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The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife: 250+ Things (List)

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife: 250+ Things (List)

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I’m sure you didn’t think you’d ever google “the worst thing a husband can say to his wife” on your wedding day.

But reality hits you in marriage.

Marriage is beautiful, no doubt, but it’s not all a bed of roses.

There are bound to be conflicts in marriage—it’s part of the journey.

However, conflicts in marriage don’t mean your marriage is in trouble.
It’s what you do during and after conflicts that determines the condition of your marriage.

While it’s natural to say stuff to each other during conflicts, as a husband, there are some worst things you should never say to your wife.

You are not perfect as a wife, but there are some worst things you should never hear your husband say to you.

What is the worst thing a husband can say to his wife?

Below is a list of 280 worst things a man can say to his wife.

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

1. I regret ever marrying you

2. I don’t love you anymore

3. You’re my greatest life mistake

4. I curse the day I set my eyes on you

5. I hate you

6. I don’t find you beautiful

7. You’re so ugly

8. I wish we didn’t get married

9. You’re not my priority

10. You’re worthless

11. I never loved you

12. You don’t mean anything to me

13. You are a lowlife

14. I don’t find you attractive anymore

15. You irritate me

16. I can’t stand you

17. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

18. You disgust me

19. I don’t know what I was thinking about getting married to you

20. Don’t you think?

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

21. You’re a nobody

22. You can’t amount to anything in life

23. You’re daft

24. Who do you think you are?

25. You’re not that smart

26. You’re nothing but trash

27. I hate seeing you

28. You’re my life’s worst nightmare

29. You don’t make me happy

30. Our marriage is a sham

31. I don’t care about you

32. I’m not sure about my feelings for you

33. I’m happier when I’m away from you

34. You are stupid

35. I made you

36. You are nothing without me

37. You don’t have any value

38. Your life is empty

39. You can’t achieve your dreams

40. Dream on

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

41. I don’t trust you

42. I wish you’d just die so I could be free

43. I’ll be happier without you

44. Unfortunate b*tch

45. That’s your problem, not mine

46. You are problematic

47. You are the problem, not me

48. I don’t care about your feelings

49. I don’t care what think

50. You don’t matter to me

51. Nothing about you is to be desired

52. You deserve the worst

53. You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me

54. I’m in love with someone else

55. I no longer have feelings for you

56. You are a cheat (when you’re not)

57. Crazy b*tch

58. I don’t want to be seen with you

59. You dim my light

60. I shine brighter without you

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

61. A good day is one which I don’t see you

62. No one would ever want you

63. I did you a favor by marrying you

64. Count yourself lucky to have me

64. I will never apologize to you

65. You’re as big as a whale

66. Are you sure you want to eat that food, considering your size?

67. You’re shapeless

68. An elephant would wear that dress better

69. Don’t you ever think?

70. Your food is nonsense

71. You are not my favorite person in the world right now

72. I don’t think I can do this anymore

73. This is no longer working

74. You are a liar (when you’re being honest)

75. You think you’re the best person to advise me?

76. Your opinion doesn’t count

77. You know nothing

78. You are unreasonable

79. I don’t believe a word of your mouth (when you’re totally honest)

80. You’re not talented

81. You’ve got nothing but me

82. No good can ever come from your life

83. You’re useless

84. You’re a piece of trash

85. I don’t take you seriously

86. Don’t expect anyone to take you seriously

87. No one will believe you

88. It’s all in your head

89. I don’t like coming home to you

90. I’m tired of you

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

91. You’re so boring

92. I wish you were prettier

93. I wish you were taller

94. Your words mean nothing to me

95. You don’t mean anything to me

96. You’re not good in bed

97. Nothing good can come out of this marriage

98. You can’t make headway

99. I’m done with you

100. I loved my life before I met you

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the worst thing a husband can say to his wife

