• overcome timidtiy
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    How I Overcame Timidity

    My Struggle With Timidity ‘’No matter how brilliant, intelligent or talented you are, if you are too timid, you will miss out on many opportunities that can better your life. The floor belongs to the bold.’’   I wrote the above on my Facebook status last year, and it garnered hundreds of reactions and comments from people who were struggling with timidity. I posted the same a week ago, and over five hundred people acknowledged it. Apparently, a lot of people are timid, and they hate it. As requested, I decided to share my timidity story and how I’ve been able to manage it.   Timidity is simply shyness, and…

  • worst things to say to a grieving person

    8 Worst Things to Say to a Grieving Person

    Life isn’t a bed of roses. We are sometimes interrupted by grief to remind us of harsh life realities and the transience of human life. This could be in form of loss of a loved one, failure in exam or business, heartbreak, robbery attack, sickness, miscarriage etc. During this period, we try to console the affected persons but in the process, we innocently do more harm than good; thereby making the grieving persons worse especially by the things we say. While it’s important to comfort others in their grief, we must ensure we do not say the wrong things. Below are 8 worst things to say to a to grieving…

  • what never to say to a heartbroken lady
    Love & Relationships

    7 Things Never to Say to a Woman Going Through a Breakup

    Not everyone will marry their first love because not every first relationship will lead to marriage. Some of us will have to kiss some frogs before meeting our prince charming. The earlier you understand that not every relationship will last forever, the better you’ll be able to handle breakups. But the truth still remains that breakups could be painful especially if you really love the person. So, at one time or another, we’ll find ourselves comforting someone who is going through a painful breakup. And in a bid to do this, we innocently use some words we think should make them feel better, not knowing we are making things worse…

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    8 Ways You Are Wasting Your Life Without Knowing it

    Habits make up the routines that determine how we spend our time; and time of course, is life. Our life is measured by time – from the seemingly insignificant second to the quite noticeable minute, and the obvious hour. Just know that as time is ticking, so also life is going. What you invest your energy, time, and resources into will determine the quality of your life. How do you know if you’re making your life worthwhile or wasting it? Below are five ways you’re wasting your life without knowing it: Holding on to past hurts I don’t think there’s anyone in life who has never been or will never…

  • why he has not proposed
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    The Very Reason He Hasn’t Proposed

    Except it’s by choice and agreement, no lady wants to be in a ‘methuselah‘ relationship. That is, a long term relationship with no marriage in sight. Everything that has a beginning is usually expected to have an end. Relationship is just like a journey starting with love and with marriage as the destination. So you’ve been dating this guy for months…years… now, and he’s not popping the question or even saying anything about marriage, and you’re not only ready but also wondering why he hasn’t popped the question or making plans to. Well, here is the only reason – HE’S NOT READY! Yes, he’s not ready. “Not ready for what?”…

  • skills to be successful in life
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    Six Basic Skills You Need to be Successful in Life

    It’s no longer news that the world is competitive. In fact, every field is highly competitive and this is not changing anytime soon. Life will not give you what you deserve, only what you demand. So if you’re willing to succeed, be ready to give it all it takes or else, you’ll be relegated to the background. What makes some people successful and others not? Skills. The answer is skills. Skills in some vital aspects of life. Skill is the capacity to do something well. And the good news is that, it can be learned or acquired. That means anyone can be successful in life. Success isn’t innate. It’s left…

  • epidural for labour
    Mums' Corner

    Epidural for Labour : Women Share their Experiences

    Becoming a parent is a great thing, and a baby is one of life’s most precious gifts. While childbirth should be an adventurous and beautiful experience, the anticipated pain can cause great anxiety for pregnant women and their significant other.  However, with an epidural, labour can be painless. While some women opt for an epidural (medicated labour) in order to enjoy a painless labour, some want to go all the way natural. It’s all a matter of choice, as long as you can bear it. I asked moms about their experience with epidural for labour because I’m all about real life stories.  Read their responses below:  ”Yes, and it was…

  • how to form habit
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    The Best and Only Way to Form and Maintain Habits for Self Personal Development

    As humans, we form and maintain habits even without us knowing. Habits are actions we perform regularly, so regularly that we even do them without thinking about them because they’ve become part of us. For instance, eating. We put food in our mouth without thinking about it because we’ve always put foods in the mouth and not in the nose. Habits make humans. Habits help us to develop routines that make life orderly and organized. Imagine doing different random things every day. Life will be chaotic that way. But the painful truth is that, it’s harder to form and maintain good habits than bad habits. So, if you’re someone who…

  • do we really need to pray
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    Do We Really Need to Pray?

