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10 Signs He Has Deep Respect For You

10 Signs He Has Deep Respect For You

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Relationships are complex and I am not even speaking about only romantic relationships here.

Since relationships are complex, it is apparent that a successful relationship can’t be guaranteed by just love.

Surely, it can’t be that simple.

Not that I am trying to imply that love is simple or easy.

My point is when you look at the broader aspects of successful relationships, you will realize that the success of the relationship is actually the result of an interplay of love, trust, loyalty, and respect.

Whether it is just a friendship or a romantic relationship, these are the main pillars of any relationship.

So, I really understand why you want to know if he has deep respect for you.

I surely wanted to know if my ex respected me when I was dating her.

And while it may be very obvious when a lady respects a man, it can be difficult to tell when it involves a man.

This is because men can be disrespectful in many ways without overtly showing it.

The fact remains that when a man loves and respects you, he wants you to know.

He displays his deep respect for you through his actions…

Some of which we will be exploring today.

Come along, let’s find out if that guy has deep respect for you.

10 Signs He Has Deep Respect For You

1. He listens to you

Signs He Has Deep Respect for You

This is one of the most obvious signs of deep respect.

It may come as a shock to you, but listening is not so easy to do.

Most of the time, we think we are listening to people; we are actually just hearing what they are saying without truly understanding them.

The goal of communication is understanding, and when you listen without understanding, you have not actually listened.

When a guy has deep respect for you, he truly listens to you because he wants to know you.

He wants to understand you so he carefully listens to you.

When you are talking, he pays full attention.

Having someone pay attention to you fully is such a priceless gift, especially in this generation where people are so attached to their phones that they can hardly go five minutes without checking their phones.

When a guy listens to you actively, asking questions at the right and focusing without distractions, it is his way of telling you that he believes you are worth his attention.

It is a sign of deep respect from any gender but it is even more special when it comes from a guy.

2. He seeks your opinion

His not seeking your opinion is a sign of disrespect.

It also goes to show that a guy who deeply respects you will also respect and value your opinion enough to seek it.

If he doesn’t just wait for you to offer suggestions but actively seeks to know what you think about matters, it is a sign of deep respect…

Many men have so much ego and they think that women are not logical.

So, they prefer to make their decisions themselves.

I remember one time a pastor was preaching and mentioned that if Abraham had discussed God’s command to go to the Promised Land with his wife, she would have discouraged him.

I disagree with that sentiment.

There are so many logical women out there, whose opinions should matter to a wise man, and many emotional men out there as well, making decisions because they think women are emotional.

Being emotional is not gender specific.

When he deeply respects you, he doesn’t ignore your suggestions, and even when he doesn’t take your advice, he discusses it with you at length and shows why he believes in his course of action.

The fact that a man values and seeks your opinion doesn’t mean he will follow your advice.

So you shouldn’t interpret his failure to do what you suggested as disrespect if he actually explained his choices to you.

The fact that he seeks your opinion in itself is a sign of deep respect that many men don’t exhibit.

3. He is always eager to talk to you

Communication is the life source of any relationship.

Whenever friends or partners start investing less in communication, their connection begins to weaken.

When a guy deeply respects you, he is prepared to fully invest himself in communicating with you.

He calls and texts you frequently as a way of showing how much he cares about you.

And whenever you text or call him, he responds.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

He may not always be able to respond to your calls or text messages, but whenever he doesn’t respond immediately, he usually responds later in the day.

There are many reasons a guy may avoid your calls and texts and one of them isn’t deep respect for you.

So, if he is fully invested in communicating openly with you, it is a sign that he deeply respects you.

4. He speaks to you softly when he is angry

Anger does crazy things to people.

It makes them yell and say hurtful things that they would later regret saying.

A common behavior when guys are angry is yelling and name-calling.

However, if a man has a deep respect for you, yelling is not the first option for him.

It is not even the second, third, or last option.

When a man has deep respect for you, he tries to talk to you calmly even when he is angry.

And when he is too angry to keep calm, he just chooses to go and cool off somewhere.

I know this because I used to be very hot-tempered and I could yell at almost anybody except one person.

She seemed to have a way of making me realize the presence of another part of him I had never realized.

