• things you'll regret not doing
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    10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing Now in Five Years

    Life is short and long at the same time. Life is measured by time, and time is measured by seasons. That means there’s a time for everything. You don’t have forever. So, there are some things you should do now, that you’ll regret not doing five years to come.   Ten of these things are: Not pursuing your dreams Life is all about having dreams and fulfilling them. It’s what makes life meaningful and adventurous. What are your dreams? What plans are you making to bring them to reality? You have to stop wishing and start making realistic efforts to fulfill your dreams. Your dreams won’t fulfill itself. In the…

  • what to do when you are tired of it all
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    What to Do When You’re Just Tired of it All

    I wish I could tell you that life is all sweet and fun, but you and I know that’d be false. This isn’t even about being wealthy or poor because even wealthy people have their overwhelming moments. In this age where a lot of things – emails, social media notifications, phone calls, social media statuses, new gadgets, kids, family, bills to be paid etc. are screaming for one’s attention, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and be tired of it all. If getting overwhelmed is inevitable, then all we have to do is learn how to manage the experience so that we don’t lose our minds. According to WHO, “More…

  • boss lady quotes
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    Why Boss Ladies are Different from Regular Ladies

    Life is all about decisions and choices. You choose who you want to be. A strong woman. A smart woman. A boss lady or a regular babe. There’s nothing wrong with your choice. It’s just that there are consequences attached to every choice we make. Regular is boring. Being a boss lady is fun and adventurous. So, what makes a boss lady different from regular babes?   A boss lady knows what she wants and goes for it. This is what makes a boss lady different from regular babes. She’s a go-getter. She’s not confused as to what she wants. She has a clear understanding of what she wants and…

  • heavy period hacks
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    Heavy Period Hacks to Make You Love Your Period

    I don’t know about you but I have never met a lady who says she loves to have her period.  I don’t too, and that’s one of the major reasons I love breastfeeding.  It keeps my period away!  Hahaha. As if dealing with shedding blood for three or more days is not enough, some ladies have to deal with period pain and even worse, a heavy period.  Those days could be really draining. I asked a group of ladies how they deal with heavy period, and they were able to share their heavy period hacks with me. If you usually have heavy periods, these heavy period hacks could help you.…

  • successful woman
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    10 Signs You’ll be a Badass Successful Woman

    I don’t believe success is genetically determined, because if that is the case, it means some of us won’t even stand a chance. I believe success is a product of what you do and do not do. And even if it was genetically determined, you’d still need to put the genes to work, else, they’d lie dormant. These acts that determine success eventually become the signs that others will see, and know that you’re destined for success. This means that no matter who you are, what you do, and your circumstances, you can be a badass successful woman if you put these acts to work.   So, what are the…

  • things to do on a plane
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    60+ List of Really Fun Things You Can Do on a Plane

    Traveling is inevitable if you want to enjoy your life. In fact, traveling is inevitable for some people because their job requires them to be on the plane often. Not everyone loves sitting on the plane for hours without doing anything. Some people love seeing new places but they don’t enjoy the process it takes to get there. Whichever category you belong to, traveling doesn’t have to be boring. And since there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to find a way to enjoy your flight. I have made a 60+ list of really fun things you can do on a plane (depending on your interests) so that…

  • things you just stop doing to be happier

    11 Things that Steal Your Happiness

    Happiness is the goal of life. Or what’s the point of life without happiness? People are constantly reading articles on happiness, how to find happiness, and what to do to be happy in life. You want to be happy in life. That’s why you’re reading this. While some actions count towards happiness, other actions can drive happiness far away from us. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you 11 things that steal your happiness you must stop doing in order to be happier in life. Because, come to think of it, happiness isn’t always automatic. There must be something you’re doing or not doing to be happy. To be happier…

  • why people don't like working with female boss
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    Why People Don’t Like Working With Female Bosses

