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20 Signs of Disrespect From a Man: Biggest Red Flags That Show He Doesn’t Respect You

20 Signs of Disrespect From a Man: Biggest Red Flags That Show He Doesn’t Respect You

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Men are complicated creatures.

They can be loving, caring, and supportive one minute and then become completely disrespectful the next.

It can be difficult to tell when a man is being respectful or not because there are many ways that he could show disrespect without you realizing it. 

Disrespect is a huge problem in relationships.

It comes in many forms.

Some of it is subtle, and some of it is blatant.

Regardless of how it manifests itself, disrespect can have devastating effects on relationships.

It makes people feel like they’re not worthy to be with someone, and also makes them feel as if they can’t trust their partner.

The more information you have about signs of disrespect from a man, the better off you will be in your relationship.

Because a healthy relationship is built on trust and respect amongst other things.

Many women know what signs to look out for when they suspect their boyfriend is being unfaithful, but not many are aware of the ‘signs of disrespect’ that their partner may be guilty of towards them.

Also, disrespect is hard to define and even harder to see coming when you’re the one being disrespected.

It’s a matter of opinion, after all, but there are some common signs that you may be getting disrespected that are worth paying attention to.

In this blog post, we will discuss red flags that indicate disrespect so that you know what to do to get the respect you deserve.

Signs of Disrespect From a Man

1. He Doesn’t Listen To You

signs of disrespect from a man

One of the most obvious signs of disrespect is when a guy doesn’t listen to you or when he talks over you so that you don’t have an opportunity to speak your mind and be heard.

When you’re talking, he’s not only not paying attention, but he’s also probably doing something else like checking his phone or looking around the room.

When a guy does this, it’s disrespectful because it’s as if he thinks that his opinion is more important than yours and that he knows better than you. 

He’s also indicating that he doesn’t think you’re worth his time or attention.

2. He Interrupts You

If a man is constantly interrupting you, it’s another sign that he doesn’t respect you and your opinion.

It shows that he thinks he knows better than you and that he believes his opinion is more valuable than yours.

If he thinks what he has to say is more important than what you have to say, then he doesn’t care about your feelings or opinions.

When someone cares about someone else’s feelings or opinions, they make an effort to hear them out and listen until they are finished talking.

They focus their full attention on the person they are with and they care enough to make sure that they fully understand what they are trying to communicate.

Interrupting could also be a sign of impatience and lack of interest in your conversation.

3. He’s Demanding and Bossy

signs of disrespect from a man

You feel like he’s commanding you around all the time and telling you what to do.

He always has to have things his way and he always ignores what you have to say.

If he’s constantly telling you what to do or how to behave, then it shows that he doesn’t think you’re capable of making your own decisions.

4. He Doesn’t Seek Your Opinions

One of the signs of disrespect from a man is when he doesn’t bother to ask you what you think about things.

He’ll even ignore your requests and suggestions.

He may pretend as if he didn’t even hear what you said, or he may blow you off completely by saying something like, “I’ll do whatever I want.

If he’s not listening to your opinions or asking for your input, he’s disrespecting you.

It’s not uncommon for some men to have this problem because they feel like women are too emotional and don’t have good enough reasons behind their feelings or opinions.

5. He Doesn’t Connect With You Emotionally

Another clear sign is when he shuts down emotionally.

If he never wants to talk about how he feels and instead just bottles everything up inside, that’s definitely a red flag.

When someone is disrespecting you, they’ll have little interest in connecting with you on an emotional level.

They’ll just see you as another obstacle in their path rather than someone whose care and support they need.

6. He Makes Fun of You for Being Emotional

Have you ever been out with a guy and he makes fun of you for being emotional?

For example, if you have a bad day at work and you’re feeling a little down, he says something like “Come on, get over it” or “You’re so dramatic.”

If he does this once or twice, it’s most likely a sign of disrespect.

It’s almost as if he’s saying that your feelings aren’t valid.

There is nothing worse than a man who makes fun of you for being emotional.

Emotion is a part of human nature and to make someone who expresses their emotions feel as if they are wrong or bad for doing so is really hurtful and disrespectful.

7. He Ignores Your Calls and Texts

There are many reasons why a guy would ignore your texts or phone calls, but if the problem is persistent, you need to find out what’s going on.

Is he playing games?

Or does he have a legitimate reason for avoiding you?

He may tell you he is going to call you when he gets home from work, and then not call.

You catch him on the phone with someone else.

He goes “offline” on social media for hours at a time without explanation.

Above all, he doesn’t apologize for this kind of behavior. 

This is disrespectful!

8. The Way He Talks to You or Looks at You When He’s Angry

signs of disrespect from a man

He yells or raises his voice at you when he’s angry.

He calls you names, curses at you, or speaks in a condescending manner towards you.

It seems that his rolling of the eyes is a way for him to say, “You are being stupid,” or “Your opinion doesn’t matter,” or “That’s not important.”

