• discover your hidden potentials
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    How to Discover Your Hidden Potentials

    Are you experiencing self-doubts? Or have you ever experienced self-doubt? Well, welcome to the program… it is more common than you think. Many of us can relate to self-doubts because we don’t think we are as amazing as we really are, when in fact, we are just cutting ourselves short. According to a popular quote by Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a…

  • habits of beautiful women
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    Top 12 Habits of Beautiful Women 

    I’m not even going to deceive you by saying, ‘beauty comes from within’, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and any other clichéd expressions we use in pretending that physical appearance isn’t a big deal.  While beauty means different things to different people, most of us can tell when a woman is pleasing to the eyes.  Although genetics play a crucial role in our physical characteristics, what we do to stay beautiful is much more important.  Each time I engage in some beauty habits, I see vivid results, and this proves that what you do with what you have is more important than what you have.  What are…

  • toni morrison quotes
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    45 Toni Morrison’s Quotes on Writing, Love, and Life to Inspire You

    Born Chloe Ardelia Wofford, Toni Morrison, Nobel laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist died on Monday from complications of Pneumonia at the age of 88. Toni Morrison is one of the most brilliant minds that ever walked the earth. Hers was a life well-lived. Even though she has departed the world physically, her impact will forever be felt, from generation to generation. One of her literary legacies are her inspiring quotes on different facets of life – writing, love, feminism, freedom, etc. Below are 45 of Toni Morrison’s Quotes on Writing, Life, and Love to Inspire You Toni Morrison Quotes  Writing ”I think some aspects of writing can be taught. Obviously,…

  • how to be confident
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    How to be a Confident Shy Person : Why You Shouldn’t Bother about Your Shyness

    My post on how I overcame the shyness has been one of the most-read posts on my blog. As a matter of fact, it has been re-pinned on Pinterest more than 1,000 times! That’s a viral pin. That means a lot of people can relate to shyness and its many effects. I poured out my mind in that article and sometimes I feel like there’s nothing more to write on the subject. But life is all about learning, unlearning and relearning. These days, I ask myself, when is shyness really a problem? Because we all can’t be outspoken, gregarious, or be the life of the party. When should we really…

  • habits of productive people
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    7 PRODUCTIVITY HACKS: Getting So Much Done in a Little Time

    Do you often feel like 24 hours isn’t enough for you? I do. Every single day! There’s so much to be done but time is always a villain. What then can one do since no one can have more than 24 hours in a day? Time is the only (limited) resource common to everyone on the planet. You can make more money but you can’t make more time. So, the best thing to do is to learn how to manage this limited resource. Everyone has the same number of hours. The difference is in how they spend it. This is what separates productive people from the lot.   If you…

  • summer bucket list ideas

    Summer Bucket List Ideas 2019

    I don’t know about you but for me, I plan to enjoy this summer to the fullest. Why? Last winter was baaaaaad. So bad. For me and my family. The flu. The allergies. Jeez. It’s only fair that we make up for the bad winter by having a great summer. If you have decided to enjoy this summer by yourself, with your partner or with your family, and you want some summer bucket list ideas to try, I’ve got you. Here is a list of 50+ summer activities to include in your summer bucket list: 1. Go to the beach 2. Go on a cruise 3. Go on a road…

  • get over a bad day

    30 Creative Things to Do to Get Over a Bad Day

    Nobody wakes up and hopes for a bad day. But life happens sometimes and we find ourselves dealing with a bad day. However, having a bad day is not as important as knowing what to do to get over the bad day. Below are 30 different and creative ways to get over a bad day: HOW TO GET OVER A BAD DAY #1 Encourage yourself Tell yourself that tomorrow will be better, and it’s one of those days. If you don’t encourage yourself, who will? Probably others will, but do it first.   #2 Play relaxing music Music has been discovered to influence moods greatly. Listen to songs that could…

  • how to stop hating monday mornings
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    How to Stop Hating Mondays and Start Living Every Day Like It’s the Weekend

    Does TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) ring a bell? Yes? No? It’s a NO for me, and for most people in the world as well. My proof? Instagram. What of TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)? I bet you’re tempted to give a thumbs up. Like, ‘now you are talking!” Even the mere sight TGIF puts you in a good mood. See the Instagram hashtag for TGIF below: There are 34.3 million posts on TGIF while there are just 403k posts on TGIM! Needless to say, people hate Mondays. For different reasons.   Reasons People Hate Mondays 1. They hate their jobs. 2. They don’t like the people they work with.…