If she made me angry, I would try to show her what she had done wrong but if she still doesn’t get it, I would usually leave it until I am feeling less angry.

I didn’t want to blow up on her because I respected her too much to do that.

A quick disclaimer though!

This doesn’t mean that he will always be calm and soft-spoken around you when he is angry.

No one is perfect.

5. He is in awe of your achievements

I have met many men who love to belittle the achievements of women by implying that their success was driven by sexual incentives and a system that is trying to make up for the years of neglect women suffered.

This is a ridiculous assertion from disrespectful males who are looking for excuses for their mediocrity.

When a guy deeply respects you, he is truly in awe of your achievements.

He respects the effort you put into achieving your present status and encourages you to do more.

He celebrates your wins like they are his and doesn’t feel envious or insecure because you are doing well.

It may come as a shock to you, but many guys are still jealous of their women’s success.

A man who deeply respects you knows that you deserve accolades for your success.

He knows that you have worked hard for everything that you have and as such, celebrates your resilience.

6. He is willing to resolve conflicts

Signs He Has Deep Respect for You

One thing I’ve noticed is the tendency of males to avoid resolving conflicts.

They rather avoid the whole discussion about resolving the conflict and pretend that things are back to normal when they are calm.

I understand walking away when you feel like you may do something you will regret.

However, when you are calm, you need to try to resolve the conflict with your partner.

A man who respects you would do this.

He knows there are issues in the relationship and wants to work them out with you because he respects and values your relationship.

This is not only a sign that he has deep respect for you but also that he wants a long-term relationship with you.

7. He supports you emotionally

Signs He Has Deep Respect for You

I know there is a tendency to misinterpret respect as hero worship.

It is wrong.

They are two different things.

While hero worship is unhealthy for any relationship, respect is that healthy tonic that every relationship should have an abundance of.

You know it is hero worship if a guy believes that you have no weaknesses at all.

To him, you are just Wonder Woman reborn.

So he gets shocked when you display emotions or need his support with anything.

If he has deep respect for you, he will want to be there for you when you need him.

He realizes that you are not perfect and whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, his shoulder is always available.

He doesn’t think you are perfect because he can see your flaws but he still respects you and wants to be there for you.

8. He is loyal to you

Lying and cheating are some of the worst forms of disrespect a woman can suffer in relationships.

A man who truly respects you knows better than to lie to or cheat on you.

Not because you would find out but because he knows it has the tendency to hurt you and he would never intentionally try to hurt you.

He cares about you and doesn’t want to upset you with his actions.

He is loyal, almost to a fault, and extremely transparent with you.

He is all these to you because of one simple reason…

He has deep respect for you.

9. He loves spending time with you

Signs He Has Deep Respect for You

When he loves spending time with you, he is not just doing it out of love, he also respects you.

He respects your needs and desires so even when he has a really busy schedule, he still creates time to spend with you.

Spending quality time is a language of love and respect, and if he prefers spending time with you to hanging out with friends, playing video games, or just watching television, it is a sign that he loves and respects you.

10. He compliments you

Signs He Has Deep Respect for You

A sign of respect is the decision or the commitment to not saying negative things to your partner or friend.

If you have a friendship or relationship with someone who insults you, throws subtle jabs at your body and how overweight you are, or how slim you are and says hurtful things about your general appearance, you are in a toxic relationship.

Such jabs are signs of disrespect.

When a man truly respects you, he would prefer to compliment you than criticize you.

So, he looks for positive things about you to compliment.

He tells you how great you are at stuff.

Note that, he is actually being honest about how good you are at those stuff.

He doesn’t need to lie to compliment you…

Don’t get it twisted, this doesn’t mean he won’t be honest with you.

So, if you are overweight, he could suggest joining him on long jogs and walks.

You will notice that he doesn’t just say “Your stomach is big”…

He says, “I think we should hit the gym together. Both of us could use some exercise.”

Ultimately, when a man has deep respect for you, he ensures that he doesn’t hurt you.

At least not intentionally and when he does, he attempts to make things right.

I really hope you can find the signs that he respects you in your relationship.

I also hope that you also respect him because respect is a two-way street.

Both of you need to walk down the street, or the relationship will end up being toxic and one-sided.

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