• things smart women don't do in love relationship
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    20 Things Smart Women Don’t Do in Love Relationship

    I’ll just cut to the chase. Because I know why you are here – to know what smart women don’t do in love relationship. First, who is a smart woman?  Dash off to read the 7 habits of a highly smart woman, so that you’ll know what this is all about. ……… Welcome back. So, what are those things smart women do not do in love relationship?  #1 They don’t beg for love or beg to be loved. #2 They don’t fight other women over a man. #3 They don’t go into a relationship looking for worth. #4 They don’t dim their light for a man to shine. #5 They…

  • get over a bad day
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    30 Creative Things to Do to Get Over a Bad Day

    Nobody wakes up and hopes for a bad day. But life happens sometimes and we find ourselves dealing with a bad day. However, having a bad day is not as important as knowing what to do to get over the bad day. Below are 30 different and creative ways to get over a bad day: HOW TO GET OVER A BAD DAY #1 Encourage yourself Tell yourself that tomorrow will be better, and it’s one of those days. If you don’t encourage yourself, who will? Probably others will, but do it first.   #2 Play relaxing music Music has been discovered to influence moods greatly. Listen to songs that could…

  • how to stop hating monday mornings
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    How to Stop Hating Mondays and Start Having the Best Week Ever

    Does TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) ring a bell? Yes? No? It’s a NO for me, and for most people in the world as well. My proof? Instagram. What of TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)? I bet you’re tempted to give a thumbs up. Like, ‘now you are talking!” Even the mere sight TGIF puts you in a good mood. See the Instagram hashtag for TGIF below: There are 34.3 million posts on TGIF while there are just 403k posts on TGIM! Needless to say, people hate Mondays. For different reasons.   Reasons People Hate Mondays 1. They hate their jobs. 2. They don’t like the people they work with.…

  • unrequited love
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    Unrequited Love: Why You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

    Falling in love with someone is such a beautiful experience because love is one of the amazing gifts of life. However, love is much more beautiful if the feeling is mutual. Nothing is as emotionally draining and frustrating as loving someone who doesn’t love you in return. Unrequited love. It hurts. So much. Sometimes you wonder how and why anyone would love someone who doesn’t love them in return. Truth is, apart from the fact that our hearts could play a fast one on us (because emotional matters are tricky), one MAJOR reason you’d keep loving someone who doesn’t love you in return is because -you’re not in love with…

  • living the life of your dreams
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    The Secret to Living the Life of Your Dreams

    Last week, while searching the bookshelf for an old note, I stumbled on one of my old study notes and I flipped through it. I smiled as I read the lessons I learnt from books I read and was amazed when I got to the page where I wrote my DREAM LIFE and GOALS to achieve them. Would you believe that I achieved some of the goals I listed? While the remaining are ones I’m still working towards in order to live the life of my dreams. If you are an adult, you should have an understanding of what you want from life. If you don’t know, how will you…

  • mistake new wives make
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    #1 Mistake New Wives Make

    Yes, I wrote Top #3 Mistakes Women Make in Marriage. But this one I’m writing is particular to new wives. Even though I’ve always known it and shared it somehow in blog posts or in my social media articles, I’m compelled to write a blog post about it today. Because within a week, I saw how this mistake new wives make can tear families apart.   What’s this #1 mistake new wives make? >>Acting like a superwoman and doing all the household chores alone. Studies keep showing that women do most of the household chores despite working outside the home. A study on sex roles revealed that unequal division of…

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    How to be an Attractive Woman that Real Men Cannot Resist

    There are women, and there are women who melt hearts. Not only of men but of everyone who has a heart. So yes, there are women, and there are irresistible women. What makes some women irresistible to real men and others not? And who is a real man? A real man is one who knows what he wants and goes for it. Some men don’t know what they want. Today it’s something, tomorrow is something else. In short, they are confused and unstable. Pardon me if you’re a man reading this.🙏 I’m only challenging you to be a real man.😁 So, what is it about irresistible women that turn real…

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    50 Reasons Why I Love You List