Also, when he says things like, “Who do you think you are?” or “I’m going to do whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it.”

9. He Belittles Your Achievements

A man should support his woman no matter what she is doing.

Whether she is working toward becoming a businesswoman or just taking online courses to better herself, a man should encourage her in her endeavors and always let her know that he is proud of her.

The same goes for having a full-time job or being a stay-at-home mom.

It’s disrespectful of him to think or say whatever you do is ‘no big deal,’ or that you ‘got lucky’.

Also, he could make fun of your achievements in front of other people.

No one should be made to feel bad about what they have done, or what they have accomplished in life.

You worked hard for everything that you have and no one deserves to make fun of you for it.

10. He is not willing to try harder when problems arise

When you do have a conflict with him, instead of dealing with it openly, he will get angry or walk away and refuse to talk about it.

If there are issues in the relationship that need to be worked out, then he should want to do so.

A man who refuses to communicate when there are problems between the two of you is being disrespectful because this behavior leads to an unhealthy relationship and one that won’t last long-term.

11. Lack of emotional support 

He doesn’t give you any emotional support when you need it most such as when you are depressed, sad, crying, mourning for a loss in your family, or anything else that makes you emotional.

12. No respect for your family

He disrespects your family members and their feelings and opinions by insulting them, mocking them, making fun of them, and so on in front of you and other people.

13. He intimidates you physically

signs of disrespect from a man

Disrespectful men will often use their size to intimidate women they are with.

If a man uses his height or weight to push or intimidate you, this is a sign of disrespect because he is putting down his ability to control you with his physical strength.

14. He’s not supportive of your dreams and goals

Respect means that he encourages you to pursue your dreams and offers his help and support when needed.

He doesn’t make jokes about your passions and hobbies because he sees them as a waste of time (and if he jokes about them, it’s not funny).

He may even tell you that your goals are “silly” or “stupid” and try to discourage you from trying to achieve them.

If this is the case, take heed.

If a man truly respects you, he will care about your happiness.

He will also encourage you to succeed in all aspects of life—not just the ones that make him look good.

15. Lying or Cheating

This is a HUGE sign that he doesn’t respect you.

If he is lying to or cheating on you, it means he’s doing something behind your back that he knows would hurt you and make you upset if you found out about it.

He just simply doesn’t care how his actions affect you emotionally because HE DOESN’T RESPECT YOU.

16. Blaming You for His Mistakes and Shortcomings

This is a way to make you feel like you’re always doing something wrong, and it’s another sign that he just doesn’t respect you.

If he can’t take responsibility for his own problems, then it’s clear he doesn’t think much of you.

17. Treats you rudely in public 

He exhibits rude behaviors in public towards you due to disrespect for your feelings, needs, and opinions.

Like ignoring you when you’re talking with him at a party because he’s more interested in his friend than anything else or shouting at you in public.

18. He’s Controlling

A man who wants to control you will very often do things that make you feel like he is watching your every move.

In fact, sometimes it may come across as if he is trying to keep track of your every move.

It might start out kind of cute at first, but if he continues to do it on a regular basis even after you’ve talked about it, then this is a sure sign that he is trying to control you and keep tabs on everything that you do.

And it’s disrespectful.

He always asks where you are going or what you are doing when you leave.

He constantly checks up on you or calls to ask where you are.

He accuses you of cheating when his friends (or any man) say hello to you at the grocery store.

He doesn’t want other people talking to you when he isn’t there.

19. He avoids spending time with you

A man who doesn’t want to spend time with you is not respecting your needs and desires.

When he spends more time at work, hanging out with his friends, playing video games, watching TV, or otherwise.

20. Makes subtle comments about your body

If you’re in a relationship, it’s normal to have disagreements — but if you’re getting negative comments about your body or appearance, it could be a sign of disrespect.

The comments might seem small at first and can build up over time.

They might include harsh words that make you feel bad about yourself.

Comments about your clothes not being “attractive” or how you look in certain outfits.

Insults are aimed at your body or weight when you’ve put on a few pounds.

Negative comments about your hair, makeup, or nails — even though you’ve done nothing different than usual.

Saying things like “b*tch” or “fatty”.

This is a sign of disrespect because it shows that he has no respect for your feelings or thoughts.

A mature will never address his partner like this.

If your man is ever disrespectful to you, then he has a problem.

When a man disrespects a woman, it is not only because he does not respect her but also because he does not respect himself.

In order to have a healthy relationship, your man must have self-respect and respect for you as his partner.

It doesn’t matter what form your partner’s disrespect takes on; just so long as it hurts your feelings.

If you’re experiencing any of these behaviors, it’s time to have a serious talk with him about how his actions are making you feel.

Respect is key in any relationship, and if it’s absent, the relationship will not thrive.

Pay attention to these warning signs and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself!

You deserve better than this.

If you have children with this man, be very careful!

His disrespectful behavior could easily carry over to them as well and create an extremely unhealthy home life for all of you.

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