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Trust Your Instincts In Relationships: Why and When To

Trust Your Instincts In Relationships: Why and When To

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More often than not, you hear the statement, “just trust your instincts in relationships” or “just trust your gut”.

Do you know what it means and how to trust your instincts or gut?

I’ll be taking you through what it means to trust your instincts in relationships, and when and why you should trust your instincts in relationships. 

Ensure you read to the end as it’s going to be an interesting read.


What does “trust your instincts” mean?

Instinct or intuition can be defined as your instant understanding of a thing.

You don’t need to think twice or seek the opinion of another. The answer is there already.

Instinct comes to you as a feeling within and you’re the only one who gets to experience it.

Based on how personal this feeling is, there’s no way an external person can have an opinion on whether or not you’re working with your instincts.

Permit me to say based on this, that trusting your instincts is the greatest form of trusting yourself.

You have been saved from getting into toxic situations and relationships a lot of times by just working with your instincts.

At every stage of your life, so many people will have varying opinions about what they feel is best for you and all these stem from either good or bad intentions for you.

Although it can be hard to tell the good people apart from the bad ones sometimes, relying on your intuition is the best.

Listen to the advice of your instincts and let it lead you to what’s the best for you.

Trusting your instincts, intuition or guts is not a walk in the park as the statement portrays.

This is because there are some situations and habits that pull you so strongly in the opposite direction.

The good news is that your instinct is very much alive, so much so that if you’ve neglected it all through your life, it is somewhere inside you waiting for you to allow it to manifest.

When to Trust Your Instincts in Relationships

You may feel that something is off about the person you’re in a relationship with.

Although you can’t place the feeling and don’t know why it’s there, it is there and something doesn’t feel right about the person.

Bear in mind though, that the situation can be reversed too.

But that nagging feeling somewhere at the back of your mind is there and you have always known that this is not perfect.

Sometimes, you even get to know on the first date that it won’t lead anywhere or to a long-term relationship.

Paying attention to and following your instincts help to save you from getting into relationships that will be toxic or non-beneficial to you in the long term.

I came across a piece that stated that the two things people fear the most in life are public speaking and being alone.

However, being with someone you’re not meant to be with or because of a fear of being alone is not a good way to live.

You come first, so, choose you and everything that makes you happy first over all other things.

Learn how to be comfortable in your skin and world, and this might imply learning how to be comfortable being alone till the right person comes along.

After all, at some point in our lives, we were all alone.

Another important point is that there is no need to overthink things.

You do not feel at peace completely with this person but then, you’re asking questions and seeking answers with regards to why both of you can’t be together.

I understand. We are all humans and have all been there at some point in our lives.

It becomes a problem when you begin to overdo it.

The life plan and goal are to feel and be amazing as much as you can.

Not every day is a good day and the same applies to relationships too.

This shouldn’t stop you from noticing when your instincts point out the right person from the wrong person for you.

Why You Should Trust Your Instincts in Relationships

It is true that we often think love doesn’t reason or think things through hence, it is not recognized as a rational process.

Reason and logic are at hand to help you sift through the crowd, spot and avoid the toxins and take you in the direction of a healthy and purposeful relationship.

What’s more? These two factors also offer you the energy to go all the way in your beneficial relationship.

Chemistry and compatibility, however, are resolved elsewhere.

You can feel the gravity of the things that your mind has mulled over. 

The answer to your question lies therein. 

Nowadays, relationships and dating have become more complicated as we are bent on rewriting the dating narrative and modifying the roles of partners in relationships. 

The goal is to destroy most of the old narratives, restructure the rest of the existing ones and put new ones in place. 

I know that it’s going to be a slow and gradual process to redefine, remodel and restructure the institution of relationships but we’re surely getting there. 

Never forget who you are and the power you wield. 

You’re reasonable, wise, and smart and these attributes will help you discover and create the kind of love you desire.

Your intuition – The most powerful tool in your relationship toolbox

We tend to ignore instincts when we can’t place the reasons why we have them because we live in a society where we constantly have to rationalize everything. 

Try not to ignore your intuition when you’re in a difficult relationship.

It’s not written anywhere that you need a specific reason to walk away from a relationship that’s not beneficial to you. 

There’s no need to find a reason for your misery before breaking away to defend your decision to others. 

Know yourself. You matter. You’re amazing and can do wonderful things.

Even if you have to be alone for some time before the right person comes along, wait. 

It’ll be worth it in the end.

trust your instincts in relationships

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