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    8 Simple & Romantic Ways to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine

    Valentine’s day is all about making people dear to your heart feel special, and Valentine’s day is almost upon us. Some people already have an idea of what to do on Valentine’s day and the gifts to present to their partners. But aside these, there are simple but thoughtful ways you can make your partner feel special on Valentine’s day and always. I’m sure your partner will appreciate these simple but romantic gestures when you do them not only on Valentine’s day but frequently. Let’s get to it already. How to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine Send a Love Text Message Even though social media platforms have taken over…

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    Valentine’s Day 2019 : 10 Fun Things to Do

    Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and many couples are most likely thinking of what to do to celebrate. I mean, the day cannot pass by without you and your lover doing nothing in particular. As the day progresses, we are bound to see “woke” people whip up their motivational speeches about how they celebrate their partner every day and so, do not need to celebrate Valentine. I say that’s okay, but if we can celebrate birthdays, why should making Valentine’s Day special be a crime? It is a universal day to celebrate love and why not do something special with your partner that day? I personally think that most…