101. I wish you’d just disappear

102. I wish you’d just leave

103. Do me a favor and leave my life

104. Get out of my sight

105. Your family is useless

106. You bring nothing to the table

107. You add no value to me

108. No one cares about you

109. You lack home training

110. You were not properly raised

111. You’re just like your mother (negatively)

112. I can’t count on you

113. You’re a terrible wife

114. You’re a failure

115. This marriage feels like a bondage

116. You’re not important to me

117. I never asked for your opinion

118. Can’t you ever get anything right in your life?

119. Being with you is a waste of time

120. I wish I could get back the years I’ve spent with you

121. What you lack in beauty, you make up for in sense

122. What you lack in sense, you make up for in beauty

123. At least you are pretty, even if you’re not smart

124. You don’t deserve me

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

125. You’re a bad mom

126. I don’t want my children to look like you

127. You’re not worthy to be the mother of my children

128. You bring me bad luck

129. How come you’re surrounded by smart people when you are not?

130. It’s a surprise your friends are smart

131. You look better in pictures

132. Find a way to shed those pounds. You’re an eyesore

133. Your foolishness is inherited

134. You’re gullible

135. What do you know? You’ve never worked a day in your life

136. You’re sick in the head

137. Why is everywhere untidy? What have you been doing at home? (For stay-at-home moms who work round the clock at home)

138. The kids are more important to me than you

139. Don’t talk when I’m talking

140. You are to be seen and not heard

141. You don’t/no longer turn me on

142. I don’t find you sexually attractive

143. You’re incompetent

144. You are a whore

145. You barren woman

146. I should have listened to my family (negatively)

147. My family warned me about marrying you

148. My family is more important than you

149. Being with you is hard

150. You can’t find a better person than me

151. You’re cursed

152. When I need your advice, I’ll ask for it

153. You’re an animal

154. No one can live with you

155. My family don’t even like you

156. If I had to choose between you and my family, I’d choose my family

157. You’re not worth it

158. You’re a gold digger

159. You’re a liability to me

160. You’re not my taste/spec

161. I married you out of pity

162. I married you because you were pregnant

163. I was pressured to marry you

164. I curse the day I met you

165. Why are you behaving like a cursed woman?

166. If you were slimmer, perhaps you’d be better in bed

167. You lack good manners

168. You’re out of your mind

169. You should have been one of my exes

170. Whatever makes you sleep at night

171. You’re a curse to my life

172. You’re a wicked soul (when you’re not)

173. You’re not a good person

174. I don’t care what you think

175. You have failed as a wife

176. Even your kids hate you

177. Your kids deserve a better mom

178. I deserve someone better

179. You nag too much

180. I want a divorce

181. You’re too frigid

182. Are you the first woman to be pregnant?

183. Are you the first woman to go through childbirth?

184. Can’t you keep quiet for a minute?

185. You’re not my mom. Don’t try to mother me

186. I make the plans and lead. Your job is to listen and follow

187. You don’t interest me/you’re not interesting/I don’t find you interesting

188. You can’t understand. After all, you don’t work

189. I don’t blame you. You don’t pay the bills

190. Your life is such a mess

191. You’re pathetic

192. You’re selfish. You only think of yourself

193. It’s none of your business

194. Everything is your fault

195. Are you deaf? Don’t you ever listen?

196. I’m the head of this family, and you have no say

197. You are so immature/you always act immature

198. I don’t trust your judgment

199. You’re not a good judge of character

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the worst thing a husband can say to his wife

