• valentine's day 2019
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    Valentine’s Day 2019 : 10 Fun Things to Do

    Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and many couples are most likely thinking of what to do to celebrate. I mean, the day cannot pass by without you and your lover doing nothing in particular. As the day progresses, we are bound to see “woke” people whip up their motivational speeches about how they celebrate their partner every day and so, do not need to celebrate Valentine. I say that’s okay, but if we can celebrate birthdays, why should making Valentine’s Day special be a crime? It is a universal day to celebrate love and why not do something special with your partner that day? I personally think that most…

  • akara recipe
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    Best Akara Recipe

    Introduction to Our Dear Akara Akara Recipe! All hail the Nigerian Akara! I’m even emotional as I’m typing this. You see, one of the things that makes Nigeria an interesting place to live (?) is the street foods. OhmaiGod! That’s actually one of the things I missed about home. Wait. Let me sing. Oh my home Oh my home When shall I see my home? When shall I see my native land? I will never forget my home Naija for life mehn! Okay. Back to the Nigerian akara. Because that’s why you are here. Hihihi. You see again, if there’s anything that Is common to the rich and the poor,…

  • sleeping baby
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    20 Sleeping Baby Commandments

    Babies are so cute when they are sleeping. But sometimes, in fact, most of the time, getting them to sleep is so much work. And if your baby is a light sleeper like mine, oh, what can I say? I say more power to your (our) elbow. Last week, I wrote on my Facebook status that, ´´Transferring your sleeping baby from your hands onto her bed requires a high level of skill, heartfelt prayers, some minutes of breath holding, and quiet tiptoeing until you are out of the room. And if she wakes up, you feed her and repeat the process.” The post got over 500 reactions and over 100…

  • broda shaggi - ori

    Broda Shaggi – Ori [Lyrics & Download]

    Broda Shaggi, popular Instagram Comedian releases a new single titled ‘Ori’. Many of us are taken by this pleasant surprise because we didn’t know Broda Shaggi could sing. Too many talents in one person. LOL Ori by Broda Shaggi is very inspiring. I hope you’ll be encouraged as you watch/listen. Enjoy Ori by Broda Shaggi: Broda Shaggi – Ori [LYRICS] [Intro] Jaysynths [Verse 1] Many years have gone I’m waiting here for miracle Trying hard not to fall Building a life that is meaningful I’m ready to fight Fight till the end Omo eleran o ma gbodo je egun I’m ready to stand I’m never giving up [Pre-Chorus] Because Rome…

  • Simi -Ayo

    Simi – Ayo [Lyrics & mp3 Download]

    Simi – Ayo [LYRICS] Legendury Beatz My blessing corner Favour fall down on me Goodness and mercy follow me everyday Everything when I touch For this life, everything when I want Shey na mansion oh, shey na Porsche oh Na me get am oh, amin If dem dey doubt no mind dem If bad belle come make you bind them My time don come oh Ayo wa ba lemi oh Ire ohh (Goodness ohh) Ayo mi de oh (My joy ohh) Everyday oh Showers of blessing rain on me Download Promise by Adekunle Gold Ft. Simi Shey na money wey you want oh Abi o fera motor (Abi you want…

  • sharon ooja
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    Sharon Ooja: All You Need to Know About Her

    If you are a big fan of Skinny Girl in Transit(SGIT), then ‘Shalewa’ i.e Sharon Ooja wouldn’t be a stranger to you because that’s where the screen diva captured our hearts; not only with her enviable looks and her amazing personality but also with how well she interpreted her role as Tiwa’s younger sister in Skinny Girl in Transit. SGIT is currently one of the most loved Nigerian YouTube series. What is Friday without SGIT? Anyways, today isn’t about SGIT but about Sharon Ooja who played the character ‘Shalewa’ in SGIT. We love Sharon and we are not ashamed of it. Not only is she lovable, her cheerful demeanour and…

  • Questions for couples
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    Questions for Couples : ´´We can’t even tell anymore that we belong to different ethnic groups´´

    Welcome to another edition of ‘questions for couples‘. Remember I said that the reason for this segment is to spread awareness about the goodness of marriage. A lot of singles are afraid of marriage because of the many scary things that happen in marriages today. But just like safe flights rarely make the news, good marriages rarely make the news too. So it doesn’t mean good marriages do not exist.  On this segment today is a fantastic couple. Apart from the palpable chemistry between these lovebirds, another thing that makes them to stand out is their names! Because they are namesakes! Can you believe that? It’s so so amazing.  So,…

  • Dunsin Oyekan - Kei Yadosh

    Song of Angels (Kei Yadosh) Download, Video and Lyrics | Dunsin Oyekan

    Song of Angels (Kei Yadosh) Lyrics by Dunsin Oyekan Kei Yadosh Kalamba Yandei Kei Yadosh Kalamba Yandei Sometimes You need to confuse the enemy and go in tongues Kei Yadosh Kalamba Yandei Kei Yadosh Kalamba Yandei Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Say Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Anybody ready for war Hey Hey Hey I’m ready for war Download- Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo (Drums and other instruments playing) Everybody say Hey Hey Hey Look at your neighbour and say You are war Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Everybody lift your voice…

  • booty call meaning and signs
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    Booty Call: Meaning and 15 Signs That You Are One

    Humans are social animals, we are made to love and to be loved. When we attain adulthood, we start to crave intimacy, usually with the opposite sex. We want soulmates or that special person we can spend the rest of our lives with. However, sometimes, because life isn’t black and white, things don’t always go as planned. Some people are not lucky to find the special someone yet, while some are in love with someone but they don’t know if the feelings are mutual and or if motives are different. What’s Booty Call? Booty call is simply a meeting arranged for the purpose of having sex and also the person…

  • love hate relationship quotes

    Love Hate Relationship and Quotes

    Love-hate relationship.  What an oxymoron!  Love hate relationship  is ”an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate—something particularly common when emotions are intense.” – Wikipedia I took interest in this topic when I heard it on The Real, one of my favourite talk shows. The Real ladies chat on love-hate relationship [VIDEO]   Is it possible to love someone and hate them at the same time? Yes, especially in relationships and marriage. Just like Tamera said, there are times lovers piss each other off and there are times we feel so in love with each other. It’s just normal.  Don’t miss: Does He Love Me? 40+…