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       I’ve longed to share this article but I’ve always delayed it. I think now is the best time to share it (after learning about the death of Myles Munroe and his wife).
      So many times I ask myself why we mourn when people die. Won’t we all eventually die? Then I imagine losing people who are so dear to me. I usually shake myself off from such imagination because it is unpalatable. But no matter the intensity of my mental shake, it’s undeniable that death is inescapable for everyone.
     I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t wish for a long life. In fact, our voices reach a crescendo when prayers are raised concerning it. But the truth is: not everyone will live a long life. The people who die every minute aren’t all old people. You may snap your fingers over your head saying, ‘God forbid’. You may also say that it’s a matter of choice. Well, i agree, we can decide to an extent, the longevity of our lives through what we eat, where we go, who we move with etc. The rest includes circumstances that we don’t have power over.
     I think God is not only concerned about how LONG your life is but also how FULL it is. There’s a difference. But we lay more emphasis on the LONGEVITY of life than the UTILITY of life.  We might think some people died untimely, while to God, they lived best!  It’s not just about how long you live but how well you spend your limited years. Some people have long but empty lives; though celebrated for their long life by humans but rebuked for their wasted years by heaven. 

      Some had a brief but full life, because we still enjoy the impact of their works even after their exit. Jesus lived for thirty three years, yet, He’s still offering salvation to the world. Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, Bishop Benson Idahosa, Mummy Biodun Kumuyi, and of course, Myles and Ruth Munroe, and a host of others are examples of people who committed their lives to doing what outlived them. 

       These people are dead but they are still living. People still read Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s books,  listen to her messages, and are immensely blessed. We read Bishop Idahosa’s books and his works. Christian Women Mirror, the product of Mummy Kumuyi’s vision can never run into extinction. Words are not enough to describe the impact of Myles Munroe’s books in my life. In fact, I have three of his books in my library that I’ve not read; and there’s another one that I’m still dying to read. I marvel at God’s grace and wisdom upon his life. I so much love him. Generations to come will read his books and listen to his messages. How can we then say that he died? People like him don’t die, they only depart in the flesh. I call them ‘the IMMORTALS!’
    Some people had long and full years, for instance, King David, Joseph, Nelson Mandela etc. This is the kind of life I desire and which I believe you desire too. But what if death comes knocking when we least expect? 
    How we live our lives matter. How old are you? Are you living the kind of life you are inspired to live? No one sends invitation to death, it just comes unannounced. Desire and pursue a life of meaning, such that when death comes knocking, you won’t feel that death cheated you. I believe the will of God is for us to live a long and satisfying life. However, God isn’t just impressed by how long we live but how well we live. Remember, a thousand years is just like a day before Him.
  Remain blessed!
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toluwase Thomas

Monday 10th of October 2016

The real man is the spirit inside of man... and as far as i know, spirits never die, though his body is dead but the real him (his spirit) is alive...ALSO,Myles is alive and living here on earth because his God given legaciesis alive in the hearts of men. His impact will hardly be erased on the sand of time because he made his impact... so YES, MYLES MUNROE IS ALIVE

olubunmi mabel

Monday 10th of October 2016

wow! can you imagine? We wrote on the same topic. Cool.

Deji McWord

Monday 10th of October 2016


Mykel Chetor

Monday 10th of October 2016

Many are dead physically but their impact remain with us. A wake up call there though!

Oluwole Olumuyiwa

Monday 10th of October 2016

This is a call to remembrance to why we are created.A full life.Nice write up Mabel.