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    Why Adekunle Gold and Simi Had a Private Wedding Ceremony

    Two of Nigeria’s most loved and most talented music artists, Adekunle Kosoko, popularly known as Adekunle Gold and Simisola Ogunleye, fondly called Simi, got married recently in a very private ceremony. Nigerians literally monitored social media, especially the couple’s social media platforms some days ago for their wedding pictures and videos but there were none. Don’t blame us, we love them too much. LOL However, the groom revealed via a letter to his fans, why they chose to have a private wedding ceremony. According to him, ”Earlier in 2018, I asked my girl of 5 years to be my wife. knowing all of my imperfections and shortcomings, she said yes!…

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    Jeff Akoh- First Dance [Lyrics & Download]

    Jeff Akoh- First Dance Lyrics Verse 1 Came from nothing to something My world, my soul, my life To you, I give it all I give it all I give it all I’m not a poet with the poetry Or Mozart with the melody But to you, I give it all I give it all Also: Jeff Akoh- I Do  Bridge I have no worries About what life throws at me And I won’t shiver As long as you love me )x2 Chorus Love, love, love Just the way I love you Verse 2 This is a dream I don’t wanna wake from I’ll wake up in the morning to…

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    Jeff Akoh – I Do [Download, Lyrics & Video]

    Artist- Jeff Akoh Title- I Do Jeff Akoh- I Do Lyrics You got the password Iye iye iye. .its Jeffery Oh yeah… Alright Shawty say Shanty say When nah you be the one wey dey rock my whole world You remain number one, everywhere I go Shawty say Nah your face I dey see everyone I lay down You’re my favorite drug wey dey high me oh Only you(only you) Dey make me feel like a real man …real man So tell me only you Dey make me feel like a woman… Woman Iye Baby be my lover …would you be my lover? I do You and me forever. …we’ll…

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    Best Man of the Year- Check him out

       When I stumbled on this video on @Bellanaijaweddings on Instagram, I couldn’t help but watch it over and over again. Also read: Couple Interview : We Met on Facebook!  Like, what manner of best man is this one? Stepper of laif. He stole the show. I only hope the groom was able to dance better. Or else…. LOL. Even the MC said, “It’s not your wedding!” Hahaha. Also: Internet Dating Tips You Must Read But it was obvious he was happy for his friend. And his dance steps were so organized; not the ones some people dance and fall and scatter everywhere. Sweet, mature, and amazing dance steps.…

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    Five Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make on Your Wedding Day

    No matter how much you try, you can’t tick all the right boxes on your wedding day. You can’t have a perfect wedding but you can have a satisfying wedding and I think that’s perfect enough. It’s better to learn from information than to to learn from your own experience because your wedding is just one day. Like they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So if you’re yet to marry or your wedding is just around the corner, count yourself lucky to be reading this. Yeah yeah. Without much ado, I’ll be sharing with you some DON’TS you should keep in mind on your…

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    The shocking thing we saw during our pre-wedding photo shoot!

    Okay, so we had our pre-wedding photo shoot like a few days before our wedding. We had thought we needed just a few pictures, since bros, lol, isn’t so much into pictures and I also tend to get easily bored. We ended up spending about four hours on the photo shoot, which actually turned out to be great. Apart from the stress of changing attires, we did well with the poses and maintaining connection, thereby giving our photographer less work to do. We had the photo shoot in a popular garden in one of the South West cities in Nigeria. Some people can tell where that is. Ain’t mentioning that. Hihihi.…

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    Yeah yeah. I know you’re probably looking at me one kain, because I shared the benefits of having a pre-wedding photo shoot in my last blog post. But I understand that while some people are persuaded on the need to do a pre-wedding photo shoot, some are not. And I tell you what? It’s fine. You don’t have to do it. It’s not compulsory, especially for the three reasons below: 1.      If you don’t have the financial power, please don’t! There have been stories of couples who couldn’t pay their photographers after their wedding. Some no-nonsense photographers even demand for their pay at the wedding venue, and when the couples…