This is a sequel to a blog article I wrote on attractiveness. If you missed it, you can read it here: How Attractive Are You?
   I explained the meaning of the misconstrued word, and also five qualities which can make a person attractive.  Below are four more crucial factors which facilitate attractiveness.

   Perhaps one of the statements made by my lecturer which would remain indelible in my memory is, “Your personality is more important than your capacity.”
   He emphasized that during interviews, the personality of an individual makes up 60% of what an employer looks out for. It doesn’t matter if you have a First class; they are more interested in who you really are.
  There are many theories on personality. That’s a topic for another day. But there are some distinct personality traits endear people to you.
   Are you dependable? Can you be trusted? Are you meticulous? Are you patient? Are you considerate? These are personality traits if you don’t know. Improve on your personality if you don’t have an attractive one.
   *Good Sense of Humour(GSOH)
   This is a very exciting trait that never goes wrong in human social interaction. Everyone loves to stay around those who make them laugh. You don’t necessarily have to be a comedian to have a good sense of humour. You only need to be creative and positive.
   A negative person will always see the wrong in every conversation, situation, and venture. Also, a suspicious person will have problem with being humorous because he/she will always see the harm in every sentence.
   To boost your sense of humour, read books in order to sharpen your intelligence,  make friends who have good sense of humour, be free-minded, be positive! Life is too short to stay negative.
   Why do you think ladies love men who are funny? I leave you to answer that.
    Creativity is the ability to try new things, generative novel ideas, and experiment on things. Creativity is the weapon against boredom. Creativity makes you attractive, because no one loves to hang around boring and dry folks.
   Learn to bring innovations to your life, your business, your talents, and your environment. Explore your imagination! If you’re a writer, write creatively, introduce some new concepts. It endears your readers to you.
  Are you a teacher? Try new methods of teaching! Are you a public speaker, be creative in speaking!  Creativity is needed in every aspect of life! It is a most sought after trait that can never run into extinction!
   To be creative, you need to be mentally flexible. Don’t trap yourself in a corner. Keep thinking of new ways of doing things. Read books to broaden your horizon. Make friends with those who are creative. Learn from them!
    This is a very crucial factor in attraction. Perhaps it is the most important. Why? It is the quality that attracts the Most High God Himself to a person. Didn’t the Bible say, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6
   The Bible recorded that Moses was the meekest man on earth. Do you need to wonder why he was a friend of God?
   If humility can attract God, then humans are not left out. No one loves to hang around conceited people who think they are better than others. Proud people are repulsive. Their exaggerated sense of importance makes them a big NO!
   Listen, no matter how much of other attractive qualities you have, if you lack this vital one, your attractiveness will lose its savour!
   Humility is not thinking low of yourself, it is not feeling you’re more important than others.
   Hence, no matter how gifted, talented, creative, competent, funny, knowledgeable, and positive you are, if you are not humble, you have lost it. Stay humble!
   I hope you had a nice time reading?

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