10 Signs You'll be a Badass Successful Woman

I don’t believe success is genetically determined, because if that is the case, it means some of us won’t even stand a chance.
I believe success is a product of what you do and do not do. And even if it was genetically determined, you’d still need to put the genes to work, else, they’d lie dormant.
These acts that determine success eventually become the signs that others will see, and know that you’re destined for success.
This means that no matter who you are, what you do, and your circumstances, you can be a badass successful woman if you put these acts to work.
So, what are the signs that you’ll be a badass successful woman?
You desire to be successful
See, this is the most important factor to being a successful woman. You’ve got to desire to be successful.
If you are not thirsty, you can’t go in search of water let alone be filled.
This world is highly competitive, success will not just fall at your feet. You’ve got to crave it.
If you desire to be successful, then it’s a sure sign that you’ll be a badass successful woman.
You have goals
What is success?
Success is simply the achievement of set goals.
You want to be successful?
What are your goals? What do you want to achieve?
You’ve got to know because success is relative. What is success to me might not be success to you.
Simply saying, “I want to be successful,” isn’t enough.
What are your written life goals?
You’re ready to give it all it takes
You don’t only desire to be successful or have your written life goals, you are ready to give it all it takes. You are not lazy. You are ready to work hard to achieve your goals.
You’re determined.
Determination is very critical to being a successful woman because apart from the challenge of glass ceiling women face, you’ll be faced with personal challenges.
The question is, are you ready to press on no matter what you face?
Life may knock you down but you’ll never stay down.
You’re a badass successful woman!
You’re passionate about a cause
You’re not just about everything but about something.
There’s a reason behind your desire to be successful. You have a burning passion. It’s what keeps you awake at night and makes you wake up in the morning. What is your passion? Have you discovered it? If you have, you are on your way to being a badass successful woman.
You have discovered your gifts and talents
One sweet truth about life is that one of the major things you need to be a success is inside of you. It’s inborn, innate. All you have to do is discover it.
Another interesting thing is that discovering and developing your talent(s) makes success sweet and possible. What is difficult for others will not be difficult for you as long as you have the talent. It’ll be as natural as air to you.
You admire successful women
Greatness begets greatness.
If you admire successful people, then you’ll be a badass successful woman.
When I see women who beef other successful women, I know they can’t go far.
You cannot become what you don’t appreciate.
I love successful women. I admire them. They prove to me that I can also do it.
You are ready to learn from successful women
You don’t only admire successful women, you learn from them.
By listening to them and reading their books.
The internet and online book stores are agog with unlimited resources from successful women.
If you spend more time gossiping and beefing successful women instead of listening to their podcasts or reading their books, you can’t be a badass successful woman.
You don’t joke with personal development
You understand that you can’t achieve a different result by being the same person; thus, you constantly improve on yourself.
You take courses, classes, and practise hard in order to be good at what you do.
You choose your friends carefully 
Friends can either make or mar you. You will be a badass successful woman if you don’t make friends with those who can ruin your efforts at being one.

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