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What Ruins a Date? 34 People Share

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If you are single and hoping to settle down someday, going on dates is inevitable because that is how you get to know the person you are showing interest in or who is showing interest in you.
But sometimes, dates don’t always turn out perfect or the way we imagine, and this could be due to an unpleasant attitude or behaviour exhibited by a date. So, a date can be ruined.
What ruins a date for you?
34 people share what could ruin a date for them.
What Ruins a Date?
“Lateness. Except prior information about it.
Everything else that happens during the date will annoy and irritate me to the core.” – Divine
“Talking too much, and trying too hard to be funny.”- Praiseberry
“Pressing of phones.”- Victor
“Unnecessary humility.”- Jacintha
“Being too judgemental. For example, I was out with a guy and we ordered snacks (meat pie). I ate it with bare hands and he said it was disgusting… He could have corrected me.”- Bimpe
“Unnecessary effort to make an impression. Pressing of phone.” – Sarah
“Compulsively talking about yourself. Lewdness. Constant criticisms( could be anything ). Being unnecessarily forward.”- Chiluba
“Farting…This will totally ruin any date for the couple.”- Addision
“When you know nothing. I dislike dumb guys.”- Tolulope
“One guy I went out kept on picking his nose with his fingers and cleaning his ears, I excused myself and left.”- Uzoamaka
“Not offering information about yourself or too many sob stories or even making little opinion on issues.”- Vivien
“Shyness or constantly looking around as if you misplaced something in the atmosphere.”- Gift
“Trying to touch me on a first date, pressing phone, if at a restaurant, the guy shouldn’t be insisting that he won’t eat but would buy for only me.”- Florence
“Unnecessary hyping of self. Pressing of phone. Declaring of assets.”- Kehinde
“Talking nonstop, people like that barely have time to observe their environment or the other person; being rude to people around especially because of some perceived superiority; eating loudly; gloating…geez that puts me off instantly.”- Sekemi
“First date with this really cute dude and he was eating like the world was almost ending. Spitting bone everywhere. I lost his number before I got home.”- Damilola
“Boring guy. Too full of himself. Loquacious and no courtesy.”- Titilayo
“Mouth odour and shabby dress sense.”- Karen
“Pressing Phone. Answering unnecessary calls.”- Fehin
“Pressing Phone while talking to me.”- Janefrances
“When you don’t like a guy at seeing him, anything he does can ruin a date. You be like, I knew he would be a bad date when he asked us to meet on the 3/4/2019. He can’t even follow simple sequence!
His mates come in 2005 … like 3/4/5.”- Kikelomo
“When you are not really into a guy..anything can ruin the date.. Even a simple mistake in grammar.”- Baruch
“Pressing phone excessively. Talking only about yourself without taking a break to find out about me.”- Patience
“Any odour at all, be it body or mouth. You must be on an expensive perfume, but be neat. Lack of confidence and if I sense you got no direction in life.”- Evaebele
“Judgemental/snide comments
Picking your nose or teeth – capital NO. Acting big/listing out your perceived accomplishment.
Bringing your ex into the present talk at every opportunity/bashing her.”- Folashade
“The guy was just too annoying!! He talks anyhow and says anything just to make you uncomfortable .. he was just misbehaving until he got a red flag, in short i blocked him immediately i got home .” Joan
“Lateness…..(I don’t joke with time) once you don’t keep to time, you keep me waiting like a jobless man, if you like fine pass Agbani Darego, you have formed a wrong impression about you. (Except for traffic or very genuine excuse).”- Adebisi
“Lateness. Lack of self confidence You don’t talk, but look at me and nod like Agama lizard each time I talk. Trust me, you’re boring. Talking too much like a running tap without knowing when to stop. I’m bored and my stomach is upset already. Asking very personal questions especially if we are meeting for the very first time….I’m pissed already e.g are you still a virgin? Seriously? Lack of a good sense of humor.” – Precious
“Mouth odour, commanding up and down like a Sergeant, and being too forward.”- Ann
“Bragging, talking about marriage on the first date, touching me when trying to make a point. Trying to dish out unsolicited advice to me and trying to correct me. Talking about my weight, saying I’ll need to add small flesh. There is no polite way you will say it that I won’t pick an offence, so don’t bother. Talking bad about other girls passing, castigating your ex.”- Nne Ka
“Talking endlessly about yourself. Being authoritative. Rude to the waiters.”- Rita
“Don’t touch your mobile. It’s a date, not a business meeting.” – Jude
“Lack of appropriate dress sense. Talkative/lousy. Lateness. There is this canoe shoe that men wear that pisses me off especially the pointed mouth like “flying boat”- Damilola
“There’s an attitude that I discovered about some men. First time was in 2017, then one month ago. They way they talk and act with inflated ego… sort of like they’re the best thing to have happened to you in a long time (even though you both are not yet in a relationship). Obviously, they’ve been misinformed that there’s scarcity of men, so you should have no choice than to dance to their rhythm…I wish I could go into details, but…”- Peace
What ruins a date for you and how have you being ruining your dates? I hope you learn and adjust.

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Friday 19th of July 2019

If one looks past the frustration and disappointment these people must have felt, these responses are actually funny. Lewd comments, suggestive remarks, one sided conversations, these are major deal breakers for me on a first date.