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Worst pregnancy symptoms : Women share

Pregnancy is a paradox. The news of a baby is actually a good one but it comes with lots and lots of discomforts which vary in severity.

Women share their most distressing pregnancy symptoms. Some are ewwwww….scary, some are hilarious, and others are…..  Just read for yourself :

“Vomiting.” -K.M

“Weakness ni ooo… It’s not an easy task at all. Also, I don’t feel comfortable with my own food, it’s my neighbour’s  food that do eye me😅 the ojukokoro too much.”- T.P

“Spitting (to delivery) and all day vomiting (to 7th month).” -M.C

“My own was vaginal discharge and I thought I had a toilet disease. Also when i don’t take enough water, I’d have strong pain on each side at different times. Aside that, it was a fun-filled experience in the sense that I don’t have any trouble.”- T.P

“Hypersensitive sense of smell, heartburn and nausea.” Y.T

“Urinating up and down. I peed on myself once on the road in front of everyone because I couldn’t make it to the rest room early enough.”- V.N

“My worst pregnancy symptom is ringing ears in the first trimester. It only goes away when I lie down.”- B.S

“Nausea and serious vomiting.”- N.K

“Bloating.”- T.P

“Dear good Lord… Having to find a suitable side to lay down and then getting up. Jesus dear Lord! Then food cravings; mine was fried yam and very chilled lucozade boost. It’s a lovely experience though. And when it was 7months plus, the novelty had worn off and I wanted the baby out already.”- P.C

“The most annoying pregnancy experience for me would be the weakness and nonsense hunger during the first trimester.”- F.B

“1. Severe nausea. In the mornings. And the way I relieve myself is to put my finger down my throat and throw up. Weird right? But the feeling of relief is not something I can describe.

2. My body temperature shoots up randomly. I woke up this morning and started burning up. No explanations. At night, hubs is always complaining that my body temperature is high.

3. I cry a lot. Just watching hubs cook for me makes me cry. Hearing his voice on the phone makes me cry. No network on my phone makes me cry. Hunger makes me cry. Nausea makes me cry.

4. Anytime I smell another person’s food, I feel like eating it. Covetousness, right? Can’t explain it.

5. Most times, I can’t cook and eat. I’m so thankful for hubs in this aspect.

6. I’m tired and weak all the time. Especially in the evenings. All these morning sickness you hear about, mine is evening sickness. My body’s graph start plotting downwards anytime from 4:30pm till  midnight. Every single day.

I know you said the most annoying, they are all annoying and frustrating!”- M.D

“1. Early stage symptoms; during my early stage, I had this annoying tastelessness, there’s nothing I ever ate that taste good especially home made food, the smell of it alone nauseated me, I couldn’t stand in the kitchen even if I had to sit in the living room when hubby is cooking my nose had to be covered. There was this strange sense of smell I developed, many times hubby had to clean up the whole house in the middle of the night so I could breathe well even though the house was clean, I hated it so much.

2. Oedema of the feet; this occurred at third trimester, my legs became swollen even though there was no proteinuria nor high blood pressure. My legs became so big that it affected my movement, I couldn’t walk well, the weight had a pulling effect on my body I could only wore a sandal anywhere I was going be it work,church or outing, I would be hearing the sounds every step I took,so tiring and burdensome.”- T.S

“I had heartburn and belching throughout my pregnancy, from first trimester till d end. It was severe with vomiting in my first tri. The funny thing now is that the belching didn’t go with the pregnancy. Very annoying.” – D.M

“Nausea, vomiting and spitting which lasted even after I delivered.” – M.C

“I vomited for the first 3 months anytime of the day, it was not limited to morning and I couldn’t eat anything prepared in my home for the first 3months too. Then I craved party jollof rice and my best food was garri and fried panla. I vomited all through but after 3months it was limited to just once in d morning except I eat watermelon. I couldn’t stand the smell of boiling meat d first 3months too. E plenty my sister……women I hail us.” -W.M

“Can’t eat food prepared by me, going to beg food from neighbors when I have much at home, I can even beg from kids. That’s first pregnancy. My second I eat my food but quarrel a lot with hubby and people.”- E.M

“Nausea and weakness, probably due to inability to keep down food.”- E.M

“Vomiting thru my nose. Body shaking for being hungry and discomfort even after eating the food. Can’t just explain it.”-.B.P

“Feeling weak from within, having severe headaches.”- B.K

From these comments, it’s apparent that even the easiest of pregnancies is still not a walk in the park. Some women only have it easier than others.

One of the ways to cope with pregnancy is to have a strong support system, primarily the husband, and then family and friends.

That’s why it’s very important as a lady to be intentional about whose seed you receive inside of you, who you allow to father your child.

Men should double their care for their wives during this period. Creating and carrying another human being is not a piece of cake. It’s unfortunate that some men still demand to be taken care of by their wives, some even hit their wives.

What do you think should be done to this kind of men?  I think they should be castrated!

Pregnancy may be so distressing but looking into the eyes of your little one makes the sacrifice worth it.

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