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What Makes a Man Approach a Woman? 10 Irresistible Things

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman? 10 Irresistible Things

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See eh, dating can be so complex!

You’d see a pretty lady who rarely gets approached by guys, and you wonder what the hell is wrong.

While there are some women who may not meet society’s conventional standards of beauty but who get approached a lot.

Some ladies even find themselves asking, ”Why do men approach my friends but not me?”

Well, people are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are some possible reasons why a man may approach a woman.

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman? These 10 Irresistible Things

1. Physical attraction

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

I know it’s cliche, but it’s true that physical appearance plays a huge role in dating.

It’s usually the first thing that grabs our attention when we see someone new.

So if a guy finds you attractive, he’ll most likely approach you.

Now, here’s the twist: physical attractiveness is subjective.

What one person finds attractive may not be the same for someone else.

Do you know there are guys who love their women thick, chubby, and curvy, even though society makes us believe that men only like slim women?

I know some men who are never attracted to slim women, no matter how pretty they are.

It’s all about personal preferences.

So, a guy will approach a woman who fits his definition of beauty.

However, even though men have preferences, we can all agree that there are some things that make a woman physically attractive regardless of size, body features, or color.

For example, smelling good, having clean hair, having a clear face, looking well-groomed, and adding a charming smile can make almost any woman attractive such that a man, regardless of his preferences, would want to approach her.

2. Confidence

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

Confidence is like a secret sauce in a delicious recipe; it’s not always visible, but boy, can you feel its presence.

When a woman exudes confidence, it’s not necessarily about being the loudest or the most outgoing person in the room.


Imagine you walk into a cafe, and there’s a woman sitting alone, sipping her coffee.

She’s not checking her phone every five seconds or looking around nervously.

Instead, she’s relaxed, maybe enjoying a book or simply taking in the surroundings with a calm, content smile.

This kind of quiet confidence speaks volumes.

It says, “I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I’m happy with who I am.”

It makes sense why this kind of woman will get approached by guys rather than someone who comes off as insecure or unsure of herself.

Do you know how exhausting dating an insecure person can be?


You’ll constantly have to reassure them or boost their self-esteem.

Not everyone has time for that.

3. Approachability

This may seem like an obvious factor, but sometimes we’re not aware of how approachable or unapproachable we come across to others.

I’m sure you’ve seen those ladies who always look like they have an invisible “do not disturb” sign above their heads.

They may be engrossed in their phones, have a scowl on their face, or just give off an unfriendly vibe.

As much as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, first impressions are still important.

You know what they call RBF, right?

If you’re not familiar, it’s “resting b**ch face.”

Some women genuinely have this expression on their faces even when they’re not upset.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a serious or neutral expression, it can make a guy hesitant to approach you if he thinks you’ll brush him off.

This is really a crucial factor that makes a man approach a woman, no matter what she looks like.

If you’re not approachable, you’ll not be approached.


4. Similar interests/ common ground

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

Have you ever met someone new, and within minutes, it feels like you’ve known each other for years?

That’s because you have similar interests or values.

When we meet people who share our passions or beliefs, we automatically feel more connected to them.

So if a guy notices that you’re into the same things as him, or you have a common ground, like going to the same school or working in the same field, he’ll be more likely to approach you because there’s already something that connects both of you.

5. Kindness

Have you ever seen a man approach a woman after witnessing her being rude to someone?

I doubt it.

It doesn’t matter how pretty she looks, rudeness is not attractive because it shows a lot about someone’s character.

A man is likely to approach a woman who acts kindly to others.

Maybe she says ”thank you” to the waiters, drivers, or any other service providers, she volunteers or is passionate about a cause, she gives to the homeless, she’s gentle with children or animals, etc.

These are all acts of kindness that show a man who you are beyond your physical appearance and make him want to know you more.

6. Authenticity

In this era of social media, it’s easy to fall into the trap of fakeness or trying too hard to impress others.

It’s called “the highlight reel syndrome” because people only show the best parts of their lives on social media, making it seem like they have a perfect life.

But in real life, no one is perfect, and guys know that too.

They’re more attracted to women who are genuine and authentic rather than someone who’s trying to be someone else., and that’s the kind of woman they will approach.

7. Approaching signals

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

Sometimes, men are just clueless when it comes to approaching women.

Do you blame them?

Approaching someone means risking rejection, and no one likes to be rejected.

A guy may not want to come off as creepy, so he waits for some sort of signal from the woman to make his move.

These signals can be subtle, like making eye contact, smiling, or even just standing in a way that’s inviting and open.

And it can be more obvious, like initiating a conversation with him.

If a guy notices these approaching signals from a woman, he’ll feel more comfortable and confident to approach her because it seems like she’s interested in talking to him.

8. Being fun/ having a good sense of humor

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

Life is stressful, and one of the reasons we get into relationships is to have someone who can make us laugh and ease our burdens, even if just for a moment.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian or crack jokes 24/7, but having a good sense of humor and being able to take things lightly is attractive.

Men are more likely to approach a woman who seems fun and easy-going rather than someone who takes everything too seriously or has a negative attitude.

Ever noticed how laughter draws attention?

A woman laughing freely, enjoying the moment, shows she’s comfortable in her skin and has a good sense of humor.

It’s a signal of approachability and a hint of a fun personality, and that encourages a man to strike up a conversation.

Men are more likely to remember and be attracted to women who laugh with them and share their sense of humor.

It’s not rocket science.

Won’t you remember someone who made you laugh and feel good about yourself?

9. A man’s confidence

It takes a confident man to approach a woman.

Yes, this may seem like the opposite of what we’ve talked about earlier, with confidence being an attractive trait in women.

But think about it, if a man is not confident enough to approach a woman, then how can he be confident enough to handle everything else that comes with dating?

A woman can have, be, and do all that we’ve mentioned in this article, but if a guy isn’t confident enough to approach her, then nothing will happen.

So, this factor is not about the woman but about the man and his own self-esteem.

10. Chemistry

What Makes a Man Approach a Woman

Last but not least, chemistry is what makes a man approach a woman.

You can have all the other factors we’ve mentioned, but if there’s no spark or connection between two people, then nothing will happen.

Chemistry is that mysterious factor that makes two people feel drawn to each other, and it’s something you can’t fake.

It’s either there or it’s not.

So if a guy feels like he has chemistry with a woman, he’ll definitely want to approach her and see where things go.

This article is not exhaustive, but these are usually the common factors that make a man approach a woman.



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