    Why should you even care about a ‘reasons why I love you list’? Should there be reasons why we love our partners? Oh yes! Having a ‘reasons why I love you list’ will not only help you to appreciate your partner’s amazing qualities and their impact in your life, it’ll also help you to reassure them of your love. Here is a list of ’50 Reasons Why I Love You’ to inspire you: 1. I love you because you make me happy. 2. Your love warms me. Makes me feel good. 3. You complete me, with you, I’m perfect. 4. You support me always. 5. You love and accept me…

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    Hilarious Questions to Ask Your Partner to Instantly Change their Bad Mood

    I’ve not met a single soul who doesn’t want to be happy in life. But while we make effort to ensure our happiness, sometimes life gets in the way, and we end up in a bad mood or with a bad day. If your partner (spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, fiancee..) is having a bad day, asking them these funny questions could help them out of their bad mood. If you are the one who is having a bad day, you can tell them to ask you these hilarious questions as well. Enjoy! HILARIOUS QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR PARTNER TO INSTANTLY CHANGE THEIR BAD MOOD #1 Describe how you feel right…

  • how to know if he is using you
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    How to Know if He’s Using You to Catch Fun

    People date for different reasons. I get it. It’d be wrong to assume that everyone dates for love. So, yes, some people date for the sole purpose of having frequent romps. If this is why you’re in a relationship, this article isn’t for you. Sorry. 🙏 But if you want a relationship where you want to love and be loved in return, respected, and treated like the queen that you are, then you’ll want to be sure that you’re on the same page with the person you’re dating, and that he’s not using you to have a good time. You know what I’m saying?😉 I bet you do. So, how…

  • a woman he is afraid to lose
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    How to Be a Woman a Man is Afraid to Lose

    Women have always been the ones afraid to lose their men, and this is why some men think they are doing a woman a favour by dating or marrying her. Let’s be honest, the society hasn’t been exactly fair to women in their expectations of us. Women are considered incomplete without a man to call their own, no matter how successful they might be in their careers. People are always interested in who a woman is dating and not dating. But I encourage women to swap positions, and be the ones a man is afraid to lose. It’s such a great position to be in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m…

  • how to be funny
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    How To Be Funny Introvert Even If You’re Not Naturally Funny

    I used to be boring and dry. I used to be too serious.😁 But things have changed. I might not be able to do a stand-up comedy, but I know how to be funny when necessary. And I’ll share the tips that helped me to know how to be funny with you. First, let me answer some questions you might have. Why should anyone even learn how to be funny? 🤷‍♀️ People love to stay around anyone who makes them laugh. Laughter indicates happiness. Laughter makes us feel good. You wonder why ladies fall in love with men who make them laugh or smile. 😁 Laughter indicates positivity, and no…

  • why he can't cheat on me
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    Why He Can Never Cheat On Me & I, On Him

    Needless to say, cheating is one of the greatest and commonest deal breakers in marriage. It’s one of the leading causes of relationship breakup and divorce. The American Psychological Association (APA) discovered that infidelity in the United States accounted for 20-40 percent of divorces. Cheating leads to broken trust, and what is a relationship/marriage without trust? That’s why cheating never leaves a relationship the same. Even when the guilty partner is forgiven, he/she needs to work hard to earn their partner’s trust again. Another painful thing about infidelity is that the partner who is cheated on feels like he/she is not enough. “Am I not enough for you?” is the…

  • ruin your relationship
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    5 Ways You Could Ruin a Beautiful Relationship

    Having a beautiful relationship is not by magic or chance. A relationship is as beautiful as the effort the people involved put into it. A relationship cannot survive on its own, and a relationship does not die a natural death. The GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) principle also applies to love matters; that is, whatever you get out of a relationship is determined by what you put into it. Many beautiful relationships that could have blossomed into an amazing union have been murdered by some acts that I’ll be sharing with you. Even marriages that had the potential to be amazing have ended in divorce due to the negligence of…

  • top three mistakes women make in marriage
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    Top Three Mistakes Women Make in Marriage

    Apart from the fact that every marriage is different, there’s no ‘marriage school’. Or, marriage is actually a school where you collect your certificate before even starting. So, we are bound to make mistakes. As wives, we are bound to make mistakes in our marriage. The most important thing is to know that we are making mistakes and learn from them. I’m married, and I can tell you that I’ve made these top three mistakes most wives make in marriage. I’m not trying to judge us but to point out to us these top three mistakes that we make in our marriage, so we can be better wives to our…