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TLTH: ''I treat my wife the way I want my daughter to be treated,'' says Taiwo.

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Taiwo- A Priest, The Convener of “The Making of An Asset” & ‘Rising Above Limitation” is married to Feyisayo, a graduate of Accounting. Enjoy their interview: 

How long have you been married?

Feyisayo: By God’s grace, it is going to 5 years.

Taiwo: We shall celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary by November 10.

How did you meet?

Feyisayo: We met when we were in school; he was the Prayer Coordinator of my fellowship. He became close to my friend and we got talking when I saw that he was very consistent and he knew what he wanted. I didn’t want to give him attention (because I didn’t want any brother to woo me with vision/dream because it was common that time and is still common now). He told me what he wanted to do at the beginning- his vision, career path etc before we journey deep into the relationship.

Taiwo: I first sighted her after a fellowship programme but I did not propose to her until I was through on my knees in the place of prayer. I got her number from her friend and called the number several times later on and for many months she didn’t pick up. I made up my mind that I would wait for her- no matter how long it took. One day she called to say hello. Meh, I was extremely happy.

What attracted you to her/him?

Feyisayo:   What attracted me was his passion in serving God and l know within me that marrying him would be a blessing. He is highly focused and purpose driven with unwavering passion for the things of God. My family loves him gan an ni.

Taiwo: She is a quintessential asset worth having. Her loving and caring character are second to none. She has good interpersonal relationship with other brethren. She is pretty (while growing up I made up my mind that, I won’t marry a lady that is not beautiful since my work environment involves plenty women). Another thing that attracted me to her was & is she loves God dearly. She has this infectious smile that lightens wherever she is. She is firm and very truthful. She sings well too. She is not lazy! She is very dependable. The list is endless jor.

 What do you appreciate about him/her?

Feyisayo: He is very intelligent, kind and loves my family as his. He is good at multitasking. He loves books. He knows what he’s doing.

Taiwo: She believes in my little beginning, a great intercessor and takes care of our kids because I am a bit busy.  She has a good fashion/dressing sense. I love her deep insight on issues and she is highly organized. She keeps documents and has records for all that are kept with her. She is not frivolous and very moderate-not expensive to maintain. She accommodates all and Sundry. Life is sweet with her!

What do you wish he/she improves on?

Feyisayo: His eating habit; he doesn’t eat. He liters the house with books and drops his clothes on wardrobe doors instead of hanging them-he needs to work more on this.

Taiwo: she believes people easily.

How does he/she complement you?

Feyisayo: He supports me and is a fantastic husband -is always there for us all of the time. He takes the lead!

Taiwo: She is a mother in Israel. She does all that would make our home a heaven on earth. She is my number one fan. She is a good and reliable back up whenever am stranded. She gives me peace of mind and makes me enjoys maximum focus my work requires. She knows I care about three things- 1. What touches my body (she makes sure I put on good & neat clothes. 2. She knows I care about what I eat (She prepares good and delicious food)- so sorry I don’t eat much. 3. She knows I care about where I sleep- the bed is always well laid- I enjoy my sleep after each hectic day.

 Who apologizes the most?

Feyisayo: Him!!!

Taiwo: Me, of course

How do you settle quarrels?

Feyisayo:  I show to him my annoyances and we talk about it. I also make for him pounded yam- he loves it. Am generous with, I’m sorry. Inability to say sorry in a marriage could put your marriage in a sorry state. Marriage is not for two great lovers but for two great forgivers.

Taiwo: I talk about whatever I’m not pleased with. Bold face & hard voice are not left out. We talk and gist.

What do you think are the ingredients of a happy marriage?

Feyisayo: Patience with your spouse, loving, sharing and caring at all times. Tolerance, respect, loving his people, trust, prayer for his success, make the home peaceful and bright with fragrance of love, loves what he loves etc.

Taiwo: Understanding, sharing the same values, compatibility, meeting needs, forgiving spirit. Permit me to add, I treat my wife how I want my daughter treated. She treats me how she wants her son treated too.

What are the most important lessons you have learnt in marriage so far?

Feyisayo:  Never despise the days of little beginning. Supporting my husband in all he does by been a helpmeet indeed and in truth.

Taiwo: God is more than able when you put your trust in Him absolutely. Also, groom your spouse to bring out the best in her. Plan with your spouse to achieve your set goals is what makes two to be better than one.

If there would be another life, would you love to be married to him/her?

Feyisayo: I pray there would be another life. I would still marry him and his family. He always says he would like to be the wife so as to be the one carrying the pregnancies and does all the shakaras.

Taiwo: Absolutely! On a lighter mode, I would love to be the wife so that I would enjoy all the pampering and special place I give to her. 


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Joy Adeoti

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

Very sweet

Mz Ruthie

Friday 22nd of September 2017

Hmmm.. very sweet,inspiring and wonderful.

Abe Aduralere

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Wooow,so insightful. God bless your family

Chrysta Kbh

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Her smile sef will make him not stay angry.

Morenigbade Adedolapo

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Beautiful couples. nice one