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300+ Unique Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning [2021]

300+ Unique Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning [2021]

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I don’t know about you but I love native names.

As a Yoruba girl, I find Yoruba names so sweet and beautiful.

My first name is Olubunmi and my middle name, which I chose by myself at baptism, is Mabel. I was only thirteen then. Maybe I’d have chosen a Yoruba name if I’d known better. I hope there’s no law that states that one must choose an English name for baptism.

Maybe a biblical name, yeah, but Mabel isn’t even in the Bible.  LOL.

Anyway, I love my name, Mabel, and a lot of people know me as Mabel. I love its meanings- beautiful, loving, lovable.

Awwnnn. So sweet! Forget the fact that I didn’t know the meaning when I chose it.

Thank God it’s something that describes me so perfectly and something positive too.

I guess I was lucky. Don’t judge me, please. I didn’t have access to the internet then unlike now. That is why I don’t expect anyone to make such a mistake now. Not with the present unlimited access to the internet.

Unfortunately,  some parents give their babies names without knowing the meaning of such names. I’ve witnessed this before, so I’m not exaggerating.

I’m showing my kindness by making available cute Yoruba girl names for those who want to give their baby girls Yoruba names or those who want to change their names or adopt Yoruba names for themselves. What’s there not to love about Yoruba girl names? They’re so sweet to the ears and they carry very deep meanings.

As much as I love the name Mabel, I love being called Bunmi more. I kinda feel that those who call me Bunmi are those who really know me and are very close to me.

My family calls me Bunmi, and my husband too, except when he teases me by calling me OluMabel. LOL.

I believe this list of Yoruba girl names will guide parents in choosing cute and meaningful names for their baby girls because some names we hear these days are cringeworthy.

I understand that parents have the right to give their children whatever names they desire but that doesn’t mean they should throw caution into the wind. I don’t understand why parents should name their children ‘tithes’ and ‘offering’. Like seriously?

Please don’t give your children names that will make them to be objects of bullying and mockery in school and anywhere.

Below is the list of Yoruba girl names and their meaning. Some are the ones I’ve heard from others and others are my coinage.  You should pay for my creativity but…don’t worry…I gat you.

Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With A


Aanuoluwapo (The mercy of the Lord is abundant)

Aarinola (The centre of wealth)

Abiodun (Born into celebration)

Abidemi (Born before my arrival)

Abisodun (Born into celebration)

Abimbola (Born to meet wealth)

Abimbare (Born into goodness)

Abiola (Born into wealth)

Abisola (Born into wealth)

Abisoye (Born into royalty)

Adebanke (The crown helps to pamper me)

Adebare (Crown meets goodness)

Adebare (We came into goodness)

Adebola (Crown meets wealth)

Adebola (We meet wealth)

Adedamola (Crown mix with wealth)

Adedamope  (Crown mix thanks)

Adedire (Crown becomes goodness)

Adedola  (Crown becomes wealth)

Adedoyin (Crown becomes honey)

Ademidun  (My crown is sweet)

Adedun (Crown is sweet)

Adenike (The crown has care)

Aderinsola (Crown walked into wealth)

Aderonke  (Crown has something to pamper)

Adesola  (Came into wealth)

Adesire (Came into goodness)

Adeola  (Crown of wealth)

Adesewa  (Beauty of crown)

Adewunmi (I desire crown)

Adetutu (Crown is patient)

Adunoluwa (The sweetness of God)

Adunola (The sweetness of wealth)

Adunife (The sweetness of love)

Afopefoluwa  (We give thanks to the Lord)

Aduramigba  (My prayer is answered)

Adurapemi (Prayer profits me)

Adunade (The sweetness of crown)

Amiifeoluwa  (The sign of God’s love)

Ayomi  (My joy)

Ayobami (Joy meets me)

Ayomikun  (My joy is full)

Ayomipe  (My joy is complete)

Ayomitide (My joy has come)

Anjolaoluwa (We are enjoying the goodness of God)

Aridunnuomo (A child of joy)

Aramide (My family is here)

Araloluwa (God is awesome)

Araoluwa (The wonders of God)

Ariyike (Someone to care for)

Ayooluwa (The joy of the Lord)

Atinuke (Pampered from the womb)

Ayooluwakiitan (The joy of the Lord doesn’t end)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With B

