• how to be the best girlfriend ever
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    How to Be the Best Girlfriend Ever to Your Man

    Yeah yeah. I know I wrote about one thing men want from women. 😌 But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways every man wants their girlfriend to be the best girlfriends ever. No matter what a man wants, he wants his girlfriend to be a better girlfriend to him in these 8 ways: HOW TO BE THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER 1. Encourage and support him Who doesn’t want to be encouraged and supported? Men have been raised to act and be perceived as strong, but this doesn’t change the fact that they’re human beings too who could use some encouragement and support. What does your man do? Do you know…

  • things to do before 40

    40 Things to Do Before 40

    They say life starts at 40. Oh well… They also say a fool at 40 is a fool forever. The kind of life that will start for you at 40 will be determined by the things you’ve done before 40. At 40, some people look back with fulfillment and encouragement to continue living while some look back with regret and pain of wasted years. “A fool at 40 is a fool forever” That means there are some boxes you ought to have ticked before 40. However, I’m not one who believes that you should do something because others are doing it. I’m a firm believer of mapping out your life…

  • getting over a breakup
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    Getting Over a Breakup Like a Boss

    No one starts a relationship with the hope that it gets sour, but things happen. At the start of a relationship, lovers share a mutual optimism that their love will be forever. However, for various reasons, relationships usually hit the rock. Breakup is a common occurrence, in fact, as some relationships are getting started, some are ending. However, no matter the ubiquity of breakup, it’s still a painful experience, and nobody’s experience should be trivialized. While some are able to get over a break up, others find it difficult to achieve the same. A lady once shared how she was unable to get over a breakup even after two years.…

  • signs that you don't love yourself
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    10 Signs that You Don’t Love Yourself

    Everyone should love themselves right? I mean, why wouldn’t anyone love themselves? It doesn’t make sense. Well, it’s not that simple. Sometimes, you think you love yourself but you don’t. And this is evident in the way you treat yourself. Your actions and inactions show whether you love yourself or not. What then are the signs that you don’t love yourself? Here are they:   10 Signs That You Don’t Love Yourself   You don’t forgive yourself You don’t love yourself when you forgive everyone but yourself. We are not perfect humans, so we don’t do right always. That’s why you shouldn’t be hard on yourself whenever you do wrong,…

  • Mommy quotes
    Mums' Corner

    Mommy Quotes to Inspire Your Motherhood Experience

    So it’s Mother’s Day in many parts of the world today, and I’m super excited. Why? Because I’m a first-time mom!😭😗😃 Am I tired and stressed? Yes! Do I wish to get away for at least ONE DAY? Oh yes! Do I love my daughter? More than you can imagine. Do I wish you to be away from her? No no no. Honestly,  motherhood bombards you with different feelings all at once. Anyway, happy mother’s day to me and every mom out there. You’re doing a great job. Let no one tell you otherwise. Below are mommy quotes that give expression to our feelings:   “A mother can never be…

  • man of your dreams
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    What I Did Differently to Get the Man of my Dreams

    I met hubby a few years ago through a female mutual friend in our third year in Uni. I had absolutely no idea he was using her to get close to me. I always sat with my friend in class, and hubby would come talk to her and use the opportunity to say hello and exchange a few words with me. He later got my phone number, my BBM pin. It was the world of Black Berry phones then. We got talking and later became friends. He traveled a lot in school. He’s into automobiles and started quite early in life, thus, had to travel a lot for business. He…

  • benefits of watching tv

    5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV

    If I earned a dollar each time I came across an article on ‘productive things to do instead of watching TV’, I’d be a millionaire. TV watching has been so demonized by writers and motivational speakers (?). Isn’t there anything good about watching TV? Even people who write these articles spend some time before the screen. I don’t feel guilty whenever I watch TV because I enjoy some awesomely amazing benefits of watching TV. So, can anything good come from watching TV? You’ll get an answer to this question after this quick read. 5 Awesomely Amazing Benefits of Watching TV It relaxes you after a long day I come across…

  • lessons i learned the hard way in my marriage
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    5 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way that Transformed My Marriage

