17 Signs You Are a Strong Woman

17 Signs You Are a Strong Woman

Even though femininity has been long perceived to be synonymous with weakness and softness, women all over the world are now changing the narrative.

That’s why the term ‘strong woman‘ has evolved and it’s not going away anytime soon.

But, who is a strong woman? Is every woman strong? What makes a strong woman? What are the qualities of a strong woman? Are you a strong woman?

You will find answers to these questions in this article.

Below are 17 signs that you’re a strong woman:


1. You know what you want from life

A strong woman isn’t clueless about what she wants out of life – no matter what it is.

You are a strong woman when you know what you want from life or trying to figure out what you want from life. 

No, it’s not what society thinks you should want. It’s what you want. Lady boss, homemaker, wife, mother, unmarried, company owner, inventor, mother of adopted children etc. It is your choice. You have life goals and dreams to achieve.

Personally, I’ve always desired to live a passionate life, doing what I love and getting paid for it. That’s what I want from life, and I’m working towards it.

We all aren’t there yet. So, if you’re still trying to figure out what you want from life, you’re a strong woman. This means that you won’t live a confused life.

2. You know what you don’t want from life

It’s a thing to know what you want from life, it’s another thing to know what you don’t want from life.

You’d think to know what you want is automatically knowing what you don’t want, but it’s not the same for some people.

Yes, you know the kind of job you want but do you know the ones you don’t want? You know the kind of man or relationship that you want, do you know the ones you don’t want?

A strong woman knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want from life.

3. You own up to your mistakes and you’ve moved on or trying to move on

A strong woman isn’t a perfect woman. You know that life isn’t black and white, you’ve had your own share of mistakes BUT you don’t deny them.

You own up to your mistakes and move on (or you’re trying to move on).

You don’t wallow in guilt for your past mistakes. You rather learn from them and work on yourself in order to prevent a repeat of such mistakes

You know the beauty of this? No one can shame you with the mistakes you already owned up to!

4. Your self-identity is not dependent on material things

A strong woman doesn’t define herself by the things she has or doesn’t have, because material things are temporal and subject to change.

While it’s absolutely good to be able to afford the good things of life, a strong woman doesn’t let her self-identity come from her designer wears, shoes, or even cars. Stuff doesn’t define you. And not having them doesn’t define you as well.

A strong woman knows that just being herself is enough and amazing. Her faith, gifts, talents, intellect, and personality define her because these are things that can never change or taken away from her by anyone.

5. You take personal development seriously

Strong women understand the importance of personal development, so they are always looking out for ways to be better in every life aspect.

They read in order to stay informed, they take courses when necessary, they ask questions from those who know better, they have role models they can learn from. 

Strong women never stay the same. They always want to be better.

6. You’re reasonably opinionated

A strong woman has opinions and she’s not afraid to air them. You don’t form your opinions to please or impress anyone, especially society.

Not only that, you are open-minded and reasonable enough to know when your opinions are faulty and you’re ready to adjust.

A strong woman is humble enough to learn from others and accommodate other people’s opinions.

7. You are good at what you do

Strong women know their onions. They are good at what they do. They don’t do low-quality jobs. They are constantly trying to improve their skills in order to stay on top of their game.

8. You don’t let yourself be treated like trash in a relationship

A strong woman has self-worth and doesn’t tolerate being treated like trash in the name of love. You love fiercely, but with sense.

You love yourself and you’re willing to walk away from anyone who treats you lesser than you deserve.

9. You seek help when necessary

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A strong woman understands that no one is an island. She understands the importance of having a support system in life, thus, she builds a solid support system and seeks help when she needs it.

A strong woman is not too proud to seek help.

10. You don’t put your financial security in the hands of another

A strong woman is one who understands that a man is not a financial plan. You are making your own money or working towards making your own money because you know that financial independence is the key to a woman’s financial security.  

Even if you are a stay-at-home mum by agreement with your husband, but you have a little money of your own by agreement, you are still a strong woman. It takes a strong woman to be a stay-at-home mum. Just make sure you have something you can call your own. And if you are running a family joint account, it’s all good.

11. You are intentional about your relationships

A strong woman understands that she can not be better than her relationships, so she is intentional about who to be friends with and the men to allow into her heart.

As a strong woman, you can’t be careless when it comes to friendship and romantic relationship. You choose your friends carefully, your friends don’t choose you. You choose your men carefully, and you don’t open the gate of your heart to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that shows interest in you.

You understand that people can either make or mar you.

12. You take responsibility for your sexual life

As a strong woman, you don’t share your cookie with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. You don’t end up with a baby whose father you do not know or whose father doesn’t want to take responsibility for.

I’m not trying to blame you for the irresponsibility of a deadbeat dad. I’m not also trying to blame you for being unlucky with a man. I’m just saying that you should take responsibility for your sexual life and not leave it to chance or to a man, because a man doesn’t get pregnant.

I’m tired of receiving messages from ladies who get pregnant and the fathers refusing to take responsibility. They ask me what they should do. And I ask them why they should be having unprotected sex with a man they’re not married to. In fact, even if you are married, you should still take precaution because it’s your body. 

Having a baby is a serious decision you must make with the whole of your heart. It’s something you should be prepared for because I tell you what, a baby changes your life COMPLETELY. I am just about nine months old in this motherhood thing, and I can tell you that it’s not a walk in the park.

13. You understand your strengths and weaknesses

You understand that being a strong woman isn’t about being perfect. You know your flaws and your strengths. Not only that, you are working on your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths.You also tolerate other people’s weaknesses because you understand that no one is perfect. 

14. You don’t give up

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You are a strong woman when you don’t give up, no matter what life throws at you – losses, disappointments, heartbreak,stress, divorce, special needs child, sicknesses, poverty, betrayals, pain etc. You rise above them all. 
Yes, you cry and grieve. You are weak and down, but you never stay down. You pick yourself up and continue to press on towards your life goals. This is a great sign of a strong woman!

15. You don’t take no for an answer 

A strong woman doesn’t take no for an answer. You don’t wallow in self-defeat. You don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it.

You may doubt yourself and have your fears, but you don’t let them stop you. 

A strong woman understands that courage is doing it afraid.

16. You don’t compete with, look down on or put down other women

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A strong woman doesn’t derive her identity and power from putting down other women. She doesn’t compare herself with other women. You see other women as sisters, and you look out for them. You are actively involved in the ‘women helping women’ movement.

17. You have a source of strength

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Last but not least, a strong woman understands that human strength is limited. You connect yourself to the source of unending and unfailing strength – God.

Divine strength is the source of the strength of a strong woman. God is the secret of a strong woman.

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  1. I appreciate you writing this well-thought-through piece.

    Motherhood has certainly made me a strong woman and I am so happy to say that I can put a tick next to all those 17 signs.

    As I always like to say, suffering is a necessary hardship if one is to build character.

    Peace be with you.

    • “Suffering is a necessary hardship if one is to build character.”

      That’s profound!

      You’re right about motherhood making one strong.

      Motherhood brings out the strength you never thought you had.

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