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    ”I never wanted to marry a white man,” says Kathryne

    I’ve always wondered at interracial marriages. How do the couples build a marriage together despite their different cultures? What about the kids? So it’s a great pleasure to have this amazing couple, Ingi and Kathryne Kirke on this segment. Ingi works with a Pharmaceutical company while Kathryne is a nursing student, a gospel minister, and a YouTuber.      Enjoy their interview: How did you meet? We met in Bible school What attracted you to her/him? Kathryne : I was attracted by Ingi’s jokes but also his quiet nature. He used to give me chocolate every day even before the relationship started. Ingi : I was attracted By Kathryne’s…

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    How Much Sex is Normal – Is There Too Much Sex?

    Sex, one of life’s most pleasurable activities, is one of God’s gift to humans. As a practising Christian, I believe sex should be enjoyed and explored within the confines of marriage. Yes, you read that right. Hey, keep reading. LOL Amazing Benefits of Sex There are many amazing benefits of sex apart from the pleasure it gives and procreation purpose. 1. Sex increases physical and emotional intimacy between couples. Sex is meant to help couples bond very well and to foster emotional connection between them. What is marriage without a healthy sex life? I know there’s more to marriage than frequent romps in between the sheets but sex is one…

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him/Her

    Valentine’s Day The year 2019 started on a very auspicious note. I understand that we are usually excited to see a new year but this year was kinda different. People were really enthusiastic about 2019 and Valentine’s day isn’t devoid of the same enthusiasm as many are looking forward to it already. I hope you already have an idea of how Valentine’s day 2019 would go? If you don’t, then read about 10 Fun Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day. “There’s no biggie about Valentine’s day. Love should be celebrated every day. Yen yen yen…” Miss me with that sermon this year. It’s not about the history, it’s about…

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    Valentine’s Day 2019 : 10 Fun Things to Do

    Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and many couples are most likely thinking of what to do to celebrate. I mean, the day cannot pass by without you and your lover doing nothing in particular. As the day progresses, we are bound to see “woke” people whip up their motivational speeches about how they celebrate their partner every day and so, do not need to celebrate Valentine. I say that’s okay, but if we can celebrate birthdays, why should making Valentine’s Day special be a crime? It is a universal day to celebrate love and why not do something special with your partner that day? I personally think that most…

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    Does He Love Me? 40+ Signs That A Man Loves You

    Does he love me? As a relationship coach, ‘Does he love me?’ ‘How do I know if a guy loves me?’ ‘Is he right for me?’ are questions I get from ladies very often. I don’t judge them for asking. They probably love a man and they want to know if he loves them in return. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they are the only one doing the loving because it could be very draining. Not everyone has the energy for that. Does he love me? You are about to get answers to your question. However, I need to make this clear- there’s no perfect guy anywhere.…

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    Couple Interview: “We met on Facebook”

    Why this segment- Couple Interview? It’s no longer news that a lot of singles are scared of marriage because of the many unappealing stories we hear and read – domestic violence, cheating. emotional and psychological abuse, in-laws trouble, deception and other happenings that would make you not want to get married. But the truth is, not every marriage is in trouble, not every married person is unhappy. Marriage is just like an aircraft; a safe flight rarely makes a news but a plane crash will definitely catch the attention of the media and the people. Couple Interview is aimed at propagating the gospel of marriage and balancing the perspective of…