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8 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Cuddle You

8 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Cuddle You

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The way we express love to our partners varies.

Kissing, caressing, holding hands, cuddling, etc., are ways we show our partners love.

Different people have their preferences.

Cuddling evokes feelings of love and closeness with your partner. That desire to be locked up in your husband’s warm embrace, away from the troubles of life, is heavenly.

Lol! I know, right?

It shows you desire affection.

Now, it seems you’re being denied what you desire so much.

We don’t know why your husband never cuddles you.

However, let’s look at a few probable reasons.

8 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Cuddle You

1. It’s not his love language

Why Does My Husband Never Cuddle Me

Everyone has a love language. There are five love languages according to Gary Chapman: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service.

We all have a way of wanting love expressed to us.

When love and affection are expressed the way we want, our love tank is complete, and we are happy.

When the reverse is the case, we’re unhappy.

While physical touch seems to be your primary love language,

It might be that’s not your husband’s love language.

There’s a possibility that he’s speaking his love language to you.

For example, if you observe that he buys you gifts and always compliments you,

Gifts and words of affirmation might be his love language.

So, while you’re unhappy that he’s not cuddling you, he feels he’s doing his best.

It will be great if you can talk with him.

Let him know how much you desire to be cuddled.

2. His upbringing

Our upbringing plays a huge role in our lives.

Where and how we grow can shape our lives.

If your husband grew up in a home where every child gets a warm hug from Dad and Mom in the morning and at night,

It will just flow freely from him to you, too.

Your husband might not be cuddling you because hugging, touching, and any form of physical display of affection were not common when he was growing up.

Maybe he came from a family where every child woke up, greeted everyone, and went about their business.

If this was his experience, it shows he’s not doing it deliberately.

It’s just conditioning from childhood.

It can also be unlearned.

It will be good to talk with him to express your displeasure.

And also give him time to work on himself.

3. Stress

Why Does My Husband Never Cuddle Me The nature of the job we do takes a toll on us.

At the same time, life issues could put us under intense pressure.

For instance, thoughts of paying bills and debts to care for could stress one out.

If your husband is stressed, he might not express love to you how you want.

It is easy to express love in an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

When this is lacking, it isn’t easy to give our partners what they want.

You’re his wife,

You should know him more than anyone does.

So, take time to know why he doesn’t cuddle you.

If it’s due to stress, you can do something about this.

Let me give you a tip.

It is crucial to make your home a place where your partner will always look forward to coming after a stressful day out.

Spice things up.

Create a romantic ambiance.

When he’s at the door, please give him a warm embrace.

This, in itself, is an antidote for stress.

It has been proven that cuddling helps to relieve stress.

4. Poor hygiene

Why Does My Husband Never Cuddle Me?

Our hygiene has a lot to do with intimacy.

When one has poor hygiene, it is just normal for one’s partner to be put off.

Wearing clean clothes,

Putting on lovely perfume does not harm you but makes you look appealing to your partner.

If your husband has, at one time or the other, made comments about your hygiene, he could refrain from being intimate with you if he doesn’t see improvements.

If this is why your husband never cuddles you,

You may need to improve your hygiene.

5. Lack of communication

You love to be cuddled, yeah.

But have you ever told your husband this?

You haven’t, right?

You feel he’s supposed to figure it out since he’s your husband.

We need to cut our partners some slack sometimes.

He’s human, just like you. He isn’t a mind reader.

He might not even know you want this so badly.

This man is your husband. He loves you.

Be always willing to communicate your desires.

Don’t be shy about what you want your partner to do with your body.

Don’t hesitate to let him know where you want him to touch.

6. Physical discomfort

Placing your head on your partner’s chest,

Or your head resting on his arms for a long time is not without discomfort, especially if you’re on the plus side.

Your husband might likely avoid cuddling you if it’s bringing him discomfort.

And he might not want to talk about it because he doesn’t want you hurt.

You might not know until you have this conversation with him.

If this is the reason for his action, you can figure out how to cuddle using comfortable positions.

7. Busy schedule

Why Does My Husband Never Cuddle Me

If your husband has a hectic schedule, it will impact his presence at home.

If he does a job that takes him away from home most of the day, he will surely be unavailable to cuddle when you need him.

And when he’s at home, he might want to rest to make up for his time at work.

If this is your situation, you can have a talk with your husband about how you both can make time despite his busy schedule.

8. Relationship Dissatisfaction

Why Does My Husband Never Cuddle Me?

If your husband is not pleased with your actions, it could make it challenging to get intimate with you.

It is pretty natural for affection to flow freely when we are happy with one another.

You will be willing even to do the almost impossible to ensure they are satisfied.

But when one is displeased, there’s no motivation to meet the desires of one’s partner.

While we are meant to meet our partners’ needs as couples, it is also vital that we go all out to do what pleases them as long as it is not demeaning.

As a wife, you should be willing to look out for your partner’s interest.

Seek to do what will make him happy with you.

When you do this, you will see him reciprocate this kind gesture.


Final Thoughts

Intimacy is crucial in marriage. It takes deliberateness to maintain intimacy in marriage.

Couples should seek to satisfy each other at all times.

Take time to talk honestly with your husband about how you feel.

And as much as possible, if there are areas you’re defaulting, try and make adjustments.

Remember, you’re for each other and not against each other.

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