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As social animals, we desire to love and to be loved. Love stories never go obsolete and this is why many romantic novels are bestsellers. The desire to share intimacy and spend the rest of our lives with a special someone has led to the rise of thousands of dating websites. The world has become a global village where most human activities – buying and selling, banking, job search, friendship, teaching and learning, including finding love, take place online. Traditional face to face way of meeting lovers is gradually giving way to internet dating and a lot of people have found true love via the web. A lot of people spend most of their waking hours on the internet, so it’s natural to develop interest in the people that exist where you spend most of your time. Proximity is a prerequisite to romantic attraction.

Even though finding love online is the in thing, the anonymity offered by the internet can make internet dating quite a risky adventure. The onus lies on each individual to utilize secure dating websites in their pursuit of love as many have met their lethal end due to the kind of people they met online. is a  newly launched secure dating website for mature people looking for serious and committed relationship that could lead to marriage. Founded by Olubunmi Ajai Layode, a UK based writer, social media influencer, and a law graduate, Olubunmi is notable for linking people up for serious relationship that leads to marriage with testimonies following. Olubunmi herself met her husband on a dating site and their marriage is a testimony of the success of online dating.

MayLoveFindYou is a platform to further reach out to more people and enable them to connect with people of like interests for meaningful relationships.

Olubunmi Ajai Layode

What makes MayLoveFindYou stand out from thousands of other dating sites?

 1.  It’s very secure as your data will not be shared with a third party without your permission.

 2. It’s for adults, twenty-five years-old and above with a stable source of income.

 3. It’s for serious-minded people seeking committed relationship for marriage purpose.

 4. Good things don’t come free, thus, with an affordable subscription fee, you can access all the services on the site.

 5. You’ll not only be linked up with people on the site, you’ll also be linked up physically during periodic hangouts organized for subscribers at different locations.

For more information and to subscribe, visit to connect with people and let love find you.

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