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10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

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Marriage is a sacred union established by God.

It is a relationship that is exclusive to a man and his wife.

This union affords both parties to know themselves on a deeper level. They love up on each other.

They discuss issues that aren’t meant for a third ear.

As a married man, your relationship with your wife differs from that with other women.

Every woman is not your wife.

You vowed to be faithful to her and uphold your union before God and witnesses.

Hence, it’s crucial to maintain healthy boundaries with other women.

Some discussions are inappropriate, and you send the wrong signal when you engage in them.

These are a few things a married man should never discuss with another woman.

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

1. “I’m not happy in my marriage.”

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

Truthfully, marriage isn’t a bed of roses.

It comes with a lot of baggage, sweet sometimes, and a little sadness.

While some are having it suitable and they’re glad of their marriage.

Some aren’t happy in their marriages.

They wish they could turn back the hands of time and have the opportunity to make a better choice.

They are angry, hurt and frustrated.

If this is your experience, I’m genuinely sorry.

However, sharing this detail about your home with another woman should be a No-No!

Do you know why? It will put your wife in a terrible light.

You wouldn’t like the tables to be turned on you?

Also, remember that it takes two to tango.

You are not absolved of the faults too.

Pain can be subjective.

Some people, when offended, think the worst of their spouses, forgetting the good times too.

Also, when you tell another woman you’re unhappy with your marriage, you invite her into your union through the back door.

Being vulnerable, you might end up sharing intimate details of your home.

The question is, why should you be sharing such with her?

Yeah, I know it would help if you badly had someone to talk to.

However, she isn’t a marriage counselor and has no reason to be involved in the details of your marriage.

By the way, she might not be comfortable with what you’re telling her but put up a face.

Then what if she has been nursing a crush on you?

You just handed her the perfect opportunity.

When you’re going through issues in your marriage, it’s better to meet with people you’re both accountable to.

Or speak with a professional counselor who will help you gain a better perspective of the issue.

They can also help walk you through the rough patch you may be experiencing.

2. “I think about you all the time.”

This is equivalent to playing with fire, bro!

You’re married but thinking about “another woman all the time”?

You’re implying that “though I have a wife and the whole world sees her as my wife, you are much more important to me”.

It is what you attach so much importance to that you give your thought to.

That means your wife is no longer a priority to you.

It shows you’re lusting after another woman.

When you say this to another woman, it shows you desire her, and if she reciprocates, it becomes a full-blown affair.

As a married man who has vowed to desire no other woman besides his wife, it’s essential to avoid irrelevant discussions that could threaten the beautiful relationship between you and your wife.

Let’s even flip this narrative, how would you feel if you bumped into your wife telling another man that she thinks about him at all times?

Angry? Disappointed? Yeah! That’s it.

3. “I wish I had met you before I got married.”

What a wow! (Eyes popping out).

This shouldn’t be on your lips, even if it’s a joke

You’re stylishly implying that you regret having to marry the woman you’re now with.

And if you have the opportunity now, you wouldn’t mind divorcing her to be with the other woman.

Or better still, you wouldn’t mind having her as the “other woman”.

This is crossing the line.

Remember that getting married to her was your decision.

You made a vow to stay faithful to your wife.

Saying this to another woman shows you don’t love your wife and are unfaithful to your vows.

4. “My wife doesn’t understand me like you do.”

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman


Your wife, whom you courted and have been married to for some time, doesn’t understand you.

The woman who grew up with you and has endured your excesses these past years is suddenly thrown under the bus.

Do you think this stranger you just met understands you better?

What a wonder! Lol.

Anyway, you’re demeaning your wife before a stranger.

And if they know each other, can you imagine the kind of perception she will have about your wife?

5. “My wife and I haven’t been intimate for a long time.”

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

If you and your wife haven’t been intimate for whatever reason, you both should have a conversation about it.

It shouldn’t be a subject for discussion with another woman.

What’s your motive for saying such to another woman?

To ease your frustration? Or do you want to gain her sympathy? Or better still, do you want to get into her pants?

Whatever issues you’re having with your wife should be trashed within the confines of your marriage.

And if you’re not making headway, seek professional help.

Talking to an outsider about your bedroom matters doesn’t portray you or your wife well.

6. “I’m glad to have you in my life.”

The statement seems like a harmless compliment but sends a signal: “I’m happy having you in my space, and I desire to know you intimately.”

It would help to exercise discretion when relating with a woman other than your wife.

This is one of the lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

7. “Do you think I’m a good husband?”


You married a woman, but you’re asking another woman if you’re a good husband.

This question is exclusive to your wife only, not even your parents.

She is in the best position to access you.

It would help if you respected the sacredness of your home.

If you have been doing this before, it would be of great interest to stop asking irrelevant questions.

8. “Don’t tell my wife we spoke.”

Evil thrives in secrecy.

The moment you start telling another woman not to let your wife know both of you have been talking, it means;

You want to have a secret affair.

You don’t trust your wife.

But really, anything you feel your wife shouldn’t know shouldn’t be discussed with another woman.

Some men have made another woman their confidant.

She knows him more than his wife.

This doesn’t speak well of you if you’ve been doing this.

And it will be good if you can make the necessary adjustments.

9. “I would like you to go on a date with me.”

10 Things a Married Man Should Never Say to Another Woman

This is one step towards extramarital affairs.

And it shows you don’t respect your wife.

Desiring to date another woman other than your wife shows you’re already nursing something unbecoming in your heart.

What exactly is the date meant for?

What would you discuss there?

What do you stand to gain by going on this date?

Instead of going on a date with another woman, why don’t you plan one with your wife?

10. “You look hot or attractive.”

While complimenting people is good, using words carelessly is totally out of place.

It’s not every word that comes to mind you say.

When you want to compliment, could you keep it simple?

And it shouldn’t be done to a “particular woman”.

When you make it a practice, you’re sending the wrong message.


Last Thoughts

When relating with the opposite sex, discretion should be foremost in your heart.

Whatever you say will strain your relationship with your wife should be avoided.

Don’t create problems where there are none.

If you’re experiencing problems in your marriage, it’s not the time to seek solace in another woman’s arms.

It always doesn’t end well.

It’s better to speak with a professional counselor.


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