• taking your partner for granted
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    3 Signs You are Taking Your Partner for Granted

    When you treat your partner unfairly because you know they love you too much, so they will always tolerate you and never leave you, then you are taking them for granted. You may even be taking your partner for granted without knowing. The following ways are signs you are taking your partner for granted: Unreciprocated Gestures Relationship/marriage is a partnership affair, not a sole proprietorship, thus, all hands must be on deck to make love work. It takes two to tango. You take your partner for granted if you fold your arms and watch them see to the running of the relationship alone. They always do the calling, initiate chats,…

  • how to keep your man
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    How to Keep Your Man – The Best and Only Way

    If I had a dollar each time I came across an article, a social media post, or a quote on ‘keeping your man’, I would be a millionaire. I understand that the society has made it seem like the greatest aspiration of every lady should be to have a man to call her own. Not just that, we have been made to believe that men are scarce, or, good men are scarce; so, if you’re lucky to have one, keep him with all thy might. While I take this to be a myth, I won’t fail to agree that the level of moral decadence that has plagued our world today…

  • things not to tell the guy you are dating
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    5 Things the Guy You are Dating Must Never Know about You

    When we (ladies) are in love, we talk. We talk. I mean, we spill out almost everything in our minds. Even the most introverted of us becomes talkative. It’s like we throw our filter outta the window and let words form themselves in our mouths. While it’s good to be free with someone you’re in love with or dating, this habit usually puts us into trouble because we eventually say things that we shouldn’t say. At least not so soon. Again, while it’s good to be open and honest, I don’t think it’s everything you should tell a guy. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you 5 things you should…

  • ways to make him respect you
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    How to Make Him Respect You

    You don’t often come across articles on how to make a man respect you. Do you? But there are unlimited books and articles on how to make a man love you or love you more. This is because we’ve been fed with the stereotype that ‘men want respect, women want love’. There are even a bunch of books bearing that title. I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s no love without respect. I feel loved and honoured when I’m respected. If you don’t care about being respected, you can stop reading right here. I don’t want you reading my blog post with your face creased in a frown.…

  • why not married
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    Savage Replies to, “Why Are You Not Married?”

    No matter how much you try to mind your business, some nosy people will not let you be, especially nosy family members, colleagues, and not too close friends. They always want to know what is going on in your life especially your love life. While some people ask out of concern and love, a lot of them ask out of mere meddling in your business. I wonder why they are never concerned about your business, education or your life goals, but always about you are dating. This isn’t funny because it constitutes pressure, no matter how subtle, especially if you are due for marriage. Some people need to learn boundaries…

  • things to do before proposing to a woman
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    5 Things You Must Do Before Proposing to a Woman

    So you’ve been in a relationship with a woman of your dreams and you can’t wait to drop down on one knee to pop the question, “Will you marry me?” While this is a good and romantic thing to do, you wanna be sure that you get the best result out of your plan, and that’s why you must know or do some things before you propose to your woman. Read below the 5 things you must do before proposing to a woman:   Be sure you wanna be with her I know you’re thinking if it’s possible for a man to propose to a woman without being sure if…

  • pre-wedding photo shoot 2019
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    45 Really Cute Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for 2019

    Love is beautiful, and weddings are a celebration of love. Pre-wedding photo shoot has become one of the highlights of every wedding preparation today, and it seems like a wedding is not complete without gorgeous pictures to feed our eyes on. For 2019 couples who want to come out with the best set of pre-wedding photos ever, here are 45 absolutely gorgeous pre-wedding photo shoot ideas to try:       They are beautiful, aren’t they? Feel free to replicate these poses in your photos and be assured of a great outcome!

