• how to keep your man
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    How to Keep Your Man – The Best and Only Way

    If I had a dollar each time I came across an article, a social media post, or a quote on ‘keeping your man’, I would be a millionaire. I understand that the society has made it seem like the greatest aspiration of every lady should be to have a man to call her own. Not just that, we have been made to believe that men are scarce, or, good men are scarce; so, if you’re lucky to have one, keep him with all thy might. While I take this to be a myth, I won’t fail to agree that the level of moral decadence that has plagued our world today…

  • boss lady quotes
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    Why Boss Ladies are Different from Regular Ladies

    Life is all about decisions and choices. You choose who you want to be. A strong woman. A smart woman. A boss lady or a regular babe. There’s nothing wrong with your choice. It’s just that there are consequences attached to every choice we make. Regular is boring. Being a boss lady is fun and adventurous. So, what makes a boss lady different from regular babes?   A boss lady knows what she wants and goes for it. This is what makes a boss lady different from regular babes. She’s a go-getter. She’s not confused as to what she wants. She has a clear understanding of what she wants and…

  • heavy period hacks
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    Heavy Period Hacks to Make You Love Your Period

    I don’t know about you but I have never met a lady who says she loves to have her period.  I don’t too, and that’s one of the major reasons I love breastfeeding.  It keeps my period away!  Hahaha. As if dealing with shedding blood for three or more days is not enough, some ladies have to deal with period pain and even worse, a heavy period.  Those days could be really draining. I asked a group of ladies how they deal with heavy period, and they were able to share their heavy period hacks with me. If you usually have heavy periods, these heavy period hacks could help you.…

  • Mums' Corner

    11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having a Cesarean Section Delivery

    My girl made quite an entrance into the world. A dramatic one at that. I knew I was going to be a cesarean mom when I was 5 months gone. I had had a threatened abortion and was rushed to the hospital where I was monitored for 3 days, and was told about the likelihood of having my baby through a Cesarean section delivery. Hubby and I made our peace with it. At exactly 37 weeks, I had another episode of bleeding. and hubby drove me to the hospital. When we got there, my gynae said, “Let’s bring your baby out. She’s fully grown and just chilling in there.” Hubby…

  • successful woman
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    10 Signs You’ll be a Badass Successful Woman

    I don’t believe success is genetically determined, because if that is the case, it means some of us won’t even stand a chance. I believe success is a product of what you do and do not do. And even if it was genetically determined, you’d still need to put the genes to work, else, they’d lie dormant. These acts that determine success eventually become the signs that others will see, and know that you’re destined for success. This means that no matter who you are, what you do, and your circumstances, you can be a badass successful woman if you put these acts to work.   So, what are the…

  • things not to tell the guy you are dating
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    5 Things the Guy You are Dating Must Never Know about You

    When we (ladies) are in love, we talk. We talk. I mean, we spill out almost everything in our minds. Even the most introverted of us becomes talkative. It’s like we throw our filter outta the window and let words form themselves in our mouths. While it’s good to be free with someone you’re in love with or dating, this habit usually puts us into trouble because we eventually say things that we shouldn’t say. At least not so soon. Again, while it’s good to be open and honest, I don’t think it’s everything you should tell a guy. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you 5 things you should…

  • manage stress as a new mum
    Mums' Corner

    10 Ways to Manage Stress as a New Mom

    I wish I could tell you that motherhood is all fun and no stress but that’d be dishonest. Fine, there’s joy in motherhood but there’s also a lot of stress, especially for a new mum. So, the key is learning how to manage stress as a new mom. Motherhood opens you up to a whole new world and you need to arm yourself with every knowledge you can acquire in order not to lose your mind. I know this as a new mom, that’s why I’ll be sharing with you TEN ways to manage stress as a new mom; because you can’t avoid the stress, you can only manage it.…

  • ways to make him respect you
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    How to Make Him Respect You

    You don’t often come across articles on how to make a man respect you. Do you? But there are unlimited books and articles on how to make a man love you or love you more. This is because we’ve been fed with the stereotype that ‘men want respect, women want love’. There are even a bunch of books bearing that title. I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s no love without respect. I feel loved and honoured when I’m respected. If you don’t care about being respected, you can stop reading right here. I don’t want you reading my blog post with your face creased in a frown.…

  • why not married
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    Savage Replies to, “Why Are You Not Married?”