Bimpe  [I was born complete]

Bidemi (Birthed before my arrival)

Boluwatife (As God wants)

Boluwatito (How big the Lord is)

Bolatito (How great wealth is)

Bisade (Born into crown)

Bisayo (Born into joy)

Bolade (Came with wealth)

Bolawa (Came with wealth)

Boluwaji (Resurrect with the Lord)

Bimbola (Born to meet wealth)

Bimbade (Born into royalty)

Bolanle (Met wealth at home)

Bowofoluwa (Honour the Lord)

Bowofade (Honour the crown)

Bowofola (Honour wealth)

Bukola (Add to wealth)

Bukolami (Add to my wealth)

Busola (Add to wealth)

Busolami (Add to my wealth)

Busayo (Add to joy)

Busayomi (Add to my joy)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With D

Damifola (Created me for wealth)

Damifunre (Created me for goodness)

Darasimi (Good to me)

Diekololaoluwa (The wealth of the Lord is not little)

Diekoloreoluwa (The goodness of the Lord is not little)

Dolapo (Mix with wealth)

Desire (Arrived into goodness)

Derayo (Arrived to see joy)

Desola (Arrived into wealth)

Demilade (Crown me)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With E

Eniola (A wealthy person)

Eniayo (A joyful person)

Enibunkun (A blessed person)

Enire (A good person)

Enitan (A person of reference)

Eminirekan (I’m next to experience goodness)

Ebunoluwa (God’s gift)

Ewaoluwa (The beauty of the Lord)

Ewaola (The beauty of wealth)

Ewatomi (Beauty is enough for me)

Ewaife (The beauty of love)

Ewaade (The beauty of crown)

Eriifeoluwasimi (The proof of God’s love to me)

Eyitayo (Worthy to be happy for)

Eyitope (Worthy to be thankful for)

Eyitolami (This is enough wealth for me)

Eyiwunmi (I love this)

Eniwaju (One who is always ahead)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With F

Farayola (Romance with wealth)

Fiyinfoluwa (Give praises to the Lord)

Folakemi (Pamper me with wealth)

Fayokemi (Pamper me with joy)

Feyikemi (Pamper me with this)

Firekemi (Pamper me with goodness)

Feyisekemi (Pamper me with this)

Feyisara (Make this a relative)

Funmipe (Given to me in full)

Funmike (Given to me to take care of)

Fehintola (Relaxing on wealth)

Fehintoluwa  (Relax on God)

Fogofoluwa (Give God the glory)

Folashade (Use wealth as crown)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With G

Gbemisola (Put me into wealth)

Gbemisade (Put me into crown)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With I

Ibunkunoluwa  (The blessing of the Lord)

Inioluwa  (God’s heritage)

Ifedun (Love is sweet)

Ifedunni (Love is sweet to have)

Itunuoluwa (Comfort of God)

Ifeyinka (Love surrounds me)

Ifeoluwakitan  (The love of God never ends)

Ifeoluwa (The love of God)

Ifewunmi (I love love)

Ifepemi (Love profits me)

Ireayo (The goodness of joy)

Ifetomi (Love is enough for me)

Iremitide (My goodness has come)

Ireola (The goodness of wealth)

Irede (Goodness has come)

Iretomiwa (Goodness comes for me)

Ilerioluwa (The promise of the Lord)

Ileriayo (The promise of joy)

Irebami  (Goodness meets me)

Inumidun (I’m happy)

Iretiola (The hope of wealth)

Iretioluwa  (The hope of God)

Iyinoluwa (God’s praise)

Ikeoluwa (The care of the Lord)

Irewamiri (Goodness searched and found me)

Iseoluwa (The work of God

Ireoluwa (The goodness of God)

Iyanuoluwa (The miracle of God)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With J

Jesutofunmi (Jesus is enough for me)

Jadesola (Step out into wealth)

Jadesire (Step out into goodness)

Jadesayo (Step out into joy)

Jenyinooluwa (Let me praise you Lord)

Jesuyefunmi (Jesus is alive for my sake)

Jenrola (Let me find wealth)

Jokotola (Sit with wealth)

Jokotade (Sit with crown)

Jumoke (Join hands to care for)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With K

Kafopefoluwa (Let’s give thanks to the Lord)

Kanyinsola (Add honey to wealth)

