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Why Am I Attracted To Priests – 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

Why Am I Attracted To Priests – 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

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A few days ago, a certain Gospel artiste in Nigeria got engaged, and it went viral, with many of the ladies reposting it, claiming to have lost another desirable young minister of God.

This is not the first time I have noticed this trend of ladies crushing on or being attracted to clergymen or, in some cases, who are totally impossible to attain – priests.

Your first reaction to this topic may be “Abomination!”

But if you have ever been bitten by that bug of forbidden love, you will probably realize that it fills you with a passion for mainly people who are supposed to be out of your reach.

If you have ever been strongly attracted to a priest, you are not alone.

No matter how it seems like the world is quiet on this, several females are out there nursing similar thoughts for their clergymen.

You may feel strange about it and wonder what to do about it.

You are right to feel strange about it because if you were from where I come from, they would have probably tried to exorcise the “demon” making you feel attracted to a Priest.

However, we won’t be doing that here.

Instead, we will consider why you are attracted to priests and what you should do about it.

Come along!

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? – 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

1. You work closely with priests

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

This should not come as a shock to you if you work closely with priests.

Usually, we come to admire the people we work with closely.

We get to respect them, especially when they have good character and are dedicated to helping the team.

No one gets to admire that lazy guy with the bad character and, even worse, smelling breath whenever you work closely with him.

I will bet that no one wants to even work closely with him in the first place.

So… You may work as a volunteer with an NGO or even in the church.

The fact is that if your job has continuously brought you into contact with priests, your attraction to priests is understandable.

It gets even stronger if they are charismatic, smart, compassionate, and have a nice sense of humor.

Great husband material!

Working with such a person daily without feeling some form of attraction for them– priest and all– may be difficult.

You must note that I haven’t told you that it is alright to nurse an attraction to a priest.

I am only showing that it is not so weird after all.

2. Ladies love father figures

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

One day, a couple of friends were trying to make sense of why so many ladies seemed to flock around me.

One of them said something that stood out…

He said, “Females are attracted to father figures. A person that gives off the supportive vibes that most people expect from a father. You give off that vibe, and that’s why they would rather be around you.”

Now, I didn’t exactly agree with that assessment because I wanted to believe that it resulted from my irresistible charm, but it holds much truth in it.

A priest is a spiritual father.

He is devoted to living a life of sacrifice, supporting, guiding, and caring for others.

Why is it so farfetched to think that ladies would be attracted to someone like that?

They are literally giving off “real-life Superman vibes.”

It gets even worse if you had daddy issues as a kid.

It would feel like he is filling that void in you.

You may react to this feeling by consciously or unconsciously seeking his validation, affection, and attention, just like little girls would their daddies.

3. The priest has good attributes

I know you probably believe that priests have good characters by default.

Well, that’s not so.

Priests are humans like us who have chosen to respond to a higher calling.

Response to the higher calling doesn’t do anything to the character.

We consciously work on ourselves.

If your priest displays attributes like wisdom, compassion, humility, and courage, it is not surprising that you feel strongly attracted to him.

These traits are admirable in anybody and among the major traits women want in their men.

This leads us to the next reason.

4. The priest is a projection of your ideal partner

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

Take the Gospel artiste I spoke about at the beginning of this article, for example…He is the projection of many Nigerian ladies’ ideal partners.

He is handsome and rich, has this woke vibe around him even if he is spiritual, and has a good voice so he can sing love songs to her without her wanting to muzzle him… and the list goes on.

He may also have his flaws as a human, but because they are not close enough to notice them, they think he has only good attributes.

In the same way, you may be attracted to a priest because he is the projection of your ideal partner.

You see only his good aspects because you only meet him in public, and he seems to check all the boxes of what you want in a man.

You think he is all you want in a man, hence the strong attraction to him.

5. The excitement of doing the forbidden

You remember I spoke about the “forbidden bug” and its bite.

It should be avoided at all costs because it gives you an attraction to the forbidden.

Priests are not forbidden in an unpleasant way.

It just means priests are not supposed to be regarded as suitable bachelors.

They have taken the vows of celibacy and are committed to the service of God.

This is supposed to be a discouraging factor.

However, for many ladies, the air of mystery around priests and the challenge of getting one may be exciting.

If you find that you are fantasizing about what it will be like to be with your priest or making attempts to win his affections, then you have received a dangerous dose of forbidden love that should be purged from your system.

What To Do About Your Attraction To Priests?

If you are attracted to a priest, you need to do something about it urgently.

However, you must realize that your only option is to never act on it.

Feelings are very fickle; if you don’t nurture them, you will find out that they die fast.

Here are some things you can do.

1. Pray

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

I am guessing you are probably religious.

This makes it easier.

If you believe in God, then you must also begin to believe that God loves you and wants to help you.

Pray for God’s grace and strength to overcome the feelings you are developing for your priest.

Don’t forget also to pray that your priest receives the grace to stand firm in his calling.

2. Talk to someone

Why Am I Attracted To Priests? 5 Reasons And What To Do About It

Oh, I know that being attracted to a priest is seen as a taboo.

That’s why you won’t just be talking to anybody.

You need to talk to someone you trust, like a friend or family member.

They could give you a new perspective on how to cope with what’s going on within you.

3. It’s not just enough to pray and talk, act!

You need to take practical steps to ensure that your attraction dies.

There’s this saying that “affection flows where attention goes.”

You can reduce the amount of time you spend in his presence.

You should also actively avoid situations where you will be alone with him.

No good will come of that.

Also, channel your energy into other activities you love.

Remember that being idle will only give you more time to daydream and consider the impossible.

Mind your thoughts even as you limit contact with him.

If you continue to revel in daydreams of him being your knight in shining armor, all your efforts will be wasted because he will live rent-free in your mind.

Ultimately, attraction to a priest is not something you should be ashamed of.

However, it is something that you shouldn’t encourage.

You should work on ways to deal with that attraction in a mature and responsible manner.

Remember that you don’t have to do it all alone.

Have a support system to pull you through these hard times.

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