    Do we really need to pray? Does God need our prayers to work? Prayer, which is one of the pillars of Christianity, is simply the art and act of communication with God. Prayer is a dialogue, that means, it’s a conversation, not a one-way thing or a monologue. What is the implication of this? It means that prayer isn’t just about us doing the talking alone, it’s also important that we listen to hear from God. We must expect God to speak back to us. This is where Christians have challenges the most, because often times, we just reel off whatever we have to say and expect God to work…

  • what men want
    Love & Relationships

    What Do Men Really Want?

    Just like “how do I keep my man?“, “what do men really want in a woman” is a question women have always asked. And most times when people come up with the answers, women are usually unsatisfied because they’ve probably been doing or giving those things already, yet, it seems they are never doing enough. People have always stated the following to be what men really want in a woman: Beauty Sex. sex. sex Smartness Strength Caring nature Children Money Good character Financial independence Ability to cook and clean The list goes on and on… As a matter of fact, these qualities have been grouped and called ‘wife material’. So…

  • why good girls get hurt in relationships
    Love & Relationships

    Why Good Girls Get Hurt the Most in Relationships

    Have you ever wondered why good girls get hurt the most in relationships? Have you wondered why the nice girls always end up with guys that treat them bad? Have you asked yourself why the good ones are unlucky with love? I’ve wondered the same too, and these are the reasons I’ve come up with: Why good girls get hurt the most in relationships They think being good is enough A lot of good girls think that being good is all they need to have a good love life. They assume that because they are good, they’ll have good experiences with men. No, darling. It doesn’t work that way. While…

  • first trimester symptoms
    Mums' Corner

    5 Weird Things I Did in First Trimester

    To be honest, first trimester has to be the most distressing period I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. Of course, I’ve dealt with some distressing things in life, but dealing with first trimester pregnancy sickness tops them all. Is it the nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, excessive salivating, loss of appetite, sensitivity to smell etc.? Anyways, desperate times call for desperate measures. These weird first trimester symptoms made me do some weird things as well. Here are the 5 weird things I did in first trimester: Peeing inside the room I was extremely fatigued to the extent that I couldn’t walk to the toilet to pee. And because…

  • what ladies do in a relationship that they regret later
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    Two Things Ladies Do in a Relationship that They Later Regret Terribly

    Love is beautiful. No matter how civilized we become, we can never be too civilized not to fall in love. Because humans are social beings. We are made to love and to be loved. We are created for intimacy. Love stories can never go into extinction. We never get tired of hearing them. While falling in love is a beautiful experience, ladies do some things in the name of love that make love become a nightmare for them, especially when the relationship ends. I’m not making these things up. They are real! Because I get emails and messages on my social media platforms from ladies who are haunted by the…

  • marry your friend quotes
    Love & Relationships

    Do Not Marry Your Friend: Here is Why

    Do not marry your friend? I can imagine your eyes popping out at me. Like, how dare you say ‘do not marry your friend?’ Relax. I’ll break it down for you. ‘Marry your friend/best friend’ has got to be one of the relationship tips that have become cliche. While I agree that friendship is one of the essential ingredients of a successful marriage, there’s more to marriage than ‘marrying a friend’. Even more, a lot people have gotten it all wrong in the name of ‘marrying my friend or marrying my best friend.’ What does it really mean to marry your friend? Before I explain what it means to marry…

  • habits of smart women
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    7 Habits of Highly Smart Women

    If you have read the qualities of a strong woman, then you need to know the habits of highly smart women. What makes a woman smart? Is smartness innate or developed? If you say it’s innate, that means smart women are born and not made. That would mean that anyone who isn’t born smart doesn’t stand a chance. Gratefully, this is not the case. Smartness can be cultivated, and this is determined by the things you do consistently called habits. Habits are actions that are done regularly. It’s habits that make people smart. We live in a highly competitive world. So if you want to be successful, you must have…