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Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys? 5 Reasons Why

Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys? 5 Reasons Why

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It can be hard for a guy to get back into the dating scene.

He may have created profiles on popular dating sites yet cannot seem to make a headway with dating successfully.

Wondering what he is doing wrong?

Outlined below are some reasons that answer the question: Why is dating so hard for guys?


Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys?: 5 Good Reasons

1. Some women are experts at playing hard to get.

Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys?

One of the reasons dating is so hard for guys is the attitude of the women in the game.

Some women are just hell-bent on playing hard to get every time till they become experts.

Although not every woman plays or is interested in playing hard to get.

Some women want to find a good partner and be happy with him.

The ones who play hard to get love the thrill of being wooed.

They love seeing the effort men put in to get their attention.

However, the problem lies in these women playing hard to get to the extent that they can pass off as uninterested.

Nothing puts a man off like a woman being uninterested after several attempts to get her attention.



2. They have a lot of competition.

Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys?

Dating becomes difficult for a guy when he has a lot of competition.

The guys are always up against each other, even if there are more women than men in the dating pool.

When choosing a romantic partner, a shortage of men is unusual, and women tend to be pickier.

As a guy, you have to be the best or among the best, and it gets even worse if you are in an area with more men than women.

Another thing that brings about a lot of competition is narrowing the specifics of your desired woman.

For instance, you limit yourself to a group of women if you date women within a certain age bracket.

Do you think you are the only one with eyes for such women?

Other guys will also want to date a woman who is within the age bracket of your choice.

You can now see that trying to date within a specific demographic can decrease the availability of women there.

And then you end up gathering a lot of competition for yourself.

By widening your interests, you can reduce the competition.

Also, putting in efforts to stand out in your appearance, communication techniques, and social interactions can earn you a spot in the “highly sought after” section.

If you do not widen your interests or secure a spot at the top, you may find it hard to get yourself a date.



3. They are bad at making small talk.

Why is dating hard for guys?

Being bad at making small talk is one thing that makes dating hard for guys.

One of the most difficult parts of a date is getting the conversation to flow effortlessly.

Lasting impressions are likely formed by the things you say.

Some of the harshest judgments take place on dating sites where your messages can get permanently ignored if all you send is a “hi” or “hello”.

Although saying “hi” or “hello” is a casual way of starting up conversations before getting into the flow, some people think you should put in more effort than that when trying to woo a lady.

A good reason dropping plain greetings in her DM is not doing the magic anymore is that these days, women get bombarded with messages that contain only plain greetings.

I dare to say that ladies are tired of getting the same approach every time.

Why not try something different?

Stand out with your unique greeting or introduction, you will get their attention.

But be careful not to overdo it so it will not send the wrong message.

For instance, sending long messages as greetings or introductions can be annoying, and you will want to avoid doing so.

In the same vein, starting a physical conversation is not easy too.

Being too casual with your greetings and introduction can make you look boring.

It will look like you want to be friends with them rather than romantic partners.

Indeed, if you do not know how to start conversations smoothly, and smartly, and make small talk, you will find that dating is hard.



4. They take rejection very personally.

Why is dating so hard for guys?

Another reason dating is so hard for guys is that most take rejection very personally.

Rejection can make one stop trying because of the courage it takes to make the first approach.

Many guys are conversant with rejection because they usually make the first approach and ask the lady out in the first place.

The lady can say no to his proposal if she is not interested in him, and it is mostly not personal.

Sometimes, it can be that the lady is already in a relationship.

But rejection mostly feels personal when you want to date them.

The feeling gets worse if all you have been getting is rejection.

It is easy to become dejected and think something is wrong with you.

If you get too discouraged, you will want to stop trying, and you will not put in the efforts whenever you want to ask a lady out.

It will only increase your chances of getting rejected, and discouraged.

Trust me, how you view dating will take a downward spiral from there, and it will not be good at all.

When a guy takes rejection personally, he will find dating hard.



5. They’re bound by the stereotype that all men are the same.

Some guys find it difficult to get into the dating pool because of the ‘all men are the same‘ stereotype.

While it is true that many guys out there and on dating sites may want to ask a lady out on a date for ulterior motives, there are still guys searching for companionship, love, and romance.

This category of guys finds it hard to date because the women they meet may assume straight away that they have ulterior motives, just like the other guys.

If not corrected, this assumption might set the tone and mood of the entire date.

While the lady will think that the guy is waiting for an appropriate time to make a move and get what he wants, the guy is just genuinely trying to create a connection between them.

This way, the expectations that can ruin the date before it even starts are created.

To successfully get a date, guys need to break through the existing stereotype holding them back and making it difficult for them to date.



The dating scene can be a war zone.

There are a lot of reasons why guys find it hard to date.

Ranging from having a lot of competition to being bad at making small talk, being bound by stereotypes, and taking rejection personally, the list is endless.

Finding a way around these reasons will make it easier for guys to blend into the dating scene and date the women of their dreams.


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