200. You have a bad character/you are full of flaws

201. You’ve lost your charm

202. The worst of me is better than the best of you

203. You must think so highly of yourself

204. I can never forgive you

205. I don’t need your forgiveness

206. My worst day alone is better than my best day with you

207. You wretched thing

208. Your family is wretched/you’re from a wretched family

209. I don’t give a damn about what you or your family think

210. I can do anything I want with you

211. You’re powerless/defenseless

212. Everything is a problem with you

213. You’re never happy/why are you never happy

214. I can’t make you happy

215. No one can make you happy

216. Your life is so rotten

217. You filthy thing

218. You can’t stop me

219. You’re a sad soul

220. You’re the worst wife of the century/decade

221. You’re a bad woman

222. You’re a terrible kisser

223. You’re a pathetic liar

224. You’re a loser

225. Nothing about you is amazing

226. Everything you touch spoils

227. You’re a killjoy

228. You have a bad omen

229. You carry a bad spirit

230. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

231. I didn’t marry you because I loved you

232. You’re a user

233. You’re full of negative vibes

234. You always ruin everything/why do you always ruin everything?

235. You’re such a jerk!

236. You’re an a**hole

237. You’re not special/unique/nothing about you is special

238. It’s not that hard (when you achieve something)

239. I hate waking up to you

240. You’re not good at anything

241. You’re always up to no good

242. You deserve whatever pain you’re going through

243. It’s not a big deal (what you consider a big deal)

244. You’re not relevant

245. You’re insignificant

246. Nobody wants you

247. Don’t be a crybaby!

248. Be sensible for once!

249. Your thinking process amuses me

250. You always let me down

The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

251. You never fail to disappoint me

252. I don’t want you in my life

253. You’ll always live in my shadow

254. Do I have to teach you everything?

252. I can’t tolerate you. No one can.

253. You’re insufferable

254. Your brain has gone on leave/is your brain on leave?

255. Even your best is nothing

256. You’re never considerate

257. You’re the worst human on earth

258. It’s sad to think your parents rejoiced when you were born

259. You’re a mistake/your birth is a mistake

260. You shouldn’t have been born

261. I can’t love you

262. I don’t need you

263. Your tears do not move me

264. Your tears mean nothing to me

265. I’ll never support your dreams

266. You will fail; you always do

267. Don’t believe it when people say you’re beautiful

268. Your happy days are over

269. I will frustrate your life

270. You will curse the day you met me

271. I’ll make you regret ever getting married to me

272. Nothing you say makes sense

273. You’ve never been smart; you’re not about to start

274. You’re horrible/you’re a horrible person

275. When I don’t wake up next to you, it happens to be a good day

276. You’re such a bitter woman

277. You have no future

278. Your future is bleak without me in it

279. My mom did it better

280. You have to respect my family even if they disrespect you. I can’t defend you

the worst thing a husband can say to his wife

Words are very powerful.

Words can build up or break down.

Hurtful words from a husband can break a wife’s spirit.

Every couple should remember that words are like eggs; once broken, can never be retrieved.

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Tuesday 14th of June 2022

LOL - thats how i feel about my husband of 34 years ... but would never tell him. Daily unhappy and i hope God will give me a another chance with someone lovable!

Mabel's Blog

Tuesday 14th of June 2022

Amen to your prayer, Lana

Olga Serafin

Monday 15th of November 2021

what can I do? my family is dead I have no one. we use to be us and I am destroyed after 33 years of marriage at age 54. he has said most of these things to me I feel like nothing I use to live for us. this year we went on a get a way and i felt so alone help


Tuesday 14th of June 2022

He is NOT worthy of you Olga! All of the wonderful things about you have been pushed aside or discarded. You are Beautiful, talented, and an awesome friend to those close to you.

YOU Olga, have only one life to live - and this is it! May i suggest you join groups with other ladies, gym or crafts, or whatever you'd enjoy.

Find a life apart from him and when you are, confident, and/or can aford it - dump him!

God did not mean for His daughters to be rugs and walked over. He meant for you to Shine in all your beauty! Go for it!

Mabel's Blog

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

I'm so sorry about your experience. Have you tried talking to him? Have you considered counseling and therapy? You definitely could use some help here.


Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Hmm... This can indeed hurt. Now we need one for wives. Let us learn.

Mabel's Blog

Tuesday 18th of May 2021

lol. Yes, coming right up!