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5 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do With Another Man

5 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do With Another Man

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Are you also surprised that things a married woman should never do with another man is even a topic to be discussed? 

Like, why do we need to name the things a married woman should not be found doing with another man? 

Aren’t women supposed to know already? 

The truth is, just because a woman is married to a man she loves does not mean she will automatically know what she shouldn’t be doing with another man, especially if she has always had male friends. 

Marriage will not automatically change how a woman relates with other men. 

In fact, loving her husband so much will not help her set boundaries if she is not intentional about it.

She is required to intentionally set those boundaries and maintain the commitment she vowed to her husband on the wedding altar. 

So what are those things she needs to set boundaries on, and those things she shouldn’t be found doing with another man because it could lead to serious issues in her home? 

You know, that’s why I am here, to share my suggestions as I strongly believe they would help you. 

5 Things A Married Woman Should Never Do With Another Man

1. A Married Woman Should Not Confide In Another Man

Things a married woman should never do with another man


All relationships have certain boundaries and are defined by them. 

And what I mean by that is that the boundaries of each relationship we have with people are what define the kind of relationship we share with them.

That’s why there’s something called “sharing too much.” 

“Sharing too much” is a term I use to describe a situation in a mutual relationship in which one or both persons begin to share more information than what should be shared. 

No matter how close or strong a married woman’s bond is with another man, she should be limited in the kind of information she shares with him. 

Some conversations are meant to be held with her husband and no one else except it is something her husband allows. 

A married woman should not be found confiding in another man or being vulnerable to him. 

Being vulnerable requires extreme openness and emotional transparency. 

So, in the process of sharing or being vulnerable, a person’s emotions are at their peak, and such a state can even lead to infidelity in marriage. 

This creates an emotional bond that may not be appropriate for a married woman.

This is especially true if she shares information about the issues in her marriage, her husband’s weaknesses or shortcomings, and her personal life or emotional hurts. 

The state of being vulnerable makes the connection grow intense.

And because the man is available to comfort her emotional needs at the moment, romantic feelings can arise, stirring up urges for sex.


2. She Should Not Get Too Comfortable With Him

Things a married woman should never do with another man

A married woman should not feel at home in another man’s house, especially without her husband or other people around. 

Being too comfortable with another man who is not her husband is not only unacceptable but can cause issues to arise in her marriage.

Her relationship with a man-friend may be strong and has been proven to be platonic for years.

However, certain boundaries should be set because she is now a married woman. 

A married woman sleeping in another man’s house, going to his house to cook for him, or calling and referring to him as “Honey,” “sweetheart,” or “my love” is being too comfortable. 

I believe It doesn’t matter if the man is her best friend or not.

What matters is that she now has found a best friend in her husband, and he now comes first. 

Maintaining such closeness with a male friend other than your husband and calling him endearing names might not only hurt your husband but might also hurt you if your husband does the same.


3. She Should Not Engage In Any Sexual Activity At All

Things a married woman should never do with another man

Cheating is cheating. 

Cheating goes beyond getting intimate with another man; it involves direct penetration. 

Acts like kissing, sitting on his lap, and long and close intimate hugs– especially when you know it has effects on the man, are considered cheating, too. 

Why not? 

They are all sexual acts.

These are the actions that lead to the main action itself.

Although views may differ because of cultural differences and society, I believe marriage commitments mean a lot.

I should not be jeopardized by such acts when they can actually be avoided totally. 

Mutual friendships are purely friendly and empty of any romantic or sexual involvement. 

However, it is important that a married woman categorically name the bodily things– according to the values of her marriage, that she will not do with another man.

I know everyone will agree that having sex outside marriage is infidelity and unacceptable, but how about other sexual acts? 

To what extent will those actions be considered too sexual and called cheating? 

A married woman should not engage in any sexual act at all with another man except her husband. 

Any form of physical intimacy beyond a friendly hug or a casual handshake should be strictly avoided.


4. She Should Not Entertain Another Man Without The Consent of Her Husband

Things a married woman should never do with another man

I once heard a divorce story of a once-married couple. 

The husband divorced his wife because he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that she secretly kept sending money to her male friend. 

Even if he never got to prove that they had an affair, he just refused to agree that their relationship was mutual because his wife usually tells him everything except this. 

Although his actions may be considered extreme, I would like to use their situation to paint a scenario. 

A married woman should not entertain another man in any way without her husband knowing. 

A married woman should not spend excessive one-on-one time with another man, especially in private settings.

Whether it is meeting with another man secretly, no matter the reason, providing or receiving support in any form, or hanging out with him without telling her husband. 

In the matter of receiving gifts, a married woman receiving gifts and favors from another man without telling her husband is improper.

As a married woman, you should be cautious about accepting gifts or favors from other men.

This can create a sense of indebtedness, where she feels indebted to return the favor even when the favor he seeks in return is inappropriate.

5. She Should Not Give So Much Attention To Another Man

Things a married woman should never do with another man

Do you believe that energy flows where attention goes? 

That what we spend time on or give our attention to tends to cause its influence on us to expand. 

When we invest time, effort (constant communication), and energy into any relationship, it tends to flourish, and the bond grows stronger.

As a married woman, you wouldn’t want to grow a stronger bond with another man, would you?

Except you no longer want to stay married to your husband or engage in extramarital affairs. 

A married woman should not be found engaging in long and consistent conversations with another man.

A married woman is on the phone laughing at another man’s jokes, listening to how his day went– what went wrong or right at work, and she does the same will not only endanger her love for her husband but will also make him feel uncomfortable. 

Your husband deserves ALL that attention, my dear. 

I am not sure any man will be willing to share the attention that much. 



Although I have mentioned a few things I suggest a married woman should not do with another man, I would like to put out a disclaimer. 

Certain things I have mentioned here may not be considered inappropriate to some cultures or people of certain societies. 

However, as a married woman, I advise that you also determine the dos and don’ts of your relationship with other men based on your society’s beliefs or your marriage’s values. 

Also, ask your husband to tell you what he is comfortable with you doing with other men and what he is not pleased with. 

Remember, within the walls of marriage, we find love and commitment  

Your commitments do not mean your life and past friendships should change. 

It means that new boundaries must be set, and relationships with other men should be defined to ensure that your marriage is a beautiful and joyful place for you and your husband. 



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