7 Habits of Highly Smart Women

7 Habits of Highly Smart Women

If you have read the qualities of a strong woman, then you need to know the habits of highly smart women.

What makes a woman smart? Is smartness innate or developed? If you say it’s innate, that means smart women are born and not made. That would mean that anyone who isn’t born smart doesn’t stand a chance.

Gratefully, this is not the case. Smartness can be cultivated, and this is determined by the things you do consistently called habits.

Habits are actions that are done regularly. It’s habits that make people smart.

We live in a highly competitive world. So if you want to be successful, you must have a set of habits that make you smart.

I’ll be sharing with you 7 habits of highly smart women.

7 Habits of Highly Smart Women.

1. Reading

Smart women have a reading culture that they can’t give up, not for all the tea in China.

I’ve always been a book lover. Reading is my best hobby. Even though motherhood and social media are waging war against my reading habit, I keep getting books that I intend to read later when my schedule gets lighter.

You can’t be a smart woman without reading. The benefits of reading cannot be overemphasized.

Reading takes you to many places without being physically there. Reading enlarges your knowledge base. It broadens your horizon. It makes you know a little about something. It keeps you updated and current. Reading keeps you informed, and information is what makes smart women smart.

Reading is not a gift or a talent, it’s a discipline you have to cultivate. Discipline is doing what you should do even if you don’t feel like it.

That means you don’t have to feel like reading before you read, especially in this age of internet and social media addiction.

This is what differentiates smart women from other women; because not everyone is willing to cultivate the habit of reading.

Smart women are informed women. They read. They invest in knowledge. They are ardent knowledge seekers. They are up to date and current.

2. Time management

white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a planner
Time is life. Life is measured by time. Smart women understand the power of time, so they manage it well. This they do by setting time-bound goals and planning their activities with attached deadlines.

If you don’t set goals and plan your activities, you won’t be able to account for your time. And your life is going. The clock is ticking.

Smart women don’t leave their day to chance. They have every hour planned and can account for every hour.

This is why they are productive because they get so much done.

If you want to be a smart woman, start managing your time.

3. Networking

Two Women Shaking Hands

Smart women connect with other smart women. They understand the importance of relationship and networking.

Smart women are never intimidated by other smart women. They instead connect with them because greatness attracts greatness.

They invest in their relationship because they know relationship is the currency of life. They understand that birds of a feather flock together.

They know that “iron sharpens iron”.

If you want to be a smart woman, identify other smart women, and start connecting with them. You can’t be smarter than your association.

4. Personal development

Woman Sitting in Front of Macbook

Smart women take personal development very seriously. They are always aiming to be better than they are. They don’t have the ‘I-have-arrived mentality’.

They are always seeking ways to improve themselves and their skills. They understand that the world is fast-changing, so they keep developing themselves in order not to be left behind.

5. Financial discipline

person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknote
Smart women are financially disciplined. You can’t be a smart woman if you’re not smart financially, because money is crucial to optimal living.

Smart women don’t joke with their finances.

They not only save, but they also invest smartly. They don’t spend recklessly, no matter how wealthy they are.

They are not into trends. They don’t buy things to impress anyone. They have a purpose for every major buying. They know what they do with their money. They know where their money goes to.

A smart woman is smart with her money.

6. Meditation

Smart women are great thinkers. They meditate a lot.

They are not prone to making rash decisions or talking rashly. They weigh the consequences of their words and actions.

7. Divine wisdom

A smart woman has a relationship with God. She understands the place of divine wisdom and guidance. She knows that human smartness is limited, thus, she connects herself to the source of wisdom- God.

A smart woman knows that there’s more to life than the physical and that there’s a spiritual aspect to life. She doesn’t take life at face value.

A smart woman isn’t religious, she’s spiritual. She takes God seriously.

If you imbibe these 7 habits of smart women, you can’t but be smart.
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  1. When I read 17 signs of a strong woman, I told myself that a strong woman has got to be smart too and here am l reading this.
    Lovely write-up Mabel. Lots of ❤️ to your cutie.

  2. I totally agree with each of these habits! Women encouraging women is my favorite! We all need to boost each other up and we could all use a boost! Keep writing! This is a great and important article for all women!

  3. Mabel,
    Thank you for this post. It was exactly what I needed to hear today! Blessings from Nashville 🙂

  4. Mabel this is awesome, thanks for sharing.
    All wisdom comes from God, to have divine wisdom you need to have a relationship with God.
    And read, read and read.

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