Ever since I knew what school was, I had never been a fan of Mathematics. I didn’t have a flair for calculations. I struggled with Mathematics and Physics during my secondary school days. Further Maths was a taboo! In fact, I had a narrow escape in Maths in my O’LEVEL and Statistics in the nursing school.
I thought I had divorced Statistics until I got to the university. Psychology is a social science, so, there shouldn’t be a need for Statistics, so I thought. But we were made to understand that Statistics is what makes Psychology a science. As a matter of fact, it is a compulsory course in the faculty. Hence, passing is inevitable.
Whenever the lecturer wrote formulas on the board, the class always heaved a sigh. I said to my friends, “how on earth are we supposed to know this?”
 Reality dawned on me as exams approached. I told myself, “I just can’t afford to fail.” I decided to learn a formula per day. I did this until I memorized all the formulas.
I practiced past questions and before I knew it, I couldn’t wait to write the exam. We had the exam and when results were released, I had an ‘A’!!!
 I couldn’t believe it! Me? Statistics? An ‘A’?
 I learnt a lot from that experience that “Problem is an attitude!”
The problem isn’t that I’m not good at calculations, the problem is my attitude towards the realization. I’m sure if I had applied the same attitude in earlier years, I would have gotten better results.
Now, I’ve learnt that my attitude towards a situation is more important than the situation itself. It is my attitude that would determine if it’s a problem or not.
What is your problem? Do you have problems with your academics? Have you failed? Are you stranded? Did you lose a loved one? Are you heartbroken? Are you jobless? Are you searching for love? Dealing with a stormy marriage? Betrayed?
Develop an attitude towards solving that problem! Stop reveling in it. Your attitude is more important than what you’re going through! Take responsibility for your life. Anytime I’m faced with a challenge, I ask myself, “What is the way out?” Because there is no problem without a solution.
 I don’t believe in problems, I believe in solutions. What about you?

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  • Obeta Max

    Wow! Had same attitude to calculations.Determined to pass Maths but couldn't.However today I'm aware as you just said that attitude and the courage and wisdom to be responsible is key to many life problems.Thank you for this.I'm greatly inspired.Please keep up the work,Mabel.

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