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8 Cute Signs Your Husband Really Values You

8 Cute Signs Your Husband Really Values You

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When a woman is cherished and valued by her husband, it’s not difficult to tell.

It’s quite evident, glaring even to the blind and audible to the deaf.

I once had a professor who would never stop talking about his wife.

At every given opportunity, he would talk endlessly about how amazing, industrious, and resourceful she was.

We could have a physiology class about the cardiovascular system, and he’d find a way to connect it to his wife.

It was clear that he valued her very much and wasn’t hiding it.

We all loved it very much and didn’t mind that he was using our class time to talk about his personal life.

However, as beautiful as his speaking highly of his wife was, it wasn’t enough evidence to conclude with certainty that he valued her.

There are other signs, and that’s what I’m about to share with you.

If you want to know if your husband values you, you should keep on reading.

8 Signs Your Husband Really Values You

1. He says itsigns your husband really values you

Like my professor, the first way you, and even other people will be able to tell that your husband values you is how he speaks of you.

Particularly if he’s a verbally expressive person.

From time to time, he’ll let you know how much he appreciates and values your presence in his life.

If he regularly expresses gratitude for the things you do, both big and small, it’s an expression of his heart.

He celebrates your achievements and milestones, sharing in your joy and pride, and showing you off to the world.

He wants everyone he meets to know that you’re amazing.

It almost makes you uncomfortable, how he gasses you up, making you feel like the 6th wonder of the world.

It doesn’t matter how reticent a man is,  he will always find a way to brag about his wife.

He wants others to see the incredible person that you are, and it’s not just for show.

It’s because he genuinely believes that you are one of a kind and he is lucky to have you by his side.


2. He seeks your opinion on things

Your husband seeking your opinion on things, even on things he doesn’t necessarily need to ask you about, is a sign of respect.

He’s doing that because he thinks highly of you and values your opinion. 

He trusts your judgment and respects your thoughts, and that’s a beautiful thing in a marriage.

It shows that he sees you as an equal partner and values your input in decision-making.

You think this is not a big deal? 

Ask women whose husbands don’t seek their opinions and you’ll realize just how important this is in a relationship.


3. He protects yousigns your husband really values you


Think about that priced possession you have and how carefully you handle it to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Your husband wants to protect you in the same way. 

He will go out of his way to make sure that you are safe and secure, both physically and emotionally.

Because when you value something, you take care of it because you want it to last and be with you for long.

It’s no different when your husband values you.

He’ll take care of you and try to keep you from harm’s way.

You’re like an expensive jewel to him which he doesn’t want to lose, so he takes care of. 


4. He shows you respect

Respect and value go hand in hand.

When your husband values you, he also shows you respect.

It’s that simple.

He acknowledges your thoughts and opinions, even when they differ from his own.

He makes you feel esteemed and shows you regard.

He doesn’t put you down, shut down your ideas, and opinions, or trivialize them.

It’s because you’re important to him and he appreciates you as a person. 

You never have to doubt your place or importance in his life because his actions tell you all you need to know. 


5. He doesn’t hold back from giving to you

signs your husband really values you

This is another sure sign to add to the others.

Some time back, my friend’s husband was planning a surprise birthday for her, and I was helping him with planning. 

When we saw the prices of some of the things we needed, I was in shock and had to ask him if he’d give up on the plan and just get her a little present. 

His response warmed my heart and made me “awwwwnn” endlessly. 

“If only you knew how much my wife means to me, you’d see that these things no matter how expensive, don’t come close to how much I want to do for her. It may cause me some sacrifice but I’m more than glad to do it.”


That already explains this point a hundred percent. 

A sign that a man values you is that he gives to you. 

This sign is strong, but it can’t stand alone or be used as the sole way to prove your husband’s value to you.

I say this because people can give without valuing the person they’re giving to.

Some men abuse their wives but shower them with gifts and money.

Those men don’t value their wives.

Saying that he values you just because he gives you stuff even when his behavior towards you doesn’t agree with his statement is being delulu (delusional).

A man who values you will not hesitate to give to you, but his giving to you is not the only way you’ll know that he esteems you.


6. He’s affectionate and kind

Your husband’s affection and kindness towards you are signs that he holds you dear.

When he does things like showing affection through physical touch, kind words, and loving gestures, creating time for you despite a busy schedule, listening to you, and supporting you, he’s letting you know that you mean a lot to him.

These things are signs that your husband values you, when he encourages you, is there for you, and doesn’t want to hurt you.

He shows you empathy and understanding, especially during difficult times, making you feel safe and at peace.

That is a man who rates you.

He holds you in high regard, so anything that negatively affects you affects him, too.


7. Hundred percent loyalty

signs your husband really values you

Saying that a cheating husband values his wife is quite the irony.

You can’t put someone you value in a position where they’re constantly disrespected, and made to feel betrayed and hurt.

Among the many things that a cheating husband doesn’t do is value his wife.

He may provide for her, and even like her, but he doesn’t respect or value her.

Your husband’s faithfulness is a sign that he prioritizes his relationship with you above all else.

He trusts you too, and he reciprocates by giving you no reason to doubt his trustworthiness.


8. You enjoy high-level consideration

signs your husband really values you

Consideration is a huge part of love and respect.

So if your husband shows it to you, it’s a sign that he values you.

Consideration is simply him taking your needs, desires, and even wants into account when making decisions.

He views your marriage as a partnership and makes an effort to find solutions that work for you both.

He won’t expect you to cancel your plans and wants all the time just for his to fly, even if that plan of yours is as “little” as a nail appointment.

His value for you is expressed in his willingness to compromise and to make sacrifices for your happiness and well-being.

When you see these signs, you know for a fact that you’re highly valued and cherished. 

Your husband can not claim to respect and value you and you’ll not feel it.

The signs don’t lie. 

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