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7 Things A Married Man Should Never Buy For Another Woman

7 Things A Married Man Should Never Buy For Another Woman

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Selecting a suitable gift for a friend of the opposite sex can be difficult sometimes.

This could be because it is really hard for males to know what a female will genuinely appreciate due to gender differences.

However, it gets even more difficult when you are married and considering what should be a suitable gift for a female friend.

Marriage is a sacred bond that requires trust, commitment, and fidelity to flourish.

When a man is married, it is essential that he maintains clear boundaries in his interaction with other women and respects his commitment to his wife.

One major way he shows respect for his commitment to his wife is by exercising caution in choosing gifts for other women.

Gifting another woman when you are married is trying to walk on ice with terribly worn shoes.

On the one hand, boundary lines must be clear.

On the other hand, gifts express our feelings for family and friends.

As a married man, you must ensure that your gift doesn’t express something inappropriate or you don’t feel.

If you don’t know how to choose appropriate gifts for your female friends, this article aims to ease your stress.

To help with this, here are some gifts a married man should never buy for another woman;

7 Things A Married Man Should Never Buy For Another Woman

1. Expensive gifts

This is one of the most obvious things a married man should never buy for another woman.

When gifts are constantly exchanged between people of the opposite sex, an anticipation or expectation of intimacy begins to build.

Just like constant communication, constant gifting is a way of building intimacy and affection.

Lavishing another woman with costly gifts can create a sense of obligation and intimacy that shouldn’t exist outside your marriage.

You must remember that such expensive gifts should be first reserved for your wife or close family and friends.

Expensive gifts to other women outside your marriage send inappropriate messages to the woman.

Men who send expensive gifts to women mostly have a reputation for wanting and demanding intimacy in return from them.

It may also be a signal of interest in a romantic relationship.

Hence, it is pretty important to avoid buying expensive gifts for women outside your marriage to avoid passing inappropriate messages and ensure that you have a peaceful home.

2. Lingerie or intimate apparel

Naturally, Some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed in a relationship, whether married or just in a romantic relationship.

Crossing such boundaries is considered downright treasonous and a betrayal of your partner’s trust.

What business does a married man have buying lingerie or other sexually enticing clothing for another woman?

It is a clear breach of boundaries as these items are inherently personal, intimate, and sexual.

Purchasing such items for another woman other than your wife sends a strong message of romantic interest to the woman and infidelity to your wife.

It is a sign that you share great intimacy with whoever you purchased the lingerie for, and you probably want them to wear it for you.

This behavior is unbecoming of a married man and should be avoided if you value your marriage.

3. Jewelry with personal engravings

Purchasing jewelry for a female friend is one of the regular options many guys choose when trying to get an appropriate gift for their female friends.

However, it becomes a difficult choice to make for a married man.

Jewelry with personal and special engravings, such as initials or love messages, should be reserved for your spouse.

Jewelry with special shapes like the heart shape should be reserved for your spouse.

This is important to ensure that you avoid any appearance of wrongdoing.

Giving such gifts to another woman can be seen as a romantic gesture, but it will likely raise suspicions and doubts within your marriage.

4. Perfumes and fragrances

Scent is closely associated with personal attraction.

It is not so unusual for people to fall in love just because of their scents.

This is one of the reasons buying perfumes or fragrances for a female friend should be done with caution.

Gifting perfume or fragrances to another woman can be interpreted as an intimate gesture.

Also, some people are so sensitive that even a gift could be misinterpreted as an insult.

Gifting perfume or fragrances to someone like this may seem like an indictment of body odor.

Hence, you need to be careful when gifting perfumes or fragrances to friends in general.

It’s best to avoid such gifts unless they are entirely platonic and appropriate in a specific context, such as a friend’s birthday.

5. Romantic getaways

It is normal to want to take a weekend off and cool off from all the pressures of life.

It is even normal if you want to make it a getaway for just you and your male friends.

What is not right is planning a romantic getaway with another woman and not your wife.

It could have been right if you were a bachelor, but planning and paying for a romantic getaway for another woman clearly violates marital boundaries.

Vacations meant for intimate experiences should only involve your spouse.

Sharing such experiences with someone other than your spouse is a betrayal of trust.

You could even call it a platonic getaway, and it still wouldn’t make any sense.

For the sake of the peace of your home, avoid any attempt at romantic or platonic getaways with a female friend.

6. Spa dates

Spa dates and trips to the masseuse are intimate gifts and should only be shared with your wife.

For another woman, avoid buying personal services, such as spa days, massages, or personal training sessions.

These gifts can create a perception of a deeper connection or romantic interest beyond friendship.

7. Anything that may jeopardize your marriage

This is a blanket list of items that includes everything in this article and more, according to your and your wife’s specifications.

For instance, a married man should never buy the same gift he got for his wife for another woman.

The ultimate guiding principle for what a married man should never buy for another woman should be whether the action or gift jeopardizes the trust, commitment, and intimacy within the marriage.

If there is any doubt or hesitation, it’s best to avoid such actions.

Final Words

In marriage, upholding values such as trust and loyalty is important.

They are the pillars of any successful relationship.

Buying certain items or engaging in specific actions for another woman can compromise these values and put the marriage at risk.

To protect the sanctity of your marriage, set clear boundaries in your interactions with members of the opposite sex and prioritize open communication with your spouse.

All the best!


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