• questions for couples
    Love & Relationships

    ”I never wanted to marry a white man,” says Kathryne

    I’ve always wondered at interracial marriages. How do the couples build a marriage together despite their different cultures? What about the kids? So it’s a great pleasure to have this amazing couple, Ingi and Kathryne Kirke on this segment. Ingi works with a Pharmaceutical company while Kathryne is a nursing student, a gospel minister, and a YouTuber.      Enjoy their interview: How did you meet? We met in Bible school What attracted you to her/him? Kathryne : I was attracted by Ingi’s jokes but also his quiet nature. He used to give me chocolate every day even before the relationship started. Ingi : I was attracted By Kathryne’s…

  • ways to enjoy motherhood
    Mums' Corner

    10 Simple but Amazing Ways I Enjoy Motherhood

    Are there ways to enjoy motherhood? Like, can  one really enjoy motherhood? Because to be honest, motherhood is more work than fun. Yes, babies are cute, but taking care of these cute little ones is a whole lot of work! In the midst of so much to do within a limited time, is there time to really enjoy motherhood? Sometimes, I feel twenty-four hours isn’t enough for me. Taking care of a baby is so time-consuming; before you know it, it’s dusk, and before you bat an eyelid, it’s dawn again. While motherhood is work, I try to enjoy it in some simple but amazing ways. This doesn’t change the fact…

  • the boy who harnessed the wind movie
    Book and Movie Review

    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Movie – A Must-Watch

    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Movie Trailer  I’m about to finish watching ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind‘ on Netflix, and I just can’t wait to review it. Let me confess that I’d cancelled my Netflix subscription two days ago because I don’t have the luxury of time to watch movies. I decided to relax with a movie before the end of my subscription in a few hours. I clicked on the featured movie on the Netflix app, which is ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind‘, and I found myself at the edge of my seat as I watched. I’m so excited to review this movie because it’s…

  • how much sex is normal
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    How Much Sex is Normal – Is There Too Much Sex?

    Sex, one of life’s most pleasurable activities, is one of God’s gift to humans. As a practising Christian, I believe sex should be enjoyed and explored within the confines of marriage. Yes, you read that right. Hey, keep reading. LOL Amazing Benefits of Sex There are many amazing benefits of sex apart from the pleasure it gives and procreation purpose. 1. Sex increases physical and emotional intimacy between couples. Sex is meant to help couples bond very well and to foster emotional connection between them. What is marriage without a healthy sex life? I know there’s more to marriage than frequent romps in between the sheets but sex is one…

  • Dalle Valle Herlev
    Lifestyle,  Restaurant Review

    Dalle Valle Herlev : Restaurant Review & Pictures

    I’ve been to Dalle Valle Herlev three times – September 14 2017, it was my birthday and I just wanted to eat out with my husband, so we chose Dalle Valle Herlev lunch buffet. In October 2017, I had dinner there with ladies from church. And January this year, I went there with my family to eat out. This time, I thought to review the restaurant. Dalle Valle Herlev Location Name : Dalle Valle Cuisine : Danish, European Location : Dalle Valle is located in the BIG Shopping Centre, Herlev Hovedgade 17, 2730, Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark Dalle Valle Herlev Features Reservations High chairs for children (I liked this because of…

  • motherhood quotes and interview
    Motherhood Interview,  Mums' Corner

    Supermum Today : ´´My Children Never Lie´´

    Adebisi Adegbite Kuforiji is a woman whose intelligence, transparency, industry, honesty, confidence and wisdom I so much admire. Not only is she a boss lady, she’s a mum to four children, a girl and a boy, and a set of twins!  A-ha! You better sit back and grab a glass of your favourite drink while you pick her brains on this motherhood thing just like I did, because she’s an embodiment of wisdom. She’s also an author. I read her book (autobiography) ‘You Only Live Twice’ and I must confess that it’s one of the most amazing autobiographies I’ve read.  Enjoy the interview!    Motherhood Quotes Before we even start,…

  • no disguise - juliana olayode

    No Disguise – Juliana Olayode [Mp3 Download & Lyrics]

    No Disguise by Juliana Olayode aka ‘Toyo Baby’ Juliana Olayode aka ‘Toyo Baby’ of Jenifa’s Diary drops a new single titled ‘No Disguise‘ to celebrate Valentine’s day. Juliana is indeed a lady of many parts. Not only is she a pretty actress, her singing talent is worthy of focus. No Disguise by Juliana Olayode aka ‘Toyo Baby’ is a perfect Valentine’s day gift for her fans. Anyhoo, No Disguise has been on repeat since I downloaded it. I just have to spread this gospel of love, and that’s why I’m sharing it. Enjoy No Disguise by Juliana Olayode aka ‘Toyo Baby’. No Disguise [Lyrics] No disguise… [Verse 1] Lead me by…

  • how to make her/him feel special
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    8 Simple & Romantic Ways to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine

    Valentine’s day is all about making people dear to your heart feel special, and Valentine’s day is almost upon us. Some people already have an idea of what to do on Valentine’s day and the gifts to present to their partners. But aside these, there are simple but thoughtful ways you can make your partner feel special on Valentine’s day and always. I’m sure your partner will appreciate these simple but romantic gestures when you do them not only on Valentine’s day but frequently. Let’s get to it already. How to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine Send a Love Text Message Even though social media platforms have taken over…

  • frank edwards - happiness

    Frank Edwards – Happiness [Lyrics & mp3 Download]

    Talented Nigerian gospel artiste, Frank Edwards releases a new single titled, ‘Happiness‘. Happiness is very key in living a fulfilled life. What is life without happiness? Frank Edwards is reminding us that happiness is vital and that you don’t need to have it all to be happy. Don’t let anything steal your happiness. Please enjoy this song, ‘Happiness‘ by Frank Edwards. Frank Edwards – Happiness [LYRICS] [Verse 1] And me already know say happiness is key And you already know say worry worry cannot change a thing That’s why the Bible tell me say in every situation, say make I praise praise Say when you see me dance E be…

  • omoni oboli biography
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    All About Omoni Oboli : Woman Crush Every Day

    The first movie I saw Omoni Oboli in was The Figurine, which was produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan and the first thought that greeted my heart was, ”This woman is pretty!” Her eyes are so cute and I loved the way she talked.  Then I watched Fifty; I absolutely fell in love with her anew, and even followed her on Instagram. Apart from her physical attractiveness, I love her versatility. She inspires me and challenges me in many ways. She has become one of the most loved actresses in Nollywood and she deserves it. Come with me, let me show you who this woman crush is. Biography Full name…