Until December 2013, traveling was one of my cherished hobbies. I love traveling because it affords me the opportunity to view the natural world, reminding of the Creator’s power.  Also, it gives me the time to meditate.
Anytime I wasn’t traveling, and I saw buses traveling, I envied the commuters. I wished I was the one traveling. Funny, right? So much for my traveling craze.
However, on this fateful day, I was on my way to Ibadan, gratefully, my kid sister was traveling with me. About 30 minutes into the journey, we met with a snarl up. We learnt that an accident had happened ahead.
People alighted from their vehicles and walked to catch a glimpse of the fatal accident scene. My sister did, but I couldn’t. I’m the emotional type. Those who went came back with gory stories which made me shudder.
Few minutes later, the FRSC men carted away the bodies of the victims, which I saw, though not fully. Panic gripped me as we passed by the accident scene. It could have been me! I could have been a victim!
Ever since that day, my enthusiasm for traveling was swallowed by the fear of accident! I’ve since been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)!
Though I still love traveling, but I don’t enjoy it like before because fear has punctuated my love for traveling. I know this isn’t doing me any good, hence, I’ve subjected myself to personal psychotherapy.
What’s my point here?
 I’ve realized that one needs courage to live a full life! Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in spite of your fears. Fear is a major force which has kept many people from living optimally!
Now, it takes courage for me to travel irrespective of whatever fear I feel. The fear of accidents shouldn’t hold peg me down from traveling.
Fear has kept many people in unfulfilling relationships. The fear of losing out, fear of not finding another love, fear of what people will say etc has made many to settle for less in their love life.
 Fear of getting stranded, fear of failure, fear of poverty has kept many in jobs they don’t love. They are afraid to plunge into their dream world.
Fear has kept many from learning some activities such as swimming, driving, flying, and much more.
How long will you continue this way? Listen, life is too short than to be caged in fear. You need courage to live your life to the fullest.
You need it! COURAGE! Develop it!
  What are your fears?

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