parents?’ ‘I want you to talk to my parents’.

And I was like, “Won’t you propose to me? I’ve not said ‘yes’ o.” I was kidding though. I couldn’t care less.

He replied, “I don’t have time to waste. I…blah blah blah…”

“It’s alright, bros. Come and meet my people.”

If a man is lucky to have an angel like me, he wouldn’t want to risk being turned down by asking a rhetorical question again. I’m not boasting. Hihihi.

Anyways, that was how we went from dating to introduction to….. You know the rest.

So traditional, right? Sorry it wasn’t what you expected. Hahaha. That’s my proposal story, even if it wasn’t romantic, it’s still a story.

Sharing is caring!