15 Habits of an Authentic Woman

15 Habits of an Authentic Woman

I wrote that authenticity is one of the qualities of an attractive woman.

To be authentic is to be genuine, real, original.

In this present world where people tend to mask their true selves in order to present themselves in a socially acceptable way, being authentic could be a struggle.

But that doesn’t change the fact that people love authentic people, even those who are not authentic themselves.

Being an authentic woman is not primarily to be liked by people, it’s actually for your own benefits first.

Being original helps you to be able to live with yourself.

There’s this tranquillity, freedom, that comes with being original.

You are not under any pressure of being found out because you’re true to yourself and others.

What are the habits of authentic women? What qualities do authentic women exhibit? How can you be an authentic woman?

Let me state that being authentic isn’t a destination, it’s a process. It’s a journey. Because we are all work in progress.

So, you can be in the process of being an authentic woman if you want to be.

15 Habits of an Authentic Woman

1. She strives to know and understand herself

How can you be original if you don’t know and understand yourself?

If you want to be a real woman, you need to constantly be on a self-discovery journey, knowing who you really are, what makes you tick, what puts you off, your personality, your desires etc.

These are what make you, you.

You can’t be yourself if you don’t know yourself.

2. She loves and accepts herself

Not only does an authentic woman know herself, but she also loves and accepts herself, despite her imperfections.

An authentic woman is full of self-love. She doesn’t get the consent of others to love herself.

Her self-love isn’t based on people’s validation but the knowledge of herself.

3. She owns her flaws

An authentic woman understands that she’s not perfect, thus, she owns her flaws.

She doesn’t pretend to be perfect because behind trying to act perfect lies some insecurities.

An authentic woman doesn’t hesitate to admit to her wrongdoings and make efforts to fix them.

An authentic woman takes responsibility for her actions. She doesn’t play the blame game.

4. She tolerates others

An authentic woman is tolerant of others because she understands that just like her, no one is perfect.

She’s not judgemental of others.

5. She says her mind

An authentic woman airs her opinion honestly even if it’s different from others’.

She says what she means and means what she says.

She’s not afraid to stand alone or hold an unpopular opinion.

She doesn’t follow popular opinion because she wants to be liked.

6. She has standards and beliefs

An authentic woman understands that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

She has standards that she doesn’t hesitate to communicate to others. As a matter of fact, people know her for her standards and beliefs (even religious ones) and how she wouldn’t compromise them.

They know what she stands for, thus, know what to bring before her.

7. She does not compare herself with other women

While an authentic woman draws inspiration from other women, she doesn’t compare herself with them.

She understands that she’s unique and there’s no wisdom in comparison.

Also, her self-love and self-worth don’t come from comparing herself with others.

8. She’s not in competition with other women

Because an authentic woman doesn’t compare herself with other women, she doesn’t see a need to compete with them.

She’s her own competition. She strives to be a better version of herself, not of another woman.

9. She supports other women

It’s easy to support others when you don’t perceive them as a threat to you.

Because an authentic woman doesn’t compare or compete with other women, she easily supports and defends them.

Her motto is “women supporting women”.

10. She owns her journey

Even though an authentic woman may not like what she’s been through in life and her downfalls, yet, she owns them.

Not only that, she turns her mess into a message and inspires others with her journey.

Oprah Winfrey came from a poor background and Joyce Meyer was abused by her father.

These women owned their journey and rose above their pasts, inspiring millions of women.

They’re really authentic women!

One great thing about owning your past is that nobody can shame you with it.

No one can shame you with what you already owned.

An authentic woman understands that where is going to is more important than where she’s coming from.

11. She has self-confidence

An authentic woman doesn’t derive her self-confidence from material possessions.

She doesn’t define herself by what she possesses but by who she really is.

So, whether she has stuff or not, she remains who she is because things don’t define her.

12. She’s loyal

An authentic woman is loyal. People know where she stands. If she’s with you, she’s with you. She doesn’t sit on the fence.

An authentic woman is not a backstabber. She’s loyal to the core. Loyal to whatever she commits herself to – friendship, relationship, work.

This is why she’s trusted by people she’s loyal to.

13. She’s honest to herself

An authentic woman is honest to herself even if others are not honest with her. She doesn’t lie to herself.

14. She doesn’t live a double life

An authentic woman lives an original life. She’s not something in public and another thing in private.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have secrets or that she doesn’t have things she keeps away from public glare, just like every other person.

She simply doesn’t live a fake life.

In this age where people tend to flaunt their successes and wealth on social media, some women have been pressured into living a lie in order to feel among.

Some have had to take pictures in houses and cars that are not theirs, flaunt fashion items that do not belong to them on social media while giving the public an impression that they own these things.

An authentic woman doesn’t live a lie.

15. She protects her authenticity

An authentic woman guards her authenticity jealously and wouldn’t compromise it for anything.

She stays away from situations and relationships that threaten her authenticity.


An authentic woman is not a perfect woman, she’s just a woman striving to live life on her own terms in this world of pressures.

Even though staying authentic could be a struggle, it feels so amazing to be an authentic woman.

I strive daily to be one. I won’t give up because being authentic is a process, not an end.

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