  • breakup
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    7 Things Never to Say to a Woman Going Through a Breakup

    Not everyone will marry their first love because not every first relationship will lead to marriage. Some of us will have to kiss some frogs before meeting our prince charming. The earlier you understand that not every relationship will last forever, the better you’ll be able to handle breakups. But the truth still remains that breakups could be painful especially if you really love the person. So, at one time or another, we’ll find ourselves comforting someone who is going through a painful breakup. And in a bid to do this, we innocently use some words we think should make them feel better, not knowing we are making things worse…

  • why he has not proposed
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    The Very Reason He Hasn’t Proposed

    Except it’s by choice and agreement, no lady wants to be in a ‘methuselah‘ relationship. That is, a long term relationship with no marriage in sight. Everything that has a beginning is usually expected to have an end. Relationship is just like a journey starting with love and with marriage as the destination. So you’ve been dating this guy for months…years… now, and he’s not popping the question or even saying anything about marriage, and you’re not only ready but also wondering why he hasn’t popped the question or making plans to. Well, here is the only reason – HE’S NOT READY! Yes, he’s not ready. “Not ready for what?”…

  • what men want
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    What Do Men Really Want?

    Just like “how do I keep my man?“, “what do men really want in a woman” is a question women have always asked. And most times when people come up with the answers, women are usually unsatisfied because they’ve probably been doing or giving those things already, yet, it seems they are never doing enough. People have always stated the following to be what men really want in a woman: Beauty Sex. sex. sex Smartness Strength Caring nature Children Money Good character Financial independence Ability to cook and clean The list goes on and on… As a matter of fact, these qualities have been grouped and called ‘wife material’. So…

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    Why Good Girls Get Hurt the Most in Relationships

    Have you ever wondered why good girls get hurt the most in relationships? Have you wondered why the nice girls always end up with guys that treat them bad? Have you asked yourself why the good ones are unlucky with love? I’ve wondered the same too, and these are the reasons I’ve come up with: Why Good Girls Get Hurt the Most in Relationships They think being good is enough A lot of good girls think that being good is all they need to have a good love life. They assume that because they are good, they’ll have good experiences with men. No, darling. It doesn’t work that way. While…

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    Two Things Ladies Do in a Relationship that They Later Regret Terribly

    Love is beautiful. No matter how civilized we become, we can never be too civilized not to fall in love. Because humans are social beings. We are made to love and to be loved. We are created for intimacy. Love stories can never go into extinction. We never get tired of hearing them. While falling in love is a beautiful experience, ladies do some things in the name of love that make love become a nightmare for them, especially when the relationship ends. I’m not making these things up. They are real! Because I get emails and messages on my social media platforms from ladies who are haunted by the…

  • marry your friend quotes
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    Do Not Marry Your Friend: Here is Why

    Do not marry your friend? I can imagine your eyes popping out at me. Like, how dare you say ‘do not marry your friend?’ Relax. I’ll break it down for you. ‘Marry your friend/best friend’ has got to be one of the relationship tips that have become cliche. While I agree that friendship is one of the essential ingredients of a successful marriage, there’s more to marriage than ‘marrying a friend’. Even more, a lot people have gotten it all wrong in the name of ‘marrying my friend or marrying my best friend.’ What does it really mean to marry your friend? Before I explain what it means to marry…

  • what ruins a date
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    What Ruins a Date? 34 People Share

    If you are single and hoping to settle down someday, going on dates is inevitable because that is how you get to know the person you are showing interest in or who is showing interest in you. But sometimes, dates don’t always turn out perfect or the way we imagine, and this could be due to an unpleasant attitude or behaviour exhibited by a date. So, a date can be ruined. What ruins a date for you? 34 people share what could ruin a date for them. What Ruins a Date? Read: “Lateness. Except prior information about it. Everything else that happens during the date will annoy and irritate me…

  • dating a loser
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    14 Signs You Are Dating a Loser

    Love is a beautiful thing. We all desire to love and to be loved. But if care isn’t taken, you can be blindly in love with a loser without knowing. It happens even to the strongest of us. Good thing you’re reading this blog post. You might realize you’ve been dating a loser without knowing. Who is a loser? What are the signs that you’re dating a loser? Find them below: 14 Signs You’re Dating a Loser He brings nothing to the table (except sex maybe) Relationship is a partnership thing, it shouldn’t be parasitic, it should be symbiotic. You should be benefiting from each other and contributing positively to…