• Cobhams Asuquo Starlight

    Cobhams Asuquo – Starlight [Lyrics & Download]

    Cobhams Asuquo- Starlight Download Cobhams Asuquo Starlight mp3 Cobhams Asuquo Starlight [VIDEO]  Cobhams Asuquo – Starlight Lyrics [Verse 1] I fit fight for you I’ll give my life for you No valley too low, no mountain too high for me to climb for you Na you dey help me see the very best in me And na you dey there when nobody dey there Na you invest in me [Pre-Chorus] And I will walk a thousand miles If only you would hold my hand I will go the distance far, all the way for you You know I can Download Jeff Akoh I Do [Chorus] People dey ask me…

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           I’ve longed to share this article but I’ve always delayed it. I think now is the best time to share it (after learning about the death of Myles Munroe and his wife).       So many times I ask myself why we mourn when people die. Won’t we all eventually die? Then I imagine losing people who are so dear to me. I usually shake myself off from such imagination because it is unpalatable. But no matter the intensity of my mental shake, it’s undeniable that death is inescapable for everyone.      I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t wish for a long life. In fact, our voices reach a crescendo…