    No matter how much you try to mind your business, some nosy people will not let you be, especially nosy family members, colleagues, and not too close friends. They always want to know what is going on in your life especially your love life. While some people ask out of concern and love, a lot of them ask out of mere meddling in your business. I wonder why they are never concerned about your business, education or your life goals, but always about you are dating. This isn’t funny because it constitutes pressure, no matter how subtle, especially if you are due for marriage. Some people need to learn boundaries…

  • things to do on a plane
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    60+ List of Really Fun Things You Can Do on a Plane

    Traveling is inevitable if you want to enjoy your life. In fact, traveling is inevitable for some people because their job requires them to be on the plane often. Not everyone loves sitting on the plane for hours without doing anything. Some people love seeing new places but they don’t enjoy the process it takes to get there. Whichever category you belong to, traveling doesn’t have to be boring. And since there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to find a way to enjoy your flight. I have made a 60+ list of really fun things you can do on a plane (depending on your interests) so that…

  • things to do before proposing to a woman
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    5 Things You Must Do Before Proposing to a Woman

    So you’ve been in a relationship with a woman of your dreams and you can’t wait to drop down on one knee to pop the question, “Will you marry me?” While this is a good and romantic thing to do, you wanna be sure that you get the best result out of your plan, and that’s why you must know or do some things before you propose to your woman. Read below the 5 things you must do before proposing to a woman:   Be sure you wanna be with her I know you’re thinking if it’s possible for a man to propose to a woman without being sure if…

  • things you just stop doing to be happier

    11 Things You Must Stop Doing to be Happier in Life

    Happiness is the goal of life. Or what’s the point of life without happiness? People are constantly reading articles on happiness, how to find happiness, and what to do to be happy in life. You want to be happy in life. That’s why you’re reading this. While some actions count towards happiness, other actions can drive happiness far away from us. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you 11 things you must stop doing to be happier in life. Because, come to think of it, happiness isn’t always automatic. There must be something you’re doing or not doing to be happy. To be happier in life, you must stop doing…

  • game of thrones real life locations
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    5 Game of Thrones’ Real Life Filming Locations You Should Visit

    It’s no longer news that Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV series in the history of TV. It almost seems like a crime not to be a fan of the popular series. In 2016 alone, Game of Thrones won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and has also been recorded as one of the most expensive TV shows produced as of 2018. Even though the series is an adaptation of George R.R Martin’s fantasy novels, lots and lots of the scenes were filmed at real life locations in different countries. The series is popular for its historical and dramatic locations that YOU can also visit. No doubt, these…

  • pre-wedding photo shoot 2019
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    45 Pinterest-Worthy Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for 2019

    Love is beautiful, and weddings are a celebration of love. Pre-wedding photo shoot has become one of the highlights of every wedding preparation today, and it seems like a wedding is not complete without gorgeous pictures to feed our eyes on. For 2019 couples who want to come out with the best set of pre-wedding photos ever, here are 45 absolutely gorgeous pre-wedding photo shoot ideas to try:       They are beautiful, aren’t they? Feel free to replicate these poses in your photos and be assured of a great outcome!  

  • why people don't like working with female boss
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    Why People Don’t Like Working With Female Bosses

    The fact that women are now shattering glass ceilings and calling the shots at organizations is quite laudable. However, while women are proving societal stereotypes wrong and taking the lead, some people say they’d rather work with male bosses than female bosses. Why? To find answers to this, I held a poll on Facebook and asked why some people don’t like working with female bosses. Read their opinions below: ”Nobody likes to work with bad bosses either a male or female. Only that bad female bosses are worse than the male. If she has a bad day, you are going to have to a bad day at work too.” – Oluyemi…