Kafiyinfoluwa (Let’s give praise to the Lord)

Kikelomo (Children to be pampered)

Kikiola (Different shades of wealth)

Kikiogo (Different shades of glory)

Kikiope (Different shades of thanks)

Kikioreoluwa (Different shades of God’s goodness)

Kikioreoluwa  (Different shades of God’s gifts)

Kikiifeoluwa  (Different shades of God’s love)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With M

Matanmi (Don’t deceive me)

Mayomi (Don’t mock me)

Mobolayo  (I rejoice with wealth)

Modupeoluwa (Lord, I’m thankful)

Mopelola (I’m complete in wealth)

Moromoke (I have a child to pamper)

Morolayo (I see wealth and I’m happy)

Makomi (Don’t forsake me)

Morenikejimi  (I have seen a companion)

Moyinoluwa (I give God praise)

Motilola (I have wealth)

Motilayo (I have joy)

Morayoninuoluwa (I find joy in God)

Molayoninuoluwa (I have joy in the Lord)

Momoluwa (I know the Lord)

Moboluwaduro (I’m standing with the Lord)

Mofeoluwa (I love God)

Mojetoluwa (I’m God’s own)

Mojisola (I woke up to wealth)

Mojirade (I woke up to find crown)

Moromola  (I cling with wealth)

Mojirola (I woke up to find wealth)

Mosunmola (I draw near to wealth)

Moyosade (I rejoice at crown)

Morireoluwa (I have seen the goodness of the Lord)

Mofetoluwa  (I love God’s things)

Momooreoluwa (I appreciate the goodness of the Lord)

Mojoyinola (I enjoy the honey in wealth)

Modoluwamu (I hold on to the Lord)

Modiromoluwa (I cling unto the Lord)

Moyoninuoluwa (I rejoice in the Lord)

Moyeninuoluwa  (I’m saved in the Lord)

Moyosola  (I rejoice at wealth)

Moteleola (I follow wealth)

Motunrayo (I have seen joy again)

Morounmubo (I brought back something)

Moyosire (I rejoice at goodness)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With N

Nihinlolawa (Wealth is right here)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With O

Olubunmi (The Lord gifted me)

Oluwabukolami (God has added to my wealth)

Oluwabunkunmi (The Lord blessed me)

Oluwadara (God is good)

Oluwadarasimi (God is good to me)

Omosewa (Child makes beauty)

Omosola (Child makes wealth)

Omosade (Child makes crown)

Omosayo (Child makes joy)

Oluwadunni (God is sweet to have)

Omodele (Child got home)

Omotunde (Child came again)

Omolere (Child is the gain)

Omotoyosi (Child is worthy to be happy for)

Onamiyeoluwa (God understands my path)

Oladara (Wealth is good)

Ojurereoluwa (The favour of God)

Opeyemi (God deserves my thanks)

Oluwatamilore (God has freely given me a gift)

Oluwasemilore (The Lord has done me well)

Oluwarantimisirere (God remembers me for good)
Oluwadunmininu (God has made me joyous)

Oluwadunsin (God is sweet to serve)

Oluwafimidaraire (God does great and mighty things with my life)

Oluwanifemi (God loves me)

Oluwaferanmi (God loves me)

Omolola (Child is wealth)

Omotara (Child is enough family)

Omotola (A child is enough wealth)

Omotoke (A child is worthy to be pampered)

Oladunni (Wealth is sweet to have)

Olamide (My wealth has come)

Olasayo (Wealth makes joy)

Olaoluwakiitan (The wealth of God doesn’t end)

Olanrewaju (Wealth keeps increasing)

Oluwafifehanmi (God has shown me love)

Oluwadolabomi (God showers me with wealth)

Oluwadarebomi (God showers me with goodness)

Oluwayonusimi (God is pleased with me)

Oluwatomisin (God is enough for me to serve)

Oluwarinumi (God sees into my mind)

Oluwarokanmi (God sees my heart)

Oluwafunmileyi (God gave me this)

Oluwafikayomi (God has added to my joy)

Oluwafirekayomi (The Lord has added goodness to my joy)

Oluwatomi (God is enough for me)

Olatomi (Wealth is enough for me)

Oluwadabira (The Lord performs wonders)

Oluwafunmilayo (The Lord gives me joy)

Oluwaseyifunmi (The Lord has done this for me)