    Hubby and I have been married for a year and 6 months. They say marriage is a place of so much learning. Well, I have learnt quite a number of lessons in my very young marriage that transformed our marriage but I’ll share FIVE of them with you. So, here are FIVE of the lessons I learnt the hard way that changed my marriage: I’m not always responsible for my spouse’s unhappy moods There are days the Dear Husband’s mood is just somehow. Then I would start to think that I must have said something or done something wrong. But alas, when he finally opens up, it’s definitely not me!…

  • body shaming

    Body Shaming : 50 Ladies Share Their Experiences

    We are in a time where people are getting conscious of their bodies more than ever, and body shaming is becoming a thing people, ladies especially are becoming less tolerant of. What is body shaming?  Body shaming is simply making someone feel uncomfortable about their body (shape, size, features) through your words or actions. Body shaming is such a cruel thing to do, and no one deserves to be body shamed. Below are the experiences of FIFTY women who have experienced body shaming:   “I’ve always owned my flaws. So it was hard for people to body shame me. Thin. Big ear. Brown teeth. Even though I knew they were…

  • taking your partner for granted
    Love & Relationships

    3 Signs You are Taking Your Partner for Granted

    When you treat your partner unfairly because you know they love you too much, so they will always tolerate you and never leave you, then you are taking them for granted. You may even be taking your partner for granted without knowing. The following ways are signs you are taking your partner for granted: Unreciprocated Gestures Relationship/marriage is a partnership affair, not a sole proprietorship, thus, all hands must be on deck to make love work. It takes two to tango. You take your partner for granted if you fold your arms and watch them see to the running of the relationship alone. They always do the calling, initiate chats,…

  • things you'll regret not doing
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    10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing Now in Five Years

    Life is short and long at the same time. Life is measured by time, and time is measured by seasons. That means there’s a time for everything. You don’t have forever. So, there are some things you should do now, that you’ll regret not doing in five years to come. Ten of these things are: Not pursuing your dreams Life is all about having dreams and fulfilling them. It’s what makes life meaningful and adventurous. What are your dreams? What plans are you making to bring them to reality? You have to stop wishing and start making realistic efforts to fulfill your dreams. Your dreams won’t fulfill itself. In the…

  • what to do when you are tired of it all
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    What to Do When You’re Just Tired of it All

    I wish I could tell you that life is all sweet and fun, but you and I know that that’d be false. This isn’t even about being wealthy or poor because even wealthy people have their overwhelming moments. In this age where a lot of things – emails, social media notifications, phone calls, social media statuses, new gadgets, kids, family, bills to be paid etc. are screaming for one’s attention, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and be tired of it all. If getting overwhelmed is inevitable, then all we have to do is learn how to manage the experience so that we don’t lose our minds. According to WHO,…

  • how to keep your man
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    How to Keep Your Man – The Best and Only Way

    If I had a dollar each time I came across an article, a social media post, or a quote on ‘keeping your man’, I would be a millionaire. I understand that the society has made it seem like the greatest aspiration of every lady should be to have a man to call her own. Not just that, we have been made to believe that men are scarce, or, good men are scarce; so, if you’re lucky to have one, keep him with all thy might. While I take this to be a myth, I won’t fail to agree that the level of moral decadence that has plagued our world today…

  • boss lady quotes
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    Why Boss Ladies are Different from Regular Ladies

    Life is all about decisions and choices. You choose who you want to be. A strong woman. A smart woman. A boss lady or a regular babe. There’s nothing wrong with your choice. It’s just that there are consequences attached to every choice we make. Regular is boring. Being a boss lady is fun and adventurous. So, what makes a boss lady different from regular babes?   A boss lady knows what she wants and goes for it. This is what makes a boss lady different from regular babes. She’s a go-getter. She’s not confused as to what she wants. She has a clear understanding of what she wants and…

  • heavy period hacks
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    Heavy Period Hacks to Make You Love Your Period

    I don’t know about you but I have never met a lady who says she loves to have her period.  I don’t too, and that’s one of the major reasons I love breastfeeding.  It keeps my period away!  Hahaha. As if dealing with shedding blood for three or more days is not enough, some ladies have to deal with period pain and even worse, a heavy period.  Those days could be really draining. I asked a group of ladies how they deal with heavy period, and they were able to share their heavy period hacks with me. If you usually have heavy periods, these heavy period hacks could help you.…