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    Best Akara Recipe

    Introduction to Our Dear Akara Akara Recipe! All hail the Nigerian Akara! I’m even emotional as I’m typing this. You see, one of the things that makes Nigeria an interesting place to live (?) is the street foods. OhmaiGod! That’s actually one of the things I missed about home. Wait. Let me sing. Oh my home Oh my home When shall I see my home? When shall I see my native land? I will never forget my home Naija for life mehn! Okay. Back to the Nigerian akara. Because that’s why you are here. Hihihi. You see again, if there’s anything that Is common to the rich and the poor,…

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    The Best Nigerian Fish Pie Recipe

    Some weeks  ago, I was chatting with a pregnant friend and she said she was craving fish roll and wanted to make some. Suddenly, I also started craving Nigerian fish pie. But I’m not pregnant sha o. Hihihi. Amma nursing mother. Even though I often make very delicious chicken pie and meat pie, I’ve never made Nigerian fish pie, so I decided to give it a try. I searched YouTube and Google for some guide but there isn’t much information on Nigerian fish pie as there is on meat pie (Yes, emphasis on Nigerian). But the good thing is that the method is the same, the difference is just the…

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    How to make delicious banana bread

    Don’t mind my picture. As I no be food blogger, I didn’t know I’d be doing this. Lol.  I used to be in a wasteful relationship with bananas. You see, banana isn’t exactly my favourite fruit but I love the sight of fresh bananas! You know what I do? I buy them, not certain I’ll eat them, keep them in fridge, watch them rot and throw them away. Don’t call me a wasteful spender. Not yet. Whenever I go to the malls and see fresh bananas, I do the same thing – buy and watch them rot. The sight of fresh bananas gives me inexplicable pleasure. But my sense of…