Oluwaseyifunmitan (The Lord it for me completely)

Oluwaseyitanfunmi (The Lord has fully done it for me)

Oluwadamilola (The Lord enriched me)

Oluwademilade (God has crowned me)

Olapeju (Wealth is complete)

Oluwapamilerin (God has caused me to laugh)

Oluwateniolafunmi (God spreads the mat of wealth for me)

Oluwateniayofunmi (God spreads the mat of joy for me)

Oluwajuwon (God is greater than them)

Oluwatosin  (God is enough to be served)

Oluwasekemi  (God pampers me)

Oluwakemi  (God pampers me)

Omolara (Child is family)

Otamayomi (My enemies do not mock me)

Oreoluwa (The gift of God)

Ooreoluwa (The goodness of God)

Otope (Is enough to be thankful for)

Oromitope (My stuff is enough to be thankful for)

Omobolanle (Child met wealth at home)

Omowonuola (Child has entered into wealth)

Omotanwa (The child we are looking for)

Oluwapelumi (The Lord is with me)

Oreofeoluwa (The grace of God)

Olayinka (Wealth surrounds me)

Oluwayinka (God surrounds me)

Olasimbo (Wealth accompanies me)

Olatilewa (Wealth came from home)

Oluwatomisona (The Lord guides me)

Olawande (Wealth searched and found me)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With P

Pamilerin (Make me laugh)

Pemisire  (Call me into goodness)

Pemisayo (Call me into joy)

Pemisola (Call me into wealth)

Pelumi (Be with me)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With R

Remilekun  (Wipe my tears)

Rantimi (Remember me)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With S

Simisola (Relax in wealth)

Sunmisola (Lead me into wealth)

Simidele (Escort me home)

Seunfunmi (Done well for me)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With T

Temiloluwa (God is mine)

Tejumola (Fix your gaze on wealth)

Tejumade (Fix your gaze on crown)

Toluwanimi (I’m God’s)

Temilola (Wealth is mine)

Temiwuoluwa (Mine pleases the Lord)

Tomilola (Enough wealth for me)

Tantoluwa (Who is great as God?)

Teniola (Spread the mat of wealth)

Titobiloluwa (God is big)

Talodabioluwa (Who is like God?)

Towobola (Dip hand into wealth)

Tomisonaoluwa (Guide me, Lord)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With W

Wonuola (Enter into wealth)

Wemimo (Vindicated)

Wunmi (I desire this)


Yoruba Girl Names Starting With Y

Yemi (Suits me)

Yemisi (Honour me)

Yosola (Rejoice for wealth)

Yosire (Rejoice for goodness)

Yomade (Rejoice with crown)

Yiyenitemi (Salvation is mine)

If there are other cute Yoruba girl names you know,  kindly share them in the comment section.

Also,  feel free to share this, you could help people who have problems choosing Yoruba girl names for their babies.


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Tuesday 25th of April 2023

Please what's the meaning of tiaraoluwa. Thanks.

Mabel's Blog

Tuesday 25th of April 2023

It means ''from God's body''


Thursday 5th of August 2021

Erimidamara means my testimony conjoined with wonders

Mabel's Blog

Friday 6th of August 2021

Wow. It's so beautiful!


Thursday 5th of August 2021

I also named my friend's Baby this; Erimidamara

Mabel's Blog

Friday 6th of August 2021

It's unique and lovely!


Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Oluwatobitan/Oluwatobiju: God is extremely big Oluwarimitan: God sees me completely Oluwanimilokan: God has me in mind Aseyori: Successful Asepeloba: God is a complete doer Oluwafasesi: God has blessed it Oluwasetemi: God has done my own Oluwatemilorun: God pleases me. Oluwatarebomiyimika: God sprinkles and covere me with goodness. Imisoluwa: the breath of God. Moribatise: I'm Successful Moritadese: Successful Royalty

Mabel's Blog

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Wow. Beautiful names!


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

I am American and fell in love with Yoruba names. My husband is Oluwadamilare and we have two girls; Ayomide Oluwadarasimi and Olamide Anuoluwakiishi. I am looking for another girl name and fell in love with Oluwalanni. What do you think?

Mabel's Blog

Thursday 29th of July 2021

Awww. Beautiful, beautiful names!

Oluwalani is so beautiful. It's so cool.