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Why Do I Attract Low Class Guys? 6 Reasons Why

Why Do I Attract Low Class Guys? 6 Reasons Why

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Why do I attract low class guys?”


Contrary to what many ladies think, the kind of guys you attract as a lady many times has very little to do with physical beauty and everything to do with how you perceive yourself.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Why do I attract low class guys?” this is an article you should read.

You may have seen a couple called to the podium or introduced at a gathering, and you may have wondered what the man sees in the woman because she doesn’t exactly look like a supermodel.

Attracting a high-class man with good qualities isn’t just about being physically gifted as a lady because there are physically-gifted women who are but still end up attracting low-class guys.

How can you stand out from other women who have failed to attract the right kind of men?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you keep attracting low-class guys.


Why Do I Attract Low-Class Guys? These Are The Reasons

1. You Are Not In Touch With Your True Feminine Energy

Why Do I Attract Low Class Guys?

The world we live in today has led many women astray into believing that things like the show of emotions and being authentic and vulnerable equal weakness or will only leave you in situations where you are taken advantage of by men.

Well, we are all scared of being used or taken advantage of, and we should never have to go through that.

However, forgetting your soft feminine side and the fact that you’re a woman who deserves care and respect has made many women lose touch with their feminine energy.

Lack of comfort in your skin and trying to suppress the feminine core part of you are some of the things that lead women to attract low-class guys.

You’d keep attracting low-class guys if you feel uncomfortable with being a woman.

Society today has made women grow up believing they are competing with men when they have a higher call and should be aspiring to become better in life.

The sense of competing has made some speak, dress, and act in masculine ways which are not their true self.

Some women see men as the ones to initiate every move from starting a conversation to being the ones who keep the conversation flowing.

They see men as the ones who always have to prove themselves, and all they have to do is reject him if he doesn’t meet up to expectations.

It is such a feeling of entitlement that puts off a lot of high-class men.



2. Concealing Your Personality

Why Do I Attract Low Class Guys?

This is another possible reason why you attract low-class guys.

Withholding yourself and hiding your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and views about life are some things that repel high-quality men and attract low-class guys.

Saying things like “oh, that’s nice, that’s cool” and generally giving vague, non-descriptive responses during conversations shows that you’re holding back and acting overly polite.

Do not be afraid to be courteous yet bold, speak up, and express your thoughts clearly and freely.

Be open, real, and sincere, or you could lose your voice.



3. You Are Living Like A Low Class


Acting like you’re low-class yourself could be another reason low-class men keep coming your way.

If your dress style, mode of communication and interaction, and lifestyle scream low-class, how do you expect a high-class man to come to you?

They say opposites attract but not in cases like this.

If you are low-class or act like one, expect low-class men to come to you.

Maybe it’s time for you to work on yourself and your lifestyle.

Here is not a call for you to live a fake life but to upgrade your current one, and it starts from your mind.



4. You Are Not Excited About Your Life

Why Do I Attract Low Class Guys?

How do you expect a person in the class to be thrilled about getting to know you when you don’t seem to be happy about your life yourself?

A good number of people have no interest in the kind of life they live.

They allow themselves to remain where they don’t like.

It could be a job, an environment, or even friends they don’t particularly like, but they remain in such situations for fear of the unknown.

To stop attracting low-class men, genuinely have an interest in the life you live.

You don’t have to like everything happening around your life or you but continuously seek growth and fulfillment.

Enjoy every stage of your life’s journey, and never shy away from owning your story.



5. You Think About Yourself In A Demeaning Way

How we view ourselves play a huge role in determining how others see us, but that’s not all.

We also have the power to influence how people can value us.

Degrading mindsets and beliefs about ourselves stem from habits and unhealthy behaviors we have exhibited and tolerated by others.

Whether we know it or not, these self-demeaning mindsets show in our behaviors and give us away.

Eventually, it makes us end up attracting low-class guys into our lives.

Some of such behaviors include:

Not accepting a compliment.

It could be a compliment on how you look, your outfit, or your personality.

Self-depreciation will have you downplaying compliments with responses such as “it’s not that good.”

This shows your insecurity about yourself instead of a simple “Thank you.”


You downplay yourself and your achievements.

You need to know that downplaying yourself and your achievements is not a show of modesty.

You should put yourself out there and show your work.

High-quality men feel drawn to women who are confident in their abilities, proud of their achievements and aren’t afraid to share them with others.

Stop making your achievements seem insignificant, and instead, work on your mindset, elevate your standard, and set your mind on growth.



6. You Are Surrounded By Low-Class People

Attracting low-class guys can also be a function of your environment.

If a high percentage of the men around you are low-class, chances are high that you will attract a lot of low-class guys.

Maybe you need to check your environment.

It could be the places you go, the place you live or work, the people you associate with, and so on.

If you want to change the kind of men that come to you, change the men you go around.



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