  • living the life of your dreams
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    The Secret to Living the Life of Your Dreams

    Last week, while searching the bookshelf for an old note, I stumbled on one of my old study notes and I flipped through it. I smiled as I read the lessons I learnt from books I read and was amazed when I got to the page where I wrote my DREAM LIFE and GOALS to achieve them. Would you believe that I achieved some of the goals I listed? While the remaining are ones I’m still working towards in order to live the life of my dreams. If you are an adult, you should have an understanding of what you want from life. If you don’t know, how will you…

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    8 Qualities of an Attractive Woman

    What makes a woman attractive? Being attractive goes beyond good looks, even though it could start from there. Attractiveness has more to do with what is inside of you, what you think of yourself and others, and your perception of things. In short, it’s about your personality. Thus, there are a combination of attributes that make a woman attractive. 8 Qualities of an Attractive Woman #1 Smiling Smiling makes you look more beautiful, friendly and approachable. It makes people feel at ease with you. No one wants to stay around someone whose face is all creased up in a frown.   #2 Good sense of humour Anyone who has the…

  • how to be funny
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    How To Be a Fun-to-be-with Personality Even If You’re Not Naturally Funny

    I used to be boring and dry. I used to be too serious.😁 But things have changed. I might not be able to do a stand-up comedy, but I know how to be funny when necessary. And I’ll share the tips that helped me to know how to be funny with you.   First, let me answer some questions you might have. Why should anyone even learn how to be funny? 🤷‍♀️ People love to stay around anyone who makes them laugh. Laughter indicates happiness. Laughter makes us feel good. You wonder why ladies fall in love with men who make them laugh or smile. 😁 Laughter indicates positivity, and…

  • things to do before 40

    40 Things to Do Before 40

    They say life starts at 40. Oh well… They also say a fool at 40 is a fool forever. The kind of life that will start for you at 40 will be determined by the things you’ve done before 40. At 40, some people look back with fulfillment and encouragement to continue living while some look back with regret and pain of wasted years. “A fool at 40 is a fool forever” That means there are some boxes you ought to have ticked before 40. However, I’m not one who believes that you should do something because others are doing it. I’m a firm believer of mapping out your life…

  • signs that you don't love yourself
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    Self-Hating Habits to Stop : 10 Signs that You Don’t Love Yourself

    Everyone should love themselves right? I mean, why wouldn’t anyone love themselves? It doesn’t make sense. Well, it’s not that simple. Sometimes, you think you love yourself but you don’t. And this is evident in the way you treat yourself. Your actions and inactions show whether you love yourself or not. What then are the self-hating behaviours that show you don’t love yourself? Here are they:   Self-Hating Behaviours : 10 Signs That You Don’t Love Yourself   You don’t forgive yourself You don’t love yourself when you forgive everyone but yourself. We are not perfect humans, so we don’t do right always. That’s why you shouldn’t be hard on…

  • benefits of watching tv

    5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV

    If I earned a dollar each time I came across an article on ‘productive things to do instead of watching TV’, I’d be a millionaire. TV watching has been so demonized by writers and motivational speakers (?). Isn’t there anything good about watching TV? Even people who write these articles spend some time before the screen. I don’t feel guilty whenever I watch TV because I enjoy some awesomely amazing benefits of watching TV. So, can anything good come from watching TV? You’ll get an answer to this question after this quick read. 5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV It relaxes you after a long day I come across…

  • body shaming

    Body Shaming : 50 Ladies Share Their Experiences

    We are in a time where people are getting conscious of their bodies more than ever, and body shaming is becoming a thing people, ladies especially are becoming less tolerant of. What is body shaming?  Body shaming is simply making someone feel uncomfortable about their body (shape, size, features) through your words or actions. Body shaming is such a cruel thing to do, and no one deserves to be body shamed. Below are the experiences of FIFTY women who have experienced body shaming:   “I’ve always owned my flaws. So it was hard for people to body shame me. Thin. Big ear. Brown teeth. Even though I knew they were…