    The fact that women are now shattering glass ceilings and calling the shots at organizations is quite laudable. However, while women are proving societal stereotypes wrong and taking the lead, some people say they’d rather work with male bosses than female bosses. Why? To find answers to this, I held a poll on Facebook and asked why some people don’t like working with female bosses. Read their opinions below: ”Nobody likes to work with bad bosses either a male or female. Only that bad female bosses are worse than the male. If she has a bad day, you are going to have to a bad day at work too.” – Oluyemi…

  • overcoming shyness
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    How I Overcame Shyness and Became a Confident Lady

    My Struggle With Timidity ‘’No matter how brilliant, intelligent or talented you are, if you are too timid, you will miss out on many opportunities that could better your life. The floor belongs to the bold.’’   I wrote the above on my Facebook status last year, and it garnered hundreds of reactions and comments from people who were struggling with timidity. I posted the same a week ago, and over five hundred people acknowledged it. Apparently, a lot of people are timid, and they hate it. As requested, I decided to share my timidity story and how I’ve been able to manage it.   Timidity is simply shyness, and…

  • worst things to say to a grieving person

    8 Worst Things to Say to a Grieving Person

    Life isn’t a bed of roses. We are sometimes interrupted by grief to remind us of harsh life realities and the transience of human life. This could be in form of loss of a loved one, failure in exam or business, heartbreak, robbery attack, sickness, miscarriage etc. During this period, we try to console the affected persons but in the process, we innocently do more harm than good; thereby making the grieving persons worse especially by the things we say. While it’s important to comfort others in their grief, we must ensure we do not say the wrong things. Below are 8 worst things to say to a to grieving…

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    8 Ways You Are Wasting Your Life Without Knowing it

    Habits make up the routines that determine how we spend our time; and time of course, is life. Our life is measured by time – from the seemingly insignificant second to the quite noticeable minute, and the obvious hour. Just know that as time is ticking, so also life is going. What you invest your energy, time, and resources into will determine the quality of your life. How do you know if you’re making your life worthwhile or wasting it? Below are EIGHT ways you’re wasting your life without knowing it: Holding on to past hurts I don’t think there’s anyone in life who has never been or will never…

  • success skills
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    Six Basic Skills You Need to be Successful at Anything in Life

    It’s no longer news that the world is competitive. In fact, every field is highly competitive and this is not changing anytime soon. Life will not give you what you deserve, only what you demand. So if you’re willing to succeed, be ready to give it all it takes or else, you’ll be relegated to the background. What makes some people successful and others not? Skills. The answer is skills. Skills in some vital aspects of life. Skill is the capacity to do something well. And the good news is that, it can be learned or acquired. That means anyone can be successful in life. Success isn’t innate. It’s left…

  • how to form habit
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    The Best and Only Way to Form and Maintain Habits for Self Personal Development

    As humans, we form and maintain habits even without us knowing. Habits are actions we perform regularly, so regularly that we even do them without thinking about them because they’ve become part of us. For instance, eating. We put food in our mouth without thinking about it because we’ve always put foods in the mouth and not in the nose. Habits make humans. Habits help us to develop routines that make life orderly and organized. Imagine doing different random things every day. Life will be chaotic that way. But the painful truth is that, it’s harder to form and maintain good habits than bad habits. So, if you’re someone who…

  • do we really need to pray
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    Do We Really Need to Pray?

    Do we really need to pray? Does God need our prayers to work? Prayer, which is one of the pillars of Christianity, is simply the art and act of communication with God. Prayer is a dialogue, that means, it’s a conversation, not a one-way thing or a monologue. What is the implication of this? It means that prayer isn’t just about us doing the talking alone, it’s also important that we listen to hear from God. We must expect God to speak back to us. This is where Christians have challenges the most, because often times, we just reel off whatever we have to say and expect God to work…

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    7 Habits of Highly Smart Women

    If you have read the qualities of a strong woman, then you need to know the habits of highly smart women. What makes a woman smart? Is smartness innate or developed? If you say it’s innate, that means smart women are born and not made. That would mean that anyone who isn’t born smart doesn’t stand a chance. Gratefully, this is not the case. Smartness can be cultivated, and this is determined by the things you do consistently called habits. Habits are actions that are done regularly. It’s habits that make people smart. We live in a highly competitive world. So if you want to be successful, you must have…