• Does he love me?
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    Does He Love Me? 40+ Signs That A Man Loves You

    Does he love me? As a relationship coach, ‘Does he love me?’ ‘How do I know if a guy loves me?’ ‘Is he right for me?’ are questions I get from ladies very often. I don’t judge them for asking. They probably love a man and they want to know if he loves them in return. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they are the only one doing the loving because it could be very draining. Not everyone has the energy for that. Does he love me? You are about to get answers to your question. However, I need to make this clear- there’s no perfect guy anywhere.…

  • Cobhams Asuquo Starlight

    Cobhams Asuquo – Starlight [Lyrics & Download]

    Cobhams Asuquo- Starlight Download Cobhams Asuquo Starlight mp3 Cobhams Asuquo Starlight [VIDEO]  Cobhams Asuquo – Starlight Lyrics [Verse 1] I fit fight for you I’ll give my life for you No valley too low, no mountain too high for me to climb for you Na you dey help me see the very best in me And na you dey there when nobody dey there Na you invest in me [Pre-Chorus] And I will walk a thousand miles If only you would hold my hand I will go the distance far, all the way for you You know I can Download Jeff Akoh I Do [Chorus] People dey ask me…

  • Jeff Akoh first dance
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    Jeff Akoh- First Dance [Lyrics & Download]

    Jeff Akoh- First Dance Lyrics Verse 1 Came from nothing to something My world, my soul, my life To you, I give it all I give it all I give it all I’m not a poet with the poetry Or Mozart with the melody But to you, I give it all I give it all Also: Jeff Akoh- I Do  Bridge I have no worries About what life throws at me And I won’t shiver As long as you love me )x2 Chorus Love, love, love Just the way I love you Verse 2 This is a dream I don’t wanna wake from I’ll wake up in the morning to…

  • Things you can do to get pregnant
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     8 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO GET PREGNANT 1. Maintain an Ideal Weight Obesity can cause hormonal imbalance which disrupts ovulation and the menstrual cycle. Obese women take longer to conceive than women in the healthy weight range and when they do conceive, there is a high risk of miscarriage and premature birth. An ideal pre-pregnancy BMI is somewhere around 18.5 – 24.9. To be on the safe side, do regular moderate exercises and avoid too much junk foods. 2. Go for a Fertility Test Generally, for men, a semen analysis is conducted to ascertain the sperm count, motility and sperm morphology. These parameters need to be within normal range…

  • Frank Edwards In Love With You
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    Frank Edwards – In Love With You [Lyrics & Download]

    Elelele mama lo se Ekira fun baba mi o Halle halle hallelujah Rocktown in the building Rich boy on the beat once again [Bridge] Luwe luwe o luwe luwe luwe eh eh luwe luwe o luwe luwe luwe eh [Verse 1] This year, this year God you too love me this year No be say you no love me last year But your love is new every morning The way you protect me this year I don’t know what to say o But I just want to say Also- You are the reason by Eben  [Chorus] I’m in love Jesus I’m in love with you I’m in love o This…

  • You Are The Reason by Eben
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    You Are The Reason by Eben [Lyrics and Download]

    You Are The Reason by Eben You Are The Reason by Eben Lyrics You are the reason I live I can find nobody greater There’s nobody greater than You You are the reason I live I can find nobody greater Nobody greater… Help me sing You are the reason I live I can find nobody greater There’s nobody greater than You (x2) You are the strength of my life I can find nobody greater There’s nobody greater than You (x2) You are the song that I sing I can find nobody greater There’s nobody greater than You (x2) Also: Jesus At the Centre by Eben  Call: You are the reason…

  • Yoruba-girl-names
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    300+ Unique Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning

    I don’t know about you but I love native names. As a Yoruba girl, I find Yoruba names so sweet and beautiful. My first name is Olubunmi and my middle name, which I chose by myself at baptism, is Mabel. I was only thirteen then. Maybe I’d have chosen a Yoruba name if I’d known better. I hope there’s no law that states that one must choose an English name for baptism. Maybe a biblical name, yeah, but Mabel isn’t even in the Bible.  LOL. Anyway, I love my name, Mabel, and a lot of people know me as Mabel. I love its meanings- beautiful, loving, lovable.  Awwnnn. So sweet!…

  • Pregnancy & Motherhood

    Crying Baby: Knowing What To Do

    There are joys of motherhood but having a crying baby isn’t one of such joys. Truth is, motherhood isn’t always fun. Forget about all the cute baby pictures in your gallery and all the sweet compliments you receive when you share your baby’s pictures on social media. Forget the, “The joys of motherhood” “I can’t wait to be a mum” “Babies are so cute” “Motherhood is beautiful” comments you receive on social media. Being a mum isn’t always fun! Yeah, it’s fun when you’re greeted early in the morning with your baby’s beautiful smile. It’s fun when you capture your baby’s beautiful moments with your camera. It’s fun when you…

  • Timi-Dakolo-I-Never-Know-Say
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    Timi Dakolo- I Never Know Say [mp3 Download & Video]

    Iyawo Mi crooner, Timi Dakolo drops a new single titled, I Never Know Say which is apparently dedicated to his wife. Timi Dakolo never disappoints. And what a perfect time to release this jam. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s the season of love and celebration. Enjoy I Never know Say and if you’re having your wedding in December, inform your DJ to include I Never Know Say in his list of songs for you. Timi Dakolo- I Never Know Say Lyrics Sweetie banana Your love be like sugar When you love me You dey kill me softly Your touch is amazing each time But I have to tell…

  • Jeff-akoh-i-do
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    Jeff Akoh – I Do [Download, Lyrics & Video]

    Artist- Jeff Akoh Title- I Do Jeff Akoh- I Do Lyrics You got the password Iye iye iye. .its Jeffery Oh yeah… Alright Shawty say Shanty say When nah you be the one wey dey rock my whole world You remain number one, everywhere I go Shawty say Nah your face I dey see everyone I lay down You’re my favorite drug wey dey high me oh Only you(only you) Dey make me feel like a real man …real man So tell me only you Dey make me feel like a woman… Woman Iye Baby be my lover …would you be my lover? I do You and me forever. …we’ll…