• Dalle Valle Herlev
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    Dalle Valle Herlev : Restaurant Review & Pictures

    I’ve been to Dalle Valle Herlev three times – September 14 2017, it was my birthday and I just wanted to eat out with my husband, so we chose Dalle Valle Herlev lunch buffet. In October 2017, I had dinner there with ladies from church. And January this year, I went there with my family to eat out. This time, I thought to review the restaurant. Dalle Valle Herlev Location Name : Dalle Valle Cuisine : Danish, European Location : Dalle Valle is located in the BIG Shopping Centre, Herlev Hovedgade 17, 2730, Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark Dalle Valle Herlev Features Reservations High chairs for children (I liked this because of…

  • omoni oboli biography
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    All About Omoni Oboli : Woman Crush Every Day

    The first movie I saw Omoni Oboli in was The Figurine, which was produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan and the first thought that greeted my heart was, ”This woman is pretty!” Her eyes are so cute and I loved the way she talked.  Then I watched Fifty; I absolutely fell in love with her anew, and even followed her on Instagram. Apart from her physical attractiveness, I love her versatility. She inspires me and challenges me in many ways. She has become one of the most loved actresses in Nollywood and she deserves it. Come with me, let me show you who this woman crush is. Biography Full name…

  • akara recipe
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    Best Akara Recipe

    Introduction to Our Dear Akara Akara Recipe! All hail the Nigerian Akara! I’m even emotional as I’m typing this. You see, one of the things that makes Nigeria an interesting place to live (?) is the street foods. OhmaiGod! That’s actually one of the things I missed about home. Wait. Let me sing. Oh my home Oh my home When shall I see my home? When shall I see my native land? I will never forget my home Naija for life mehn! Okay. Back to the Nigerian akara. Because that’s why you are here. Hihihi. You see again, if there’s anything that Is common to the rich and the poor,…

  • sharon ooja
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    Sharon Ooja: All You Need to Know About Her

    If you are a big fan of Skinny Girl in Transit(SGIT), then ‘Shalewa’ i.e Sharon Ooja wouldn’t be a stranger to you because that’s where the screen diva captured our hearts; not only with her enviable looks and her amazing personality but also with how well she interpreted her role as Tiwa’s younger sister in Skinny Girl in Transit. SGIT is currently one of the most loved Nigerian YouTube series. What is Friday without SGIT? Anyways, today isn’t about SGIT but about Sharon Ooja who played the character ‘Shalewa’ in SGIT. We love Sharon and we are not ashamed of it. Not only is she lovable, her cheerful demeanour and…

  • brown-rice-how-to-cook
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    Brown Rice : How To Cook

    Even though I was as tired as the wings of a bird three weekends ago, I was excited. Usually, I do most of my cooking on Saturdays ahead of the week. Three Saturdays ago wasn’t different. I cooked some meals and stored them in the refrigerator. So what was the excitement about? My brown rice! My perfectly cooked brown rice! Yipeee! Okay, let me share a confession. Three weeks ago, I took my daughter for her vaccination and while we waited to be attended to, the clinic secretary received a call from a patient who wanted to know about his/her blood glucose result. Unfortunately for him or her, his/her blood…

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    So last week Friday, I conquered my fear of cooking large meals. Even though I’m a good cook, I mean whatever I cook usually turns out to be delicious, which is also evident by my husband’s frequent compliments of my meals, I have a phobia for cooking meals in large quantities. I used to wonder how caterers and restaurant owners do it. Maybe it’s because I come from a family of five who doesn’t eat much or because I eat in little quantity. Thus I project my appetite unto others. Anyways, back to my story, I had to prepare our very own Nigerian party jollof